Depth-Company-Haixing Power (603556): Performance Exceeds Expectations, Both Inside and Outside

Depth * Company * Haixing Power (603556): Performance Exceeds Expectations, Both Inside and Outside Blossom

The company released its 2019 Interim Report, with a 73% increase in performance that exceeded market expectations.

The company’s domestic and overseas revenues have both grown on the same track. The heavy bidding of the State Grid will help future performance growth; upgrade the rating to buy.

Key points supporting the rating The 2019H1 performance increased by 73%, surpassing market expectations: The company released its 2019 interim report, and its revenue for the first half of the year13.

$ 7.4 billion, an increase of 16 per year.

69%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies2.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 72 in ten 成都桑拿网 years.

66%; profit after deduction 2

43 ppm, an increase of 60 in ten years.


Among them, 2019Q2 was profitable 2.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 80 in ten years.


The company’s performance exceeded market expectations.

Domestic and overseas growth at the same time, profitability increased: in the first half of the year, the company benefited from the bidding volume of the State Grid energy meter to drive the market to recover, and the company achieved domestic market revenue4.

21 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

86%; overseas, the company continued to expand the development of smart power distribution solutions to achieve revenue in overseas markets9.

53 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

69%, both domestic and overseas have reversed the expected growth rate in 2018 and are back on the growth track.

In terms of profitability, the quality of orders benefiting from revenue recognition in the first half of the year was higher, and the company’s gross profit margin increased by more than 0.

90 up to 42.


The exchange rate has improved and the profits have been increased, and the funds received in advance have remained high: the company’s financial expenses in the first half of the year were -39.13 million yuan, of which the net exchange income was 6.1 million yuan, and the net loss of 1,383 million in the past year has significantly improved.

In addition, the company’s pre-received budget surplus was 1 from the end of the first quarter of 2019.

36 trillion increased to 1.

US $ 7.5 billion, to a certain extent, shows a gradual increase in the volume of businesses in hand.

State Grid Energy Meter Bidding continues to increase, which is expected to promote performance growth: We judge the company’s domestic revenue growth in the first half of the year is related to the rapid growth of the State Grid’s second batch of energy meter bidding auctions in 2018, and the first batch of bidding in 2019 continued this stepPick up the momentum.

We expect that through the last round of smart meters connected to the grid, the rotation period will gradually enter. The bidding of State Grid Energy Meters is expected to continue to increase in volume in the next few years. As one of the leading domestic energy meter companies, the company will continue to benefit.

It is estimated that combined with the company’s interim report, considering that domestic demand for energy meters is expected to enter a period of continuous growth, we will adjust the company’s forecasted earnings for 2019-2021 to zero.



47 yuan (previous forecast was 0.



32 yuan), corresponding to a price-earnings ratio of 13.



1x; increase rating to buy.

The main risks faced by the rating are adverse changes in the exchange rate situation; adverse changes in the overseas market environment; and the domestic electricity meter bidding volume is not up to expectations.

Wanhua Chemical (600309): Acquisition of Swedish International Chemicals to prevent the proliferation of MDI core technologies. Additional acquisitions control the pace of MDI industry expansion.

Wanhua Chemical (600309): Acquisition of Swedish International Chemicals to prevent the proliferation of MDI core technologies. Additional acquisitions control the pace of MDI industry expansion.

Event: The company issued an announcement saying that its wholly-owned subsidiary Wanhua Chemical (Sweden) Holding Co., Ltd. completed the acquisition of Jilin City Cornell Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jilin City Cornell) and Sweden International held by European and American Energy Technology.Chemicals 75%, 25% equity.

This acquisition is a conditional acquisition. According to the agreement, the counterparty, Jilin Cornell, needs to supplement the following obligations: By adjusting the equity structure of the subsidiary Fujian Cornell Polyurethane Co., Ltd., the ultimate shareholding ratio is: Wanhua Chemical holds 80%, Cornell holds 2杭州夜生活网 0%.

After the purchase of this purchase is in installments, after the counterparties have completed the corresponding obligations, the total purchase amount is approximately equivalent to RMB 925,445,229.

The 75% equity interest in Sweden International Chemical held by Jilin Cornell was acquired in 2014 for RMB 600 million.

The core technology of mass production of MDI is firmly controlled, and the oligopoly layout of the industry has been increasingly maintained.

The acquisition of the target Swedish International Chemical Industry terminated the total assets at the end of 20181.

280,000 yuan (Unit: RMB, the same below), net assets1.

08 million yuan, 2018 revenue of 88.07 million yuan, net profit of 15.43 million yuan, mainly military technology research and development, foreign technology licensing and technology licensing related engineering design, technical consulting services, etc., with MDI, TDI, hydrogen peroxide, biologicalChemicals and other related proprietary technologies, and holds equity in merged engineering technology companies.

Sweden International Chemical is one of the few companies in the world that has achieved mass production of MDI. Few companies have mastered the core technology of mass production of MDI. The acquisition of Wanhua on the market can achieve the integration and development of the company’s technology.MDI mass-produced core technologies to prevent technological proliferation and the oligopoly layout of the MDI industry was maintained.

As of now, there are only 7 companies in the world that have achieved mass production of MDI. Among them, companies with a production capacity of more than 100 inches include Wanhua Chemical, BASF, Covestro, Dow, Huntsman, and CR5 are close to 90%.

It will hold an 80% stake in Cornell, Fujian, and Wanhua will increase its control over the pace of future MDI industry expansion and master the industry’s absolute right to speak.

Fujian Cornell was jointly established by Jilin Cornell, Fujian Petrochemical, and Fujian SDIC Development Group to gradually break through the MDI oligopoly ownership structure and build a 40-ton / year MDI production capacity. At present, the EIA and other procedures are completed and under construction.

After the acquisition, Wanhua may hold 80% of Fujian Cornell according to the terms of the acquisition.

The global MDI before 2022 is expected to increase production by about 235 months. Wanhua will replace the 125 indicators. If Wanhua Holdings Fujian Cornell controls the pace of future MDI industry expansion, the city’s share will further increase.Become the absolute leader in the global industry, and control over MDI prices will be further strengthened.

In 19-20, new global MDI production capacity is limited. Due to the short-term peak season due to the impact of installations, MDI prices are expected to stabilize and rebound.

In addition to the expansion of Wanhua’s own production capacity of 80, the expansion of other companies’ global MDI from 2019 to 2020 is only Covestro and Kumho Mitsui25.

Nearly 30 indicators of new global MDI demand each year, and MDI prices are expected to maintain the hub1.

5 million / ton nearby.

Affected by the instability of BASF’s European and domestic installations in the short term, domestic manufacturers have recently reduced their supply to dealers. The overall spot on the market is tight, and the alternate season is approaching. MDI prices are expected to stabilize and rebound.

The ethylene project is about to be put into production, and the fine chemical sector has obvious advantages in relying on the integration of raw materials. It has long been optimistic that Wanhua will develop comprehensively and become a leader in the global chemical industry.

The total investment of the ethylene project in the petrochemical business segment is approximately 17.8 billion U.S. dollars. The main units include a 100-ton / year ethylene cracker, a 40-ton / year polyvinyl chloride, a 15-ton / year epoxy resin, a 45-ton / year LLDPE, and a 30/65 budget /Annual PO / SM device, 5 forecast / year butadiene device, is expected to be put into production in October 2020; the new material business segment, PC Phase 1, 7 has been put into operation, 13 is expected to be put into production in December 2019, PMMA (8 targets), MMA(5 targets) has been put into production in January 2019.

Petrochemical and new material addition projects have been put into production one after another to support future development, and the cost advantage under the synergy of large sectors is obvious.

Long-term optimistic about Wanhua’s comprehensive development and growth as a leader in the global chemical industry.
Investment suggestion: Maintain “overweight” rating and temporarily maintain profit forecast. It is expected to return to net profit of 111 in 2019-21.



200 million, EPS 3.



52 yuan, PE 12X, 10X, 8X.

Risk warning: New projects are put into production less than expected; downstream demand is less 上海夜网论坛than expected.

Shanghai Jahwa (600315): Steady revenue growth Expense control well into brand, product and channel upgrade

Shanghai Jahwa (600315): Steady revenue growth Expense control well into brand, product and channel upgrade

Core point of view: 2018 revenue growth in ten years10.

01%, net profit increased by 38.

63% of companies achieved revenue 71 in 2018.

400 million (+10 compared to the same period last year).

01%); achieve net profit attributable to mother 5.

400 million (+38 compared to the same period last year).


In terms of brands, except for Herborist, which was slightly offset by the influence of channel adjustments and brand grooming, other brands have achieved different degrees of growth. Among them, Liushen and Meijiajing achieved double-digit growth; Qichu, Jiaan and Yuze grew more than 40%.

In terms of channels, the offline and online growth rates in 2018 were 9 respectively.

0% and 13.

1%; the GMV growth rate on the outside of Ping’an special canal reached over 30%.

In terms of categories, the home care category maintained strong growth, and its 18-year revenue increased significantly 41.

18%; personal care increased by 12 in ten years.

27%; Beauty and skin care were dragged down by Herborist to achieve low single digit growth.

Gross profit margin decreased by 2.

14pp, cost control effect is significant, stable profitability company’s comprehensive gross profit rate fell down2.

14PP to 62.

79%, mainly due to rising raw material costs, lower proportion of high-margin categories and increased operating costs of new plants.

The overall period of the company’s expenses decreased to varying degrees: the sales expense rate decreased by 40.

65% (down 2 in a year.

17PP), administrative expenses12.

37% (down by one year.

74PP), R & D expenses2.

09% (one year down 0.

26pp), indicating that the company’s cost control effect is obvious.

New products, new marketing, and new channels are fully upgraded. 2019 will focus on the development of Herborist. Insight into consumer needs, cross-border cooperation to promote new products: the company insights consumer needs, and give full play to the strength of innovation. Herborist listed solid essence mask, Herborist.A series of make-ups; Liushen, Meijiajing, Qichu successfully cross-border and realize the rejuvenation of the classic brand.

Introduce the fan economy and embrace new marketing: Liushen, Qichu, Herborist, Meijiajing spread through Douyin, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu and other platforms through Hu Ke, Li Yifeng, Luo Yunxi and other star effects, or launch customizedProducts have received fiery response.

Promote an omnichannel strategy and focus on increasing yields: through cross-brand and cross-category drainage, cooperation with outstanding generation operation 深圳桑拿网 companies, and smart retail stores trying online and offline integration.

The company’s 18-20 EPS is expected to be zero.

87, 1.

01, 1.

19 yuan, with reference to the company’s historical PE estimate, the center is at 40X-50X. Considering that the company as a multi-brand leader has a certain brand premium and profitability has entered a stable period, the company is given a 19-year PE estimate of 40X, a reasonable value of 34.

8 yuan / share, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that the decline in the optional consumption boom has led to a decline in the industry’s growth rate; foreign brands entering the industry have intensified competition; traditional offline channels have gradually increased; new brands and new categories incubation remain to be seen.

Gujing Liquor (000596): Scale effect appears and profits continue to be released

Gujing Liquor (000596): Scale effect appears and profits continue to be released

The profit in the third quarter of 19 exceeded market expectations, and the revenue was slightly lower than the market expectation.

3.0 billion, with a 21 increase.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 17.

4.2 billion yuan, an increase of 38.


Single third quarter revenue / profit growth of 11.

9% / 35.


The revenue was slightly lower than market expectations, mainly due to the lackluster market demand in the Mid-Autumn National Day and Anhui. The company actively controlled the distribution to keep the channel inventory healthy.

Earnings exceeded market expectations, mainly due to a year-on-year decrease in sales expense ratio of 7 in the third quarter.


  Development Trend The company is moving from a single pursuit of growth in revenue volume to a gradual growth.

In response to changes in market demand and 南京桑拿网 channel inventory, the company actively controlled the pace of delivery to keep channel inventory at 1 most of the time.

The benign level of 2 months, the actual sales price is also stronger than the past few years.

  The product structure and regional structure of revenue are continuously optimized.

1) The company’s strategy of focusing on the next high-end is more resolute. When the ancient 8 price of 200 yuan gradually became popular, it began to launch products of ancient 16 and ancient 20 and above 300 yuan, and continued to improve the brand grade of ancient well, firmly grasping the Anhui province.The price of mainstream banquets is escalating, and we expect revenue at this price to grow 70% to 13 this year.

900 million yuan.

2) The secondary development of key markets outside the province pays more attention to the consolidation of the market foundation and the sustainability of growth. Local markets such as Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, etc. We expect revenue growth this year to reach 30% to 50%, and it is expected to continue.

  The effect of scale has begun to appear, and profits will still be released quickly in 2020.

The company’s selling expense ratio was 32 in 2016.

9% began to fall, but the decline was not obvious in 2017/18, mainly due to the company’s gradually changing advertising and promotion costs for sub-high-end prices and national promotion.

With the increase of the company’s scale and volume, the sales expense ratio and management expense ratio will continue to decline due to the effect of scale, and profits will also benefit. We expect the profit growth rate in 2020 to remain 27.


  Earnings forecast and estimate Due to lower sales expenses, EPS3 is raised for 2019/20.

4% / 1.

2% to 4.


55 yuan, maintaining a target price of 140.

5 yuan, corresponding to 32 in 2019/20.

4x / 25.

3xP / E, current price corresponds to 2019/20 24.

3x / 19.

0xP / E, the target price has 33% upside compared to the current price, and maintains an outperform rating.

  Risks If Anhui’s economic growth is obvious, the next high-end growth may not meet expectations.

Weir Shares (603501) 2018 Annual Report Review: Self-developed distribution goes hand in hand with M & A Howell achieves scarce leader

Weir Shares (603501) 2018 Annual Report Review: Self-developed distribution goes hand in hand with M & A Howell achieves scarce leader
Core View Weir’s existing IC design business and distribution business complement each other, and high-quality sales channels and customer resources provide penetration space for the growth of the design business.It is planned to acquire Howe Technology, the world’s third largest image sensor (CIS) manufacturer. If successful, it will become the leader of A-share scarcity.At present, the progress of the acquisition is steadily advancing, and the probability of success is breakthrough. Assuming that the acquisition is completed in 2019, the corresponding EPS forecast for 2019/2020/2021 is 1.11/1.杭州桑拿网57/1.92 yuan, with a target price of 59 at 54 times PE in 2019.94 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level. Performance growth was in line with expectations and continued to increase R & D investment.The company achieved total operating income of 39 in 2018.64 ppm, +64 a year.74%, mainly benefited from the continued strong demand of the semiconductor distribution business in 2018 and the growth in the background of rising prices; in 2018, net profit attributable to mothers / non-net profit deduction1.39/1.33 trillion, +1 a year.20% / + 9.94%.Excluding the impact of the company’s 2017 expansion of the stock equity incentive plan in 2018, the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company’s non-recurring gains and losses is 3.46 trillion, ten years +117.64%.The company continued to expand R & D investment, and the company’s semiconductor design business R & D investment accounted for 9 of the corresponding business revenue in 2016-2018.58%, 14.04% and 15.24% (R & D investment in 2018 1.6.7 billion, previously +65.07%).Three fees for half a year +124.59%, of which management cost is +230 for ten years.55%, mainly due to the increase in sales scale and amortization of the company’s equity incentive plan expenses. Self-developed distribution goes hand in hand to bring business synergy into play.In 2018, the company’s IC design business revenue was 8.310,000 yuan, accounting for 20 of the main business income.99%, +15 per year.19%; distribution business revenue 31.2.8 billion, accounting for 79 of the main business income.01 %%, +86 throughout the year.73%.The company’s IC design business category is comprehensive, covering discrete devices (TVS, MOSFET, Schottky diodes), power management ICs, live satellite, radio frequency, MEMS microphones, etc. In 2018, a large number of domestic superior products in various fields were launched, and the business grew steadily. In terms of distribution business, the company mainly represents original manufacturers including Panasonic, Samsung, South Asia and other manufacturers, and has distribution channels all over the country’s mainstream mobile phone brand manufacturers and solution providers.In addition to revenue contribution, the company’s strong distribution system has outstanding advantages for the IC design business to grasp market demand trends in real time.Due to the company’s continuous investment in research and development, complementary main business and customer channel advantages, the fundamentals of the company’s core business are expected to continue to strengthen. The target area of the Haowei technology market is significant, helping the company to overtake in the corner.The company announced that OmniVision, which intends to acquire specimens, takes the CMOS image sensor business as its core and is the third largest CIS manufacturer in the world after Sony and Samsung.Howell excels in various application fields, the mobile phone CIS business (accounting for 61% of revenue) has the third market share (20% share), customers cover Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, etc .; security CIS (16% of revenue)No. 1 market share (56% share), customers cover Hikvision, Dahua; automotive CIS (13% revenue share), second share (29%), customers include BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc.The company quickly deployed CIS market opportunities through mergers and acquisitions.According to Yole, the CAGR of the global CIS market will remain at 10 from 2016 to 2022.About 50%, it will reach about 21 billion US dollars in 2022. If the company succeeds in mergers and acquisitions, it will create A-share scarcity, the world’s leading IC design target, and is optimistic about the future prospects. Risk factors: intensified competition in the CIS market; less-than-expected acquisition integration; lower-than-expected demand in the downstream market.

Hong Baoli (002165): 2018 results meet expectations and focus on new PO projects

Hong Baoli (002165): 2018 results meet expectations and focus on new PO projects
Performance summary: The company realized revenue in 201824.67 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.63%, realized net profit attributable to mother 0.29 ‰, 28 from the previous decade.91%. At the same time, the company foresees a net profit of 0 attributable to the mother in the first quarter.19-0.200,000 yuan, an increase of 539% -589% in ten years. Operating income continued to increase, PO continued to reach high levels, and gross profit margins declined.The 南京夜网 company achieved product sales of 19 in 2018.At the beginning of 64, it increased by 6 every year.46%, of which rigid foam polyether achieved operating income of 15.4.5 billion, an increase of 16 over the same period last year.26%; isopropanolamine achieved operating income7.97 ppm, an increase of 12 over the same period last year.18%.High flame retardant insulation board realized zero operating income.1.7 billion, an annual decline of 56.61%.According to our data monitoring, the company’s main raw materials replaced the average price of Shandong in 2018 at 11,816 yuan / ton, which continued to increase by 11 compared with the average price of 2017.25%, the highest level since 2015.Because the company’s product operating costs accounted for 96% of raw materials.23%, the annual purchase of propylene oxide reaches about 10, so the company’s gross profit margin in 2018 continued to decline 1.22 PCT to 13.36%, the lowest level since listing.At the same time, since 2019, the price of propylene oxide has continued to decline, and the average price in the first quarter of 2018 decreased by 16%, so the company’s first quarter performance continued to increase in deviation. The trial run of the propylene oxide project was successful, and the company’s performance is expected to usher in an inflection point.Company announcement in January 2019, Taixing subsidiary 12 inserts propylene oxide and 2.4 Announced the successful commissioning of the DCP project.The project adopts the new process of CHP co-oxidation method independently developed by the company, which is the first device of this process in China.Epoxy resin is the main raw material of the company’s main product rigid foam combination polyether and alternative alcohol amine. The successful trial production of the project indicates that the company has successfully extended the industrial chain to the upstream raw material field. The construction of the industrial chain has added momentum to the company’s development and opened the future.The development space is conducive to the company’s further expansion of asset scale and overall strength, enhances the company’s competitiveness, and promotes the sustainable development of the company; at the same time, it will be of great significance to comprehensively implement the national environmental protection policy on internal control measures, promote supply-side reforms, and promote industry development. The DCP project expands the company’s business segment.Taixingji subsidiary has an annual output of 2.4 Announced that the first production line of the DCP project is expected to be completed and put into operation in the first half of 2019. This project is to produce DCP products using the intermediate product of the circular insertion production device, which will increase the overall productivity of production.This project can bring breakthrough economic benefits to the company in the future. Through this project, it is expected to achieve an average annual sales income.1 ppm, average annual profit budget1.100 million yuan.In the course of the industrial chain of epoxy resin-polyether, alcohol amine and derivatives manufactured by the company, the project is beneficial to the extension and development of the PO-related industrial chain and the improvement of the industrial layout, fostering new profit growth points, and promoting the company’s scale and long-term growth.development of. Profit forecast and rating.We expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.15 yuan, 0.24 yuan, 0.30 yuan, corresponding to PE of 32X, 20X and 16X, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risk reminder: the risk that the price of risk pricing will fluctuate gradually; the risk of new projects being put into production is less than expected.

Nutrition Banana Breakfast Weight Loss Recipe Healthy Weight Loss

Nutrition Banana Breakfast Weight Loss Recipe Healthy Weight Loss

With the improvement of material living standards, obesity has become a very common phenomenon.

Many people try a variety of methods for weight loss, diet, exercise, diet pills, etc. These methods are not even effective, which affects the health of the body, so is there any good healthy weight loss method?

Of course, there is to use breakfast to lose weight, so what is the best way to lose weight breakfast?

I would like to recommend a nutritious banana breakfast diet recipe to make you lose weight and lose weight. Let’s take a look.

  First, banana breakfast cake material: low-gluten flour 150g, soda powder 1/4 spoon, white sugar, salt, lemon juice, milk 80g, egg 1 practice: peel the banana into a blender to make a mud-like spare; proteinBeat to the foaming standby; mix the low-gluten flour and baking soda powder, add egg yolk, banana puree, white sugar, salt, milk, lemon juice, and mix well.

Add the beaten protein in three portions and mix well. After completion, it is thick and batter-like.

Hot pancakes can be eaten.

  Second, banana milkshake material: banana, milk practice: peel the fresh banana, put it into the blender, and then add the right amount of pure milk (preferably low fat or skim), together with a milkshake, withA piece of whole wheat bread, eat it directly.

  Third, banana yogurt muffin materials: low-gluten flour 150g, yogurt 110g, vegetable oil 35g, 1 egg, baking powder 5g, sugar 40g, banana 1 practice: peel the banana into a mud-like spare; low-gluten flour and foamMix powder; mix banana puree, yoghurt, vegetable oil and eggs; add sugar twice, then pour the flour and shell powder into the mixed raw materials, stir until the flour is soaked;The paste is placed in a paper cup, and the eight-point is full; the paper cup is placed in a preheated 180-degree oven and baked at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

  Fourth, banana oatmeal material: banana, oatmeal, wolfberry, milk practice: put oatmeal into the pot and add the right amount of water to cook, then put the sliced banana into the pot, then add some simmer, use a small fireCook for five or six minutes.

If you like to drink milk, you can also add milk to cook, the taste is better.

  In addition, let’s take a look at how long it takes to eat bananas for breakfast and lose weight.

  (1) If you want to lose weight quickly, then eat more bananas, you can slim down in about a week.

  (2) If you want to be thin and maintain your body, it will take about 1 month to 3 months.

  Tips: One day is in the morning, so breakfast has a unique effect on the substitution of nutrition, energy supplement and weight loss.

If you don’t eat breakfast, you can’t achieve the purpose of weight loss, but what is eaten is also a kind of waste. First of all, the food such as greasy fried food must not touch, but if you only eat fruit, the nutrition is not rich enough, so you can consider some foods.Get up, have a stronger sense of fullness, and have a rich nutritional value that will speed up your metabolism throughout the day.

Sleeping molars are not necessarily morbid or due to mental stress

Sleeping molars are not necessarily morbid or due to mental stress

After the night, most people have already dreamed of it, but some people grind their teeth when they are asleep.

Experts pointed out that most adults with night molars may be related to excessive mental stress, and emotional anxiety is the most common cause of bruxism.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a typical case. The side incisors on both sides of the front teeth are worn out due to long-term wear and tear, which has caused the original full and full crown to be worn off. This is not unrelated to his busy work stress.

  Frequently grinding teeth after a tooth change period is a disease. Bruxism is the behavior of an unconscious upper and lower teeth grinding or biting each other while sleeping or waking up.

Associate Professor Liu Zhonglin from the Department of Neurology of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University introduced that people often giggling their teeth during sleep at night. When they get up in the morning, they ask him but they don’t know. Medically, this kind of molar is called a night molar, also called “sleeping molars”.

Because the teeth are often accompanied by a “squeaky” sound, usually called “biting teeth.”

  People between the ages of 6 and 13 are in the period of changing teeth, and there will be molars in order to adapt to the upper and lower teeth.

However, if an adult who has undergone a tooth-changing period often has a molar phenomenon, it is a pathological condition.

Associate Professor Liu Zhonglin said that repetitive sleep in the grinding of the teeth will produce an uncomfortable sound, disturbing the sleep of the pillow or roommate.

Associate Professor Liu Zhonglin said that the characteristic movement of the molars is intermittent contraction of the isotonic contraction of the lower jaw muscles, accompanied by regular chewing-like movements, common in children or young adults.

  Occasionally grinding your teeth doesn’t have to worry too much about worrying about adult teething. It usually implies emotional stress or problems with teeth or squats.

Liu Zhonglin said that psychologists believe that bruxism is caused by the inability to express anger and hatred, or the inability to express lust.

From a spiritual perspective, molars represent a psychological state, especially when it is angry, worried, resentful, and pessimistic.

When people are escaping from the psychological pressure of the subconscious, they will grind their teeth in their dreams or in their sleep.

Occasionally grinding your teeth has little impact on your health and you don’t have to worry too much.

However, long-term molars or too long a molar time after falling asleep can reflect psychological and physical problems and require timely medical attention.

  Sensitive to the worn teeth, it is easy to loosen Liu Zhonglin. Because there is no food in the mouth during nighttime grinding, the amount of saliva is reduced accordingly, and the teeth are not lubricated. This forms a “dry molar” like a push-grinding mill, which leads to strong teeth.The slamming together causes excessive wear of the protective material on the surface of the tooth, exposing the dentin beneath the protective substance.

If you often “dry the teeth”, the wear on the teeth is quite serious.

For a long time, the worn teeth will be sore or painy to varying degrees, sometimes forming a mandibular joint disorder.

Light people are allergic to foods that are cold, hot, sour, sweet, etc.; severe cases can cause frequent bleeding, inflammation, loose teeth or even replacement of the gums.

  In addition, long-term molars can lead to no rest in the masticatory muscles, causing fatigue and pain in the masticatory muscles, pain in the jaws; headaches in the severe cases, neck pains, etc.; affecting other people’s sleep and their sleep quality, resulting in memory loss, causingBad breath or bad breath; make the patient nervous, leading to psychological depression and even pessimistic and other serious consequences.

  ■Why would you grind your teeth at night?

  Liu Zhonglin said that molars, like sleepwalking, enuresis, and nightmares, are an involuntary subconscious movement, a symptom of partial awakening of the brain during sleep, and a reaction to the loss of advanced central regulation.

As the activity of the cerebral cortex is controlled, the subconscious closed jaw reflex increases, the rhythm of muscle tension and contraction changes significantly, and the bite-type and molar-type activities occur; after waking, the molars are controlled.

The movement of the molars is caused by the continuous contraction of the masticatory muscles.

The masticatory muscle is managed by the third branch of the trigeminal nerve, the motor branch.

Because the movement is so excited, in the case of the human body not eating or drinking at night, but also ordering the masticatory muscles to keep shrinking, leading to the cause and the truth is not particularly clear, the cause may be as follows: work and life in variousStress gives people psychological psychological burden and psychological burden is the most important cause of bruxism, such as nervousness, psychological anxiety, depression, anger and other psychological factors; other causes such as gastrointestinal diseases, endocrine disorders; excessive fatigue and lack of microscopicElements and so on.

The specific analysis is as follows: 1.

Mental factors: oxides are suppressed and easy to grind. Most adults with night molars may be related to excessive mental stress. Stress anxiety is the most common cause of bruxism.

When fear, anger, resistance to touch and emotional depression are difficult to vent, these emotions are hidden in the subconscious and corrected by other means such as grinding teeth.

According to the observation of patients with mental illness, bruxism is a common phenomenon. When you want to escape the psychological pressure of the subconscious, it is very likely that there will be molars in your sleep.

  Car driver, designer is prone to bruxism Associate Professor Liu Zhonglin said that the research has found that those who work too tight during the day, busy before going to bed at night, excessive fatigue, although most of the cerebral cortex is suppressed after falling asleep, butSome areas, such as the trigeminal nerve of the pons, are about to be excited.

In this way, it will issue a “signal” command to the chewing muscles of the face for a short-term sustained contraction.

Then the person who fell asleep showed that the squat could not help but move up and down, left and right, and then made a “squeaky” molar sound.

This kind of grinding at night, others can hear clearly, but the wearer himself is completely ignorant.

At the same time, occupations such as word workers, car drivers, athletes, watchmakers, designers, etc., which require high accuracy or a high degree of concentration, are susceptible to bruxism, mainly related to nervousness.


Other factors such as intestinal diseases and endocrine disorders: Some people usually have irregular diets, leading to iterative disease, endocrine mutations causing bruxism; in addition, some people sometimes eat too much at night, and have accumulated in the body when they fall asleep.More food, the body has to work overtime to work, because the burden is too heavy, it will cause involuntary grinding when sleeping.In addition, hyperuricemia, hyperthyroidism, allergies, bladder disease, etc. may be related to bruxism.


Bad living habits, improper sleeping posture: irregular living, eating too much at dinner, sleeping before going to bed, chewing on one side, biting a pencil, people who often bite things into the mouth are also prone to bruxism, while sleeping sidewaysPosition and abdomen sleep posture are also prone to bruxism.

These postures cause the lower collar to be unevenly pressed, the position of the joint changes, and the formation of teeth interferes with the increase in the tension of the jaw muscles, showing teething or grinding.

  Recommendation: Severe cases can be worn by plastic braces to protect adults with bruxism. Patients should be actively consulted. After excluding the teeth caused by physical diseases, they should consider whether there are psychological problems.

If it is, you should adjust yourself or seek treatment from a psychiatrist.

If the molars are particularly severe at night, you can take the sedative before going to bed under the guidance of a doctor.

For patients with gastrointestinal disorders, medication should be taken promptly to adjust the rehabilitation function.

However, if the molars are more severe, you can go to the dentistry department and wear plastic braces to protect your teeth from abrasion.

  Children’s molars are not only due to parasite children’s molars. It is more common to have parasites, but it is not correct to attribute the molars to parasites.

Liu Zhonglin said that during the day, playing too excited, children’s nutritional deficiency, blood sugar and calcium concentration, endocrine disorders, allergies, etc. may become the cause of childhood bruxism.

In some cases, there are genetic factors, and the family has a molar condition, and the child is also prone to occur.

  It is recommended that it is necessary to help children develop good food hygiene and personal hygiene habits, such as washing hands frequently, eating raw fruits and vegetables should be cleaned, etc., but as to whether there are parasites, it is still necessary to determine by relevant tests.

  At the same time, be careful not to let the children play too tired, excited, and guide them to have fun and easy, especially about 1 hour before going to bed, do not engage in intense activities.

If you are over-stressed and emotionally unstable, you should pay attention to eliminating tension and falling asleep.

10 effective beauty methods in the mother age


10 effective beauty methods in the mother age

Compared with our previous generation, mom was ranked when she was young, and girls now are really happy.

There are a variety of facial cleansers for washing your face, and special hair conditioners for hair care, as well as special products for exfoliation and acne.

But in the mother’s young age, the industry was still underdeveloped, and all these modern skin care products were not available yet. How did the girls who love beauty maintain it?

Therefore, it can be seen that some maintenance tips spread in the field are indeed effective.

Here are some traditional maintenance methods for black people!

  To remove blackheads, acne, and horny skin, use a towel. After taking a shower, the stratum corneum is moist, and while the steam in the bathroom is not dispersed, but with a little heat, you can use medical gauze, but the denser the woven fabric, the better.If you have blackheads and need to exfoliate slowly, massage gently in a circle to get blackheads and horny effects.

Using towels instead of hands for daily face washing will also have an exfoliating effect, but use with caution on dry and sensitive skin.

  Massage, keratin, and maintenance all rely on sugar to wet the face in advance, pick up the foam in the palm of the hand, and put in sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or the finely ground mung bean powderApply on blackheads and horny areas and massage slowly in circular motions.

The benefit is that it can achieve the effect of exfoliating, the sugar slowly melts, and it will also have a maintenance effect on the skin.

  Shrink the pores with a frozen towel to make a dry towel completely moisture-free, put it in a sealed zipper bag, and then put it in the refrigerator.

Before applying makeup in the morning, take out and apply moisture to shrink the pores. Towels must not have moisture. If there is moisture, it will form ice.

Scratches the skin.

  Tighten the skin, remove the edema tightly, and then set the drainage massage method: use the index finger and middle finger abdomen, gradually stop gently tapping from the sides of the nose, cheek to ears, about 5-10 seconds each; then put the left and right faces on both hands to extendStay in the ears for 5-10 seconds in both directions.

This is also where the traditional Chinese medicine called acupoints, vagina and acupuncture points can help eliminate excess meat.

Below the ear is the location of the lymph glands that control metabolism. The temperature of the palm helps the lymph to metabolize water and waste.

Sliding the fist of your hand over the retina, massage the occluded occlusal muscles to become smoother and longer, and can also lift and relax the skin as you grow older.

  In addition, you can also use a porcelain spoon to put on the skin to complete the massage. However, do not pull the skin while lying on the bed at night, put your head outside the bed, put your feet up on it, maintain this posture, and then rub the care products.

The advantage is that the skin on the face can resist gravity and achieve firmness, and the legs can also achieve edema removal.

  With your eyes looking upwards, use fat belly around the eyes, especially under the bags under the eyes and dark circles, and gently press to remove the bags under the eyes and dark circles.

  Repairing watermelons after sunburn is a treasure used to freeze the skin of watermelon peel. The effect of watermelon peel is similar to aloe vera, which can help calm the skin after sunburn.

  Oral care salt can also play a big role. Gently massage the gum with the salt, stay for about 5 minutes, and then rinse your mouth, which can help eliminate gum edema; rinsing your mouth with fresh saline can help eliminate sore throat.

  Weight loss notes Life details Control food intake Drink water before meals to help control food intake; lie flat and massage parts clockwise and counterclockwise to help eliminate bowel movements; get up in the morning and drink a large cup of light flour to help eliminate bowel movements; bottle up half a bottle of mineral waterMung beans / meter, arms flat, shake to both sides, help reduce worship meat.

  Moisturizing and beauty take ordinary honey to face, which can improve the moisturizing effect, or add half an egg yolk inside, stir and apply it on the face or apply cracked hands and feet, the remaining half of the egg yolk can be mixed with black sesame powder, applied to the hair tips, moisturizingHair care.

Putting mineral water in a watering can is a homemade mineral water lotion. Use chicken feet + pig feet + soy beans + kelp to cook soup. It can supplement collagen and phytoestrogens. Use sugar-free yogurt and mung bean powder.Reconcile the mask into your face to gently metabolize keratin and moisturize and whiten.

  Accelerate the blood circulation of the body. Tap the body several times, clap your hands, slap the palms, 100 palms each; raise your feet + raise your head several times; massage your scalp with a round wooden hedgehog comb to accelerate hair growth.

Massaging the whole body can speed up blood circulation and reduce skin itchiness. The hair is made into fragile hair before going to bed. Or the hair ends are fixed on a straw with a clip. When you open it in the morning, you will have beautiful curls.

Disease prevention and health sleep, health care method before going to bed

Disease prevention and health sleep, health care method before going to bed

The eight methods of bedtime health care are a kind of benign health care method without side effects. If long-term persistence can promote the metabolism of the whole body, it can positively promote the disease prevention and longevity.

  When you cast the spell, you need to close your eyes and calm your mind. The mind is quiet, the tip of the tongue is light and the top is full, the limbs are fully relaxed. The 1–7 method can be used for sitting position, and the eighth method can be used for supine operation.

The anion eight method should be applied close to the skin, and the stronger the penetration, the better.

The operation time of the eight methods is about 12-18 minutes. The old and the weak can cast 12 minutes. The young and strong people can apply for 18 minutes in a row. After the cast, the limbs are relaxed and should fall asleep safely.

One end of the hand: the index finger of the two hands, the middle finger, the ring finger is bent to 45 degrees, and the scalp is massaged back and forth at the speed of eight times per second with the nail end for 1 to 2 minutes, which can strengthen the blood supply, enhance blood circulation, and accelerate sleep.

Double palms and ears: the thumb sides of the two palms cling to the lower end of the front ear, from bottom to top, from front to back, rubbing the ears for 1 to 2 minutes.

It can clear the meridians, clear away heat and calm the nerves, and prevent hearing loss.

Double palms: The palms of the hands are close to the face, and the skin is gently wiped at a rate of two or two times per second. For 1 to 2 minutes, the head meridians can be cleared to prevent wrinkles.

Jaw neck and neck: that is, the palms of both palms alternately rub the neck and shoulder muscles at a speed of twice per minute, focusing on the back of the neck for 1 to 2 minutes, which can relieve fatigue and prevent neck and shoulder fractures.

Pushing the chest back: the thumb side of the palm of your hand, pushing the back and front chest from top to bottom at a speed of twice per second, focusing on the front chest and the back waist for about 2 to 3 minutes.Can be strong, healthy waist, dredge the dirty meridians.

Push the legs with both hands: that is, the opposite ends of the lower limbs, close to the upper end of the lower limbs, push the lower limbs up and down for 1 minute at a frequency of one time per second, and then push the other lower limbs for 1 minute according to the method. This method can relieve the fatigue of the lower limbs.Unblock the six meridians.

Exchange the lame: that is, the right foot palm rubs all parts of the left instep, and then uses the left foot to rub all parts of the right instep.

Then use your right heel to rub your left foot.

Then use the left heel to rub the right foot for a total of about 2 – 3 minutes.

This method can eliminate the fatigue of both feet and penetrate the blood and meridians.

Stacked palms: the two palms overlap the abdomen at a rate of one or two times per second, and continue to ring all parts of the abdomen, focusing on the umbilicus and surrounding, for about 2 to 3 minutes, this method can strengthen the spleen and stomach, promote digestionabsorb.