SF Holdings (002352) In-depth Research Report: FedEx Express Reveals SF Games

SF Holdings (002352) In-depth Research Report: FedEx Express Reveals SF Games
Review of FedEx: 1) Ground2019 fiscal year operating profit exceeds Express.Fiscal 2019 revenue: $ 69.7 billion, with express delivery accounting for 53.6%, 29% on the ground.4%, total 83%; operating profit: 44.7 billion dollars, ground (26.(400 million) for the first time surpasses Express (21).200 million); operating margin: ground sector 12.9%, the highest among all businesses, and the company’s overall operating margin is 6.4%.2) Obvious features of the regional sector merger in the regional sector.Express labor + outsourced transportation + fuel oil totaled 63%, ground labor + outsourced transportation + fuel oil totaled 70%, fuel cost accounted for only 0.1%, and labor 19% is much lower than Express, reflecting the department’s related costs through regional partnerships.3) Bull stock gene: from 1980 to 2019, it will grow 28 times, the highest increase will be 50 times, while the S & P 500 will increase 20 times.5 times, the company outperformed significantly.The excess income is mainly in two stages: a) Overweight ground business with higher operating profit margins in 93-04. Profits have grown rapidly and can outperform. PE increased from 20 times to 35 times, and PS from 0.5 times increased to 1.2 times; b) 05-17 years, after mergers and acquisitions, the United States CR3 market share reached 97%, single ticket gross margin up period, and constantly outperformed the index, the overall business volume growth rate, PE estimates the center 20 times, PS at 0.6-1 times fluctuation.The market performance is clearly related to the gross profit per ticket and the operating profit margin. Under “high operating profit margin + rapid growth of business volume”, prices continue to increase and the mature period after business volume changes is estimated to fluctuate in the central region.4) Enlightenment for SF Holdings: Air superiority and Memphis help each other achieve leapfrog development; more grounded, the ground uses a regional partnership system to meet the e-commerce trend.  Explore SF Chess.1) Revenue structure: 19H1 aging parts revenue was 26.8 billion, accounting for 53.4%; economic parts revenue was 11.5 billion, accounting for 22.9%; new business accounts for 23.7%.2) Chess game 1: Follow the accurate rhythm and re-energize the e-commerce market.In May 19, the company launched a special special product for large e-commerce customers (expected unit price replacement of 5-10 yuan), covering the blank price range in the past, and using the “fill-in” model to stimulate business volume, andImprove loading rate and reduce costs.Effect: After the launch, the business volume increased for 4 consecutive months, and the growth rate in August exceeded 30%.We believe that this product is not a phase product, but a continuous growth point for the company to exert its strength in the future.The price / performance ratio of e-commerce parts is relative, and the coefficient between the customer unit price and the logistics distribution cost directly affects the logistics choice.The drop in express prices will cause more prices to bring products into SF’s distribution range, and SF’s own brand and management can actually help customers reduce hidden logistics costs.  3) Chess game 2: Ezhou Airport, the finishing touch of the aging system.From a cost perspective, the hub structure + axis subdivision operation will make it possible to reduce costs, and at the same time effectively increase the conversion loading rate.More important is whether the surrounding industries in Ezhou can form an enhanced industrial advantage.Wuhan plans that by 2020, the output value of emerging industries will reach 1.65 trillion, assuming logistics costs account for 10%, SF cut into 30%, you can get about 50 苏州桑拿网 billion incremental revenue market.4) Chess Game 3: Entering the supply chain opens up a wider space.The domestic express logistics market has almost completed overtaking by means of consumer express e-commerce express, but now the stage of manufacturing development needs a strong supply chain to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.By acquiring DHL China and Xin Xia Hui, SF, in combination with its own logistics technology chassis, has actually opened up a wider space.  Estimate consultation and investment advice: 1) With reference to FedEx, the current business volume and gross margin recovery period is a better investment period.2) Short-term catalyst: Cost control dividend is being released.Q2 gross profit margin 21.5%, the highest level in the past 8 quarters. Through the increase of Q3 business volume, it is expected that 杭州桑拿网 the growth rate of single quarter profit will be converted earlier.  3) Estimate consultation: The segment estimates that the estimated market value can reach at least about 220 billion.The traditional core profitable business (time-effect + economy) gives 30 times PE, valued at 180 billion yuan; although the new business is not yet profitable, but the rapid growth has a profitable dawn, giving 2 times PS, market value of 37.2 billion (12 billion heavy goods + 5 billion cold shipments +1.6 billion in the same city = 18.6 billion). Without considering the investment of SF Technology, we believe that the company’s market value can reach at least 217.2 billion, corresponding to a target price of 50 yuan, which is 20% more than the current 182.8 billion market value.  Risk reminder: Capital expenditure is too large, and the expansion of the economic scale affects the company’s timepiece business.

Fangbang (688020) Science and Technology Board Inquiry Report

Fangbang (688020) Science and Technology Board Inquiry Report

Fangbang is a leading company in electronic shielding films. Its main 深圳spa会所 products include electromagnetic shielding films, conductive adhesive films, ultra-thin flexible copper clad laminates and ultra-thin copper foils.

The main product electromagnetic shielding film is the core material of FPC to suppress electromagnetic interference.

The steady growth of the FPC industry and the shift in production capacity have driven the demand for electromagnetic screen films.

Consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communications equipment are the three major applications of FPC.

The trend of thinner and thinner downstream electronic products continues to grow. With the expansion of the future market scale and transformation and upgrading, it will promote the stable development of the FPC industry.

At the same time, the FPC industry’s production capacity continues to shift to mainland China, thereby driving the development of industries such as electromagnetic shielding films and flexible copper clad laminates.

The company has the second largest market share in the electromagnetic shielding film industry in the world.

FPC’s core raw material electromagnetic shielding film was once monopolized by foreign manufacturers.

In 2012, Fangbang Co., Ltd. successfully developed the electromagnetic shielding film, and it was in the blank of high-end electromagnetic shielding film in the upstream.

In 2018, the company’s sales of electromagnetic shielding films in China and the world were 310.

78 and 364.

500,000 square meters, the market share is 33.

42% and 19.

60%, ranking second in the world, second only to the Japanese manufacturer Tuozda.

High-quality customer resources highlight the company’s technical strength.

The company also cooperates with Qisheng, BH CO.

, LTD, Young Poong Group, Hongxin Electronics, Jingwang Electronics, Sandeguan, Shangda Electronics and other well-known FPC manufacturers at home and abroad maintain a good relationship of cooperation, a large number of products to replace Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Samsung and other well-known terminalsBrand products and high-quality customer resources highlight the company’s technical strength.

Company valuation and inquiry recommendations.

We expect the company to achieve operating income of 3 in 2019-2021.

09, 3.

66, 5.

25 ppm; The net profit attributable to the parent company for 2019-2021 will be 1.

39, 1.

65 and 1.

8.6 billion yuan.

Among them, the new business of flexible copper clad laminates began to increase in 2021, leading to a substantial increase in revenue, but the business’s contribution to the performance of the initial ramp-up is not obvious.

We discussed the company’s historical estimates, relative estimates and DCF estimates.

Because the company’s last round of capital increase is far away from now, the reference is limited.

At the same time, the company has a total of comparable listed companies at home and abroad, and the relative estimation method is difficult to apply.

Therefore, we use the discounted cash flow method to estimate the company, and the company’s reasonable estimation center is 53.

51 yuan / share, after the IPO, the company’s reasonable total market value is 43 million, corresponding to 30 PE in 2019.

7 times, the recommended inquiry range is[46.

53, 60.

50]yuan / share.

Risk reminder: The company’s risks mainly include intensified competition in the industry, the unit price of the product exceeds expectations, the new business advances less than expected, and systemic risks.

Wanneng Power (000543): Strategic cooperation investment landing power asset structure will be optimized

Wanneng Power (000543): Strategic cooperation investment landing power asset structure will be optimized
Event: Recently, the company issued a foreign investment announcement, jointly invested with State Grid Xinyuan Company, State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Shenneng Co., Ltd. to establish Anhui Tongcheng Pumped Storage Co., Ltd. to build and operate Anhui Tongcheng Pumped StoragePower station.According to the proposed investment agreement signed, the company will hold 20% of the project’s share ratio and will need to occupy capital 29,024 based on the share ratio.60,000 yuan. Opinion: The completion of the strategic cooperative investment project and the participation in the hydropower storage generator assets will further optimize the company’s power asset structure.In September this year, the company and the State Grid Xinyuan Power Grid Company’s “Letter of Intent” reached a preliminary intention to jointly build the Anhui Tongcheng Pumped Storage Power Generation Project; in early December, the project company was formally established., Shenneng shares, Wanneng shares are formed according to 35%, 25%, 20%, 20% share ratio, the company needs to absorb capital2.900 million.The construction scale of Tongcheng pumped-storage generating units is 1.28 million kilowatts. Four 320,000 kilowatt reversible pump-turbine generating units are installed and connected to the Anhui power grid’s 500,000 kV voltage level system. The project investment is about 74.9 trillion, construction is planned to start at the end of 2019. After completion, it will undertake tasks such as peak shaving, valley filling, frequency modulation and emergency backup for the Anhui power system.The company’s investment in hydropower storage assets has a positive effect on the optimization of the power structure. At present, the company’s power assets are mainly thermal power, which converts new energy sources and increases in external calls. The peak pressure of the Anhui power grid has increased, and pumped storage has increased.It can become an indispensable peak-shaving resource. This cooperation will have a positive meaning for the company to optimize the asset structure. It is expected that the smooth commissioning of the power plant will promote the company’s power generation efficiency and investment income. The high-quality assets of the major shareholder Shenwan Energy have been injected. After the merger, the investment income is considerable and the profitability has steadily improved.In June of this year, the company completed the acquisition of 49% equity of Shenwan Energy, of which 24% was a private equity acquisition (issue 4).7.6 billion shares at an issue price of 4.83 yuan to raise funds 23.01 million), 25% for cash acquisition (23.9.7 billion).Shenwan Energy has been included in the company’s investment income since June. After the completion of the transaction, the company’s equity installed capacity increased by 142.10,000 kilowatts, with a current installed capacity of 683 in the company’s current equity period.Calculated based on 40,000 kilowatts, an increase of 20.80%.Shenwan Energy is the company’s major shareholder in 2012, committed to inject assets, backed by the major shareholder Shenhua Group, obviously has a cost advantage in the procurement of raw materials and coal, and has good operating indicators in recent years, and has profitability.Since its merger, Shenwan Energy has calculated its investment income from June to September.710,000 yuan, considerable income.After the completion of the asset injection, the company’s installed capacity can be increased and its profitability enhanced, and the company’s profit level will be further improved. Downward profits of coal prices have increased, and expected results can maintain high growth. “Highly recommended” grade.After the first quarter of this year, the 重庆耍耍网 price of thermal coal continued to fall, and the thermal coal index was once from 618 in March.49 dropped to 541 in December.89.The decline in raw material costs has significantly improved the company’s performance, and the company achieved operating income of 116 in the first three quarters.4.5 billion, net profit attributable to mother 6.9 billion, a 130-year increase.5%.It is expected that the trend of lowering coal power in the fourth quarter will continue, and the revenue growth of power business will be higher, and the coal and heating business will remain stable, so that the performance can maintain high growth.The company’s 19-21 performance is expected to be 9.95, 12.33, 13.9.6 billion, corresponding to 19 years PE is estimated to be 10.6 times, maintaining the level of “Careful Recommendation-A”. Risk reminder: The increase in the proportion of market-based transactions makes electricity price risk, the market allocation risk of thermal power planned volume, the coal price risk, the risk of raw coal consumption control, and the overall systemic risk.

Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050): The profit margin of new energy thermal management leader is expected to improve

Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050): The profit margin of new energy thermal management leader is expected to improve

Downstream demand in Q1 was sluggish, and performance was slightly higher than expected. On April 21, the company released a quarterly report, and the company achieved operating income of 27 in Q1.

8.1 billion, ten years +7.

9%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

59 trillion, ten years +4.

18%, net profit after deduction is returned to the mother 2.

10,000 yuan, at least -12.


Due to the growth rate of downstream customers, the decline in gross profit margin and other factors, the company’s Q1 performance was slightly lower than expected.

We believe that through the gradual improvement of margins in the air-conditioning and automotive industries, the company’s revenue and profit growth will promote recovery.

The company’s new energy vehicle thermal management business benefited from the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, and its revenue share tended to gradually increase.

The company has competitive competitiveness in the field of new energy thermal management. Entering the supply chains of mainstream OEMs in Europe and North America will help Tesla’s localization.

We expect the company to achieve EPS0 in 19-21.

77, 0.

95, 1.

09 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Gross profit margin decreased in Q1, and operating cash flow improvement company achieved gross profit margin of 25 in Q1.

24% per year -2.

At 27 points, we believe that this is a downturn in downstream demand and the annual downward pressure on component manufacturers. As the downstream demand improves casually, the gross profit margin is expected to increase; the sales expense ratio4.

03% every year -0.

34pct, management expense ratio (including R & D) 9.

57%, ten years +1.

33 points, mainly due to the increase in management costs of new establishments and acquisitions and increase in employee compensation; R & D expenses1.

11 trillion, ten years +16.

35%; financial expense ratio 1.

75% a year -1.

32pct, mainly due to reduced exchange losses.

The non-recurring income in Q1 was mainly a gain in fair value changes of 39.16 million yuan, which was mainly due to the increase in floating profit of foreign exchange forward contracts.

Net cash flow from operating activities of the company 2.

81 trillion, +486 a decade ago.

13%, operating cash flow improved, mainly due to increased sales basket.

New energy thermal management orders continue to increase, and Tesla’s future growth can be expected. The company has disputes in the field of new energy thermal management. Its products cover valves, pumps, heat exchangers, 深圳桑拿网 and complete categories.

Directly connected with the OEM to become a first-tier supplier.

The company entered the supply system of mainstream OEMs in Europe and North America, and subsequent orders were redundant.

According to the data of the China Federation of Passenger Unions, in Q1 2019, 250,000 new energy passenger vehicles were sold, an annual increase of + 116%.

We expect that the sales of new energy passenger cars in 19 years are expected to maintain a rapid growth rate, and the company’s auto zero business is expected to maintain rapid growth with the industry.

Tesla is expected to achieve localization at the end of 19, we think the company is expected to benefit from the heavy volume after Tesla’s localization, and the new energy auto zero business maintains high growth.

At the same time, the company’s traditional auto parts business and air conditioning parts business will help the industry to warm up.

Leading new energy vehicle thermal management and maintaining “overweight” rating. We believe that the company’s revenue and earnings growth rate is expected to pick up by gradually improving margins in the air-conditioning and automotive industries.The company’s new energy vehicle thermal management business benefited from the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, and its revenue share tended to gradually increase.

The company has competitive competitiveness in the field of new energy thermal management. Entering the supply chains of mainstream OEMs in Europe and North America is conducive to Tesla’s localization and continued volume.

We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 16 in 19-21.

48, 20.

15, 23.

19 trillion, corresponding to EPS.

77, 0.

95, 1.

09 yuan, comparable company in the industry 19 years valuation is 18 times PE, considering the company’s space transformation in the field of new energy thermal management, given the company 26 years in 19?
27 times change, given a target price of 20.


79 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: The production and sales of new energy vehicles, air conditioners, cabinets, etc. are less than expected; customers in this type of business are less than expected; the price of raw materials has risen; the appreciation of the RMB has caused exchange losses.

Dahua Shares (002236): Share repurchases demonstrate significant confidence, confidence in R & D investment continues to increase

Dahua Shares (002236): Share repurchases demonstrate significant confidence, confidence in R & D investment continues to increase

Event: On April 25, 2019, the company released the 2019 first quarter report.

The company achieved operating income of 43 in Q1 2019.

48 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.

19%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

16 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

05%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother 2.

8.6 billion, down 1 year.


Given the performance indicators for 2019H1, the company expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers from January to June 201910.


44 trillion, an increase of 0-15% in ten years.

Opinion: We continue to recommend the company. As a global security giant, the scale and brand effect are obvious, and it is expected to continue to benefit from Xueliang Engineering and security related policies in the future.

The government’s initial measures have gradually come to an end, the funds have been loosened, and the number of business opportunities is rising rapidly.

We expect the security industry market to continue to pick up in the second quarter; according to the 2019H1 performance indicators released by the company, the company expects to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 201910.


44 ppm, a year-on-year increase of 0-15%, replacing the first quarter data, which is expected to reach 7 in the second quarter of 2019.


28 ppm, a single quarter increase of -2.

54% to 18.


The gross profit index showed a growth trend, and the growth rate of management expenses and research and development expenses increased.

The company achieved a gross profit margin of 37 in Q1 2019.

45%, down by 1 every year.

52 points, down 1 from the previous month.

At 09pct, the main prosperity indexes of the security industry in the first quarter all changed to varying degrees. Among them, the production scale, domestic market, and foreign trade export prosperity and other indicators declined, and the enthusiasm of corporate assets for possession also decreased.

It is necessarily because of the influence of the economic environment at home and abroad, and then there must be changes in market demand for the security industry.

In the second quarter of 2018 and the third quarter of 2018, the company achieved a breakthrough rebound in the past two quarters, crossing the bottom of the past year. We expect the security industry to continue to pick up in the second quarter.

In terms of three fees, the company’s management expenses have increased for ten years.

86%, mainly due to the growth of the company’s business and the impact of the current equity incentive expenses.

In terms of R & D expenses, the company achieved R & D expenses 5 in Q1 2019.

410,000 yuan, an increase of 47 in ten years.

45%, ranking revenue increased by 20.

19%, the company increased investment in research and development, accounting for 12% of current revenue.

45%, an increase of 2 every year.

30pct, the company’s R & D investment has further increased, and it is expected to realize return on benefits in the future.

The company intends to repurchase shares with its own funds and is optimistic about the company’s long-term development.

The company issued a share repurchase announcement, intending to use 240 to 400 million shares to repurchase shares, the repurchase price does not exceed 25.

37 yuan / share, based on the 200 million repurchase amount, the estimated number of repurchased shares is 15,766,653 shares, accounting for 0% of the company’s total share capital.53%, calculated based on 400 million, the number of shares repurchased is 7,883,326 shares, accounting for 0% of the company’s current total share capital.


This repurchase plan reflects confidence in the company’s long-term intrinsic value and is conducive to safeguarding the interests of investors, especially small and medium investors, and enhancing investor confidence.

Meanwhile, the company was previously below 25.

37 yuan, the current budget total and the repurchase ceiling price are 56.

22% growth space, which shows the company’s leaders’ confidence in the company’s long-term development, and the current forecast distance from the company’s recognized reasonable value can be converted into growth space.

Investment suggestion: continue to be optimistic that the company will benefit from the recovery of the security industry, and give a profit of 28-20 in 2019-2021.



08,000 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

佛山桑拿网 Risk reminder: the security industry’s economic climate rebounded more than expected, the R & D progress was less than expected, and the Xueliang project exceeded expectations

Cobos (603486): Industry penetration increases, service robots grow rapidly

Cobos (603486): Industry penetration increases, service robots grow rapidly
Investment Highlights Performance Summary: The company released its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report, and achieved revenue of 56 in 18 years.90,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.11%; net profit attributable to mother 4.90,000 yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.At 13%, a cash dividend of 4 yuan (including tax) is found for every 10 shares, and the dividend ratio is 33%. At the same time, every 10 shares will be increased by 4 shares.2018Q4 single quarter revenue 19.40,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.53%; net profit attributable to mothers was 20,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.94%, the single quarter of 2019Q1 achieved revenue of 12.500 million, an annual increase of 3.1%; net profit attributable to mother is 7014.30,000 yuan, a decline of 23 per year.79%.  The main business has grown rapidly, and has been promoted simultaneously at home and abroad.In 2018, the company’s revenue grew rapidly, and service robots generated revenue38.70,000 yuan, an increase of 34 in ten years.69%; small household appliances generated revenue of 1.7 billion yuan, an increase of 7 year-on-year.88%, of which the sales revenue of private label business reached 1.160,000 yuan, an increase of 180 in ten years.05%; other products generate revenue1.3 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.79%.According to the number of reports, the company sold a total of 4.14 million home service robots in the global market, of which Cobos brand service robots achieved sales of 3.53 million units, and the revenue from the division of planning products accounted for more than 30%.Benefiting from the increased penetration of service robots, as the industry leader, the company’s main business revenue scale is expected to continue to expand.By region, in 2018, the company’s domestic revenue generated 2.8 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 21.4%; overseas income 28.90,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.91%.As of the end of the reporting period, Cobos sweeping robots entered mainstream retail stores under the mainstream price of US $ 3,500. The sales revenue in the US market increased by nearly 100%, and the average revenue growth in other mainstream markets worldwide was close to or exceeded 50%.  Marketing is king and speed up brand building.In terms of channel construction, on the basis of deepening cooperation with major e-commerce platforms such as JD.com, Tmall, Suning and Vipshop, online channels have actively expanded cooperation with large emerging e-commerce platforms such as Netease and Xunji.In 2018, Cobos brand offline retail business revenue increased by 62% compared with the same period last year. 合肥夜网 The number of offline stores increased to 1500, and the average single store sales increased by 29%.Provide positive income contribution.  Changes in business structure resulted in higher gross / net margin.The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was 37.84%, an increase of 1 per year.26pp, net profit is 8.52%, increasing by 0 every year.28pp.Mainly due to the rapid growth in revenue of the high gross profit service robot segment and the overall business structure change.In terms of categories, the gross profit margin of service robots was 47.57%, a decrease of 1 per year.55pp, gross margin of small home appliances 17.78%, up 2 every year.21pp.In terms of expenses, sales expenses decreased mainly due to channel expansion and increased advertising spending18.82%, up 2 every year.85pp.  The gross profit margin of the company’s main business in Q1 2019 was 36.6%, increase by 1 every year.34pp, in terms of expenses, the management expense ratio is 10.96%, increase by 1 every year.23pp, financial expense ratio 2.38%, an increase of 3 per year.56pp, leading the company to sell a net profit margin of 5.62% twice a year.04pp.  Increase investment in research and development, and promote the development of vision technology.In 2018, the company spent R & D expenses2.10,000 yuan, an increase of 65 in ten years.34%, R & D investment is mainly used in new sensor modules and machine vision.As of the end of 2018, the company had a total of 788 R & D personnel. In order to further improve the research and implementation of artificial intelligence in robot perception, decision-making, action and human-machine collaboration, the company established Cobos (Nanjing) Artificial Intelligence ResearchThe institute has built a research and development team of more than 10 people, and has initially completed the construction of AI replacement cascading, GPU workstations, distributed storage and mobile robot experiment platforms.  Earnings forecasts and investment advice.The company’s 19/20/21 EPS is expected to be 1.54/1.94/2.41 yuan.In view of the company’s increased production capacity and the smooth development of domestic and foreign markets, it is expected that the company’s internal and external sales will continue to grow and maintain the “overweight” level.  Risk reminder: the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, the risk of fluctuations in raw material prices, the promotion of new products may be less than expected.

Why Everyone Loves Watermelon in Summer-N Reasons To Tell You!

Why do everyone love watermelon in summer?

N reasons to tell you!

Every hot summer, the most comfortable thing is sitting in an air-conditioned room, watching TV, eating watermelon, is it cool to think about it?

However, do you know why everyone likes to eat watermelon?

It turns out that there are so many benefits of watermelon!

  There are nine major benefits of eating watermelon. Watermelon has long been considered the most important source of nutrients. Nutrients like lycopene, vitamin A, citrulline, and vitamin C are all present in this delicious fruit, which will help yourThe body as a whole has a positive effect.

  1. Improve the skin. If you have struggled with the spots on your skin for a long time, or you just want to make your skin shiny, then try to eat 1 slice of watermelon every day.

According to experts, the vitamin A in watermelon helps to promote the growth of body tissues, thereby rejuvenating the whole body’s skin.

  2. Promote heart health According to the results of existing research, lycopene in watermelon can improve heart function.

What’s more, vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium lower cholesterol and keep your heart away from all kinds of dangerous environments.

  Although there are benefits in this regard, do not take watermelon as a life-saving medicine. People who are experiencing severe chest pain or severe heart problems should immediately seek medical treatment.

  3. Improving kidney function Those who have experienced kidney stones should know, what pain and despair it is!

Not wanting to be tortured by illness, it is important to keep your kidneys healthy.

  Watermelon cannot be said to completely prevent kidney stones, but it will not put extra stress on your kidneys, and it will increase your urine flow, remove excess fluid from your body, and reduce the risk of kidney stones.

  4. Improve your vision Adding 1 slice of watermelon to your daily diet will also help your overall vision and eye health.

This benefit is also due to the vitamin A it contains, a nutrient that helps prevent age-related macular degeneration and night blindness.

  5. Make the bones grow healthier. With the increase of age, the bones are easy to lose, and the bones can be kept healthy in order to move freely.

If the bones are fragile, it will be dangerous to say something like a fracture with a slight bump.

  Fortunately, watermelon contains lycopene and potassium, which can strengthen bones and joints, reducing the risk of injury or bone degradation.

  6, stabilize blood pressure Many people try to reduce blood pressure through diet and exercise, can tell you, watermelon should definitely be included in these diet plans.

Because watermelon contains a lot of potassium and magnesium, it is very beneficial to stabilize blood pressure.

  7. Relieving muscle soreness Watermelon is also great in anti-inflammatory and alleviating muscle soreness.

One study found that compared to people taking a placebo and drinking watermelon juice before exercise, muscle soreness was reduced even more after 24 hours of exercise.

  However, because the fructose in watermelon juice is high, it is recommended not to drink watermelon juice, it may be better to eat the whole fruit.

  8, resist hypertension For ordinary people, eating watermelon can help prevent hypertension.

Because watermelon has a lot of vitamin C.

For those already suffering from hypertension, eating watermelon can improve the condition, and the nutrients in it can make the overall lung healthier.

  9, fight prostate cancer Although watermelon itself will not be used to fight cancer, but it does contain anti-cancer nutrients.

Watermelon can reduce the risk of certain cancers through its antioxidant properties, such as lycopene, which can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

  When eating watermelon, you should also pay attention to these watermelons are cold fruits, cold will increase its coolness.

Even if you love it so much that you cannot extricate yourself, you have to control the amount every day. Eating too much at one time will hurt your spleen and stomach, and it can make you go to the toilet again, which is annoying.
Colds, colds, toothaches, mouth ulcers, renal insufficiency, people with poor gastrointestinal function, as well as mothers and diabetic patients should eat less.

People who are in the aunt phase also have to wait. Do not eat these days to avoid causing abdominal pain.

  Also, don’t freeze the watermelon that has been cut for too long, eat it earlier, you can add more water and nutrients, and reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

Correct bone posture and reduce eye wrinkles_1

Correct bone posture and reduce eye wrinkles

Guide: Wrinkles are always something women can’t avoid.

No one wants wrinkles, even small fine lines, because its existence will remind you that you are not so young.

So what exactly is wrinkle, we start with the eyes that are most vulnerable to wrinkles.

To improve wrinkles, you must first relieve the nerves on the face and shoulders and neck. Have you ever had problems with eyelid jumping, neck soreness, and migraine?

No wonder there are fine lines, because in Chinese medicine, to improve wrinkles, we must first relieve the nerves on the face and shoulders and necks.

1, correct the wrong posture of the bones to practice meditation and yoga, orthopedic massage can also help.

Only by relieving the tension and pain in the shoulders and necks will the abnormal eye twitch movements be reduced and the fine lines naturally reduced.

2, eyelid jump, induced acupuncture to improve eyelid jump is actually caused by bone compression nerves.

From orthopedic adjustment of the body structure to acupuncture to regulate the nervous system, it can relieve this disturbing “sign” jump.

Usually if the right face twitches, it must be related to the left; the right foot nerve controls the left eye.

So when the eyelids jump or the face twitches again, massaging Zusanli and Yanglingquan can restore Qi and blood walking.

3. Learn to smile in your heart. Wrinkles represent people’s troubles. The more troubles, the more wrinkles.

Dr. Huang Zonglong believes that reconciliation is more important than reconciliation. His biggest experience is “quietness”. If you calm down, your energy will be strong.

Women don’t consume emotions needlessly, happy can stay young forever.

If you already have wrinkles, don’t be afraid, let’s take it slowly!

Careful selection of pre-bedtime products for your baby

Careful selection of pre-bedtime products for your baby

Family story, why can children accept it?

The reason is very simple. The parent-child relationship is the relationship that the child initially understands in life. Mom and Dad are the people he contacts every day. The baby has Mom and Dad, and the other baby has Mom and Dad.

Babies like to be with mom and dad, so are other babies and other small animals.

  People often think that Snow White, Sun Wukong, etc., who are suitable for teaching children, have scared the more sensitive one or two-year-old children.

Therefore, parents need to learn to choose the right storybook in order to successfully guide children into the story kingdom.

  I am more than two years old every day.

Mom felt that he should listen to the story, so she bought a classic fairy tale and read “Snow White” every day.

Unexpectedly, when I read that the evil queen was going to kill Snow White, she burst into tears every day!

Mom couldn’t read at all.

How is this going?

A fairy tale is not a story that children should listen to?

  Ning Ning, who is almost two years old, is very active, even when listening to the story.

The most worrying thing about Ningning’s parents is that when she read to her, she never let the adults turn the pages, and she held the book by herself and read it endlessly.

Sometimes I even want to grab the book. Mom and Dad said, “Let ‘s see what’s behind?

“But she didn’t listen at all.

Ningning’s parents are very suspicious, aren’t we children more active?

How fascinating twists and turns can’t attract her at all?

  In fact, the performance of Tiantian and Ningning are the normal performance of children of this age.

The problem that parents have when reading with their children is often because they did not choose the right storybook.

  A family story is a storybook that is perfect for guiding children into the story kingdom.

  When the baby is about one and a half years old, he is not satisfied with reading the concept book of pictures and objects, and starts to look at the story.

However, the life experience of infants and children is simple, and many stories involve children with different backgrounds. Therefore, it is still difficult to get interested in many classical fairy tales.

Moreover, the mental characteristics of the child at this age determine that he cannot yet understand the complex plots of the twists and turns, so the plots are not too attractive.

At this time, the stories that they can understand most are not the prince, princess, or fairy monster; they are often scared by these stories. Sometimes people often think that Snow White, Sun Wukong, etc. who are suitable for teaching young children have scared the sensitiveOne or two year old children.

Therefore, from the initial nursery rhyme books, concept books and toy books to story books, a transition process is needed, and the right story book needs to be selected.

  So, what is a suitable storybook?

A family story is a storybook that is perfect for guiding children into the story kingdom.
  A famous family story book called BlueberriesforSal won the Caldecott Honor Award in 1949.

The story is that on a hillside full of blueberries, the little bears and mother bears, the little Sal and Sal mothers came to pick blueberries.

The two babies were greedy and playful, but both went the wrong way and followed the wrong mother.

On the way to find their mother, they encountered other small animals and their mother.

Later, the mother of Thrall and the mother of Teddy Bear both found that the child was lost, and hurried to find their respective babies.

In the end, the two babies followed their mothers and went home happily.

  The theme of this story is suitable for young children. Even a child over one year old has long understood the relationship between mother and child. He understands that Sal is looking for a mother, and that the bear also wants to talk to his mother.

The structure of the story is also arranged to meet the psychological characteristics of the child. The two babies are separated, go to find a mother, meet other small animals and their mother, and then follow the wrong mother. Although the content has changed, the structure is repeated.

There are also extra onomatopoeia in the book, which is also very popular with children.

  This book was published in the 1940s after the end of the Second World War. More than half a century has passed. Although Sal’s mom ‘s hair style and Sal’s kitchen equipment were all popular at the time, the theme of affection spanned time and space.This book has been loved by children for decades.

My son, one year old from the Democratic Party, kept haggling his mother to say “Sal” every day, and repeated it at least three times before going to bed.After telling the story, his mother covered him with a quilt. He also said “Mother Bear, Crow Mother” in his mouth, and fell asleep slowly.

  Family story, why can children accept it?
The reason is very simple. The parent-child relationship is the relationship that the child understands in life. Mom and dad are the people he contacts every day. The baby has mom and dad. Other babies also have mom and dad.

Babies like to be with mom and dad, so are other babies and other small animals.

  Starting from the child’s familiar parent-child relationship, the child is easy to understand and interested.

The secrets of the most beautiful black actress in private care_1

The secrets of the most beautiful black actress in private care

The first team: beautiful breast products + beautiful breast massage + healthy diet.

hzh {display: none; }  这种方法:能使胸部变大,形状更好,而且胸部会越按越漂亮哦。  Lin Zhiling-“Grapefruit” breast, slightly longer.

Bust: 34D Breast Enhancement Method: Breast Enhancement has always been a three-step process. Doing chest-building exercises + massage with breast enhancement essential oils + insisting on taking healthy food.

Massage generally chooses to perform massage physiology while taking a bath, and it must be pressed until it hurts. Finally, it must be washed with cold water from the bottom to the top. After the shower, because the skin is hot, then massage with breast oil while hotThe ingredients of the essential oils are all absorbed, and it works well with edible soy water.

  Xiao Qiang-“Orange-shaped” beautiful breasts, only one word, round!

Bust: 34B Breast Breast Method: Perform chest massage (with chest massage cream), drink cool pear milk Zhu Yin-“peach type” breast, pink and round.

Bust: 33B Breast Method: Massage the chest for 15 minutes every night, and then go to bed without a bra.

I don’t like running, I think it is easy to drop my chest.

Swim twice three times every Wednesday for at least one hour each time.

It is a habit to take a shower every night before going to bed, and apply a tightening cream on the hip muscles while the skin is still dry after bathing.

She was outstanding: “It’s not as simple as lifting up. Be sure to massage in a counterclockwise circle for 15 minutes each time.

“Wu Peici-” Apple-shaped “beautiful breasts, round and flat edges.

Bust: 34D breast enhancement method: Persist in drinking red date soup and chicken feet soup, which is very good for nourishing the skin and developing the body.

Whenever free, Wu Peici will also buy chest protection products to use, often a lot of brands change to use.

Because a brand may only have a few vitamins and nutritional ingredients, etc., and use it, you can repeat the shortcomings between each other, as long as you persist, it is still very effective.

  Xu Ruohuan-“Lemon-shaped” beautiful breasts, with a small bust and lemon-shaped protrusions.

Measurements: 32C Xu Ruoxuan’s chest is not a special big cup, but the breast shape is also quite good-looking.

This is due to her breast care habits, which she had long ago.

Choose the product that suits you, and at the same time, do chest exercises for chest massage.

  Expert comment: Essential oil + massage + diet soy products are quite scientific.

  1. Of all breast enhancement products, essential oils are the safest and most effective.

  Because essential oils can stimulate the body to secrete enzymes and hormones, and then massage techniques can promote the absorption of essential oils and acupoint massage, promote the increase of cell volume, lengthen breast ducts, can be plump and elastic with a little.

This principle is the same as the natural development of female puberty, so the enlarged size is also permanent.

Generally insist on oil massage after menstrual ovulation, the effect will double.

  2. In addition to eating soy products and other healthy diets in combination with massage, eating soy diet will indeed have a breast enhancement effect. This is because soy contains phytoestrogens and is not harmful to the human body.

And in addition to the soy-boiled water mentioned above, you can also eat, for example: soy beans with pork feet, papaya, or tofu, soy milk or the like.

These products are rich in nutrition, in addition to breast enhancement, they also have a good nourishing effect on women’s skin.

I often eat it, not only to find that the cup is enlarged, but also the complexion at both ends is better.

Worth a try.

  Recommended products: Free breathing FREEDAYS skin beauty breast massage essential oil 30ml / 230 yuan for breast enhancement massage, with essential oils is the only way to maintain.

In addition to stimulating circulation and balancing endocrine with essential oils, it is easier to strengthen and soften the skin.

Free Breast Enhancer Oil is a compound essential oil formulated with base oil (jojoba oil) + rose + ylang ylang + evening primrose, which is easy to use. Use 2-3 drops per massage, from the lower edge of the breast, alongMassage the outer edge up to the position of the collarbone below the neck; massage in a circle from the center of the breast, and massage up to the collarbone; around the chest, do a spiral massage in a small circle.

Every action repeats 8?
10 times.

We must remember that essential oil + massage must be persistent when it is effective. If you stick to it, the size of the breast cup will definitely be large and large.

  Clarins Skin Conditioning Milk (480 RMB / 50ml): If you have darker skin, you should have one.

Long-term massage can help to strengthen the skin, and make the skin softer, so that it is elastic and contoured.
It can also slow down the natural aging of the skin, prevent breast sagging, refresh the size and eliminate oil, and the skin is easily absorbed. The product is also suitable for sensitive skin, and you can put on clothes immediately after use.
  YSL Breast Lotion 200ml / 575 yuan supplemented with plant protein to form an invisible net-like marriage. It fits tightly on the surface of the skin.

Excluding any chemicals that irritate the skin, the star tightens the skin and is smooth and firm.

  The second team: sports-oriented.

hzh {display: none; }  林熙蕾——“西瓜型”美胸,又大又圆,胸围:34B   美胸方法:常做扩胸运动,多喝牛奶(尤其是木瓜牛奶);多吃青椒、红Radish, red scallion, potato; avoid drinking cola and coffee.

  Chen Hao-“Peach-shaped” beautiful breasts, slightly aside.

Measurements: 34C Breast Method: As long as there is time, Chen Hao will go to the fitness club to do three sports: running, swimming, and playing badminton.

Representative Chen Hao said: “Be sure to run first, then swim, and then play ball. This is my unique sporting mind.

“Hou Xiangting-” Pear-shaped “beautiful breasts, slightly tapered.

Bust: 34D beautiful breasts method: I want to have charming chest lines, do chest exercises, and pay attention to the details of life in normal times, wear adjustable bras, and maintain a normal sitting posture on weekdays.important.

  Zhang Xiaozhang-“Watermelon type” breast, large and round.

Bust: 36D breast enhancement method: I like yoga most, I believe that yoga can almost regulate the health of the body, and it can bring the general effect of tightness.

  Expert comment: Indeed, all breast enlargement methods must be combined with massage and breast enhancement products plus diet.

In order to have charming dark lines, in addition to the constant chest exercise to be effective, for the time being, you need to wear an adjustable corset and maintain a normal standing posture on weekdays.

Starting from daily small habits, women’s black hair will be healthier, beautiful in shape, and reduce the possibility of illness.