Zijin Mining (601899): Q2 performance growth is in line with expectations Q3 performance is expected to exceed expectations

Zijin Mining (601899): Q2 performance growth is in line with expectations Q3 performance is expected to exceed expectations
The company released the semi-annual report for 2019: 2019H, and the company realized operating 杭州夜生活网 income of 671.98 ppm, an increase of 34 in ten years.90%; net profit attributable to mother 18.5.3 billion, previous interest rate 26.64%; realized non-net profit attributable to mothers16.570,000 yuan, an average of 30 for ten years.28%; of which, in Q2 2019, the company realized operating income of 381.56 ppm, an increase of 41 in ten years.58%, up 31 from the previous quarter.38%; realized net profit attributable to mother 9.79 trillion, an average of 32 in ten years.07%, an increase of 11.95%; realized non-net profit attributable to mothers and mothers 9.12 ‰, 31 years ago.18%, an increase of 22 from the previous month.47%, the performance is in line with market expectations. We believe that the QoQ change of Q2 2019 is mainly affected by 4 aspects: 1) Q2 2019, the company’s quarterly gross profit increased 3 QoQ.1% to 38.35 ppm, while the gross profit margin decreased slightly.8 up to 10.1%, mainly due to Q2 products other than the main business and internal replacement gross profit or an increase of about 500 million US dollars to improve and improve performance, while the main product Q2 gross profit improved.2) In the second quarter of 2019, the prices of mineral copper / gold / zinc / iron concentrates increased by -6 from the previous month.02% / 1.72% /-18.6% / 8.27%, sales volume also increased by 12 respectively.21% / 0.17% /-4.44% /-9.87%, leading to a 3% increase in the gross profit of copper / gold / zinc / iron concentrates from the previous month.09% /-0.92% /-50.10% / 14.23%, accounting for 34.4% / 24.2% / 14.3% / 10.At 6%, the gross profit share of iron concentrates increased significantly in the context of increasing costs and rising prices, while zinc production from mines increased in the context of falling volume + spreads + rising costs.2) Expense end: 2019H, sales expenses, management expenses and financial expenses increase by 46 respectively.2% / 36.9% / 28.84%. The increase in sales and management expenses was mainly due to the scope of mergers and acquisitions of new mergers and acquisitions. Part of the expenses are expected to be one-off expenditure subjects. The increase in financial expenses and the increase in the asset-liability ratio led to an increase in expenditure3.9.4 billion.However, in the second quarter of 2019, the benefit of foreign exchange losses brought about by the depreciation of the RMB led to a significant improvement in financial expenses.3) The amount of non-recurring profits and impairment losses in the second quarter of 2019 are very close, and the second quarter results may reflect operating profits; 4) The company’s main performance was significantly improved from the previous month, resulting in a decrease in subsidiaries and other reasonsYields continued to improve; but with the expansion of production and consolidation of non-wholly owned subsidiary projects of Kolwezi, Bisha copper-zinc mine and RTB, the volume of minority equity may further increase in the future.We believe that Q2 involves a short-term increase in some of the costs brought about by the merger of new mergers and acquisitions. RTB and Bisha copper and zinc mines are still at the initial stage of cost reduction in new mergers and acquisitions.It is expected that the gross profit of mineral gold will increase significantly in the third quarter, and future performance is expected to continue to improve. Earnings forecast and grade: The company will slightly reduce its net profit attributable to mothers from 2019 to 2021 by 47.4,56.1. 81.90,000 yuan, without considering the effect of the diluted share capital after the additional issue, corresponding to EPS 0.21, 0.24, 0.36 yuan, corresponding to PE 18 on August 29, 2019.0X, 15.2X, 10.4 times.With the release of multiple copper ore production capacity in the future, the price of gold has soared, and performance is expected to improve significantly. Risk reminder: economic recovery is slower than expected, trade war risks, own project is not progressing as expected, etc.

Wu Tailai (603659) commented in the third quarterly report: earnings rebound obviously performance is better than expected

Wu Tailai (603659) commented in the third quarterly report: earnings rebound obviously performance is better than expected

Investment points 1-3 Net profit 4.

5.8 billion, previously +6.

8%, better than market expectations: the company’s revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 was 35.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 52 in ten years.

80%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

58 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

83%; deduct non-net profit 4.

$ 2.5 billion.


The gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 2019 was 28.

41%, a decline of 4 per year.

The 77 averages have a net interest rate of 13.

09%, down 5 per year.

64 units.

  Graphitization, carbonization capacity release, long-term cost reduction, and profit recovery are obvious.

We expect Q3’s long-term excess material1.

30,000+ tons, an increase of 20% + from the previous month and an increase of 60% from a year, mainly benefited from the increased demand from overseas customers of the company and the volume of new domestic customers.

The company’s budget in the first three quarters3.

30,000+, a year-on-year increase of 55% +, we expect that Q4 domestic and foreign battery companies’ demand will increase sequentially, and the volume will gradually increase.

In the third quarter, the company graphitized and carbonized carbon was put into production, and the long-term cost was reduced. We expect to recover to more than 25%, and the profit per ton will increase by 10% + from the previous quarter. The profit per ton of Q3 will be zero.

90-10,000 / ton (excluding Xingfeng profit), contributing 1 to the company.

200 million + profit, 1-3Q monthly net profit of 300 million, expected growth contribution of nearly 4.

500 million to 500 million net profit.

In general, the company ‘s internal Mongolian Xingfeng released its graphitization capacity in the third quarter. We expect graphitization Q3 to contribute 13 million net profit (equity). The 4Q capacity climb is completed, and the profit will increase sequentially.

  Demand for consumer batteries in the budget business is better and overall stability remains.

In Q3, the customers with single-cell batteries have reduced production, but the company’s consumer customers have 淡水桑拿网 stronger demand, and the overall revenue and profits of the segmented business are relatively stable.

We expect the Q3 fracture business to contribute zero.

400 million net profit, 1-3Q contributed 1.



In September, the downstream power battery companies resumed production scheduling, and the Q4 impulse, it is expected that the company’s gradually expanding business profit is expected to reach 1.

6 billion.

  Q3 expense ratio remained stable, asset impairment losses decreased: total expenses during Q31.

81 ‰, an increase of 57 per year.

92%, an increase of 12 from the previous month.

03%, the cost rate during the period is 13.

63%, ten years +1.

12pct, -0 ring.40pct, basically stable.

Among them, the management cost Q3 is zero.

41 trillion, an annual increase of 53.

1%, the growth 杭州夜网 rate is slower than the growth rate of revenue, basically unchanged from the previous month, and the management expense ratio is 3.

10%, down from the chain.

49 points.

R & D expenses 0.

5.9 billion, an increase of 47 previously.

0%, an increase of 18 from the previous month.

2%, R & D expenses4.

45%, an increase of 0 from the previous month.

11 points.

Finance costs 0.

2.4 billion, previously +46.

0%, down 13 from the previous month.

9%, mainly due to the increase in external borrowings.

The asset impairment loss Q3 was back to 6.53 million, compared with 14.4 million in the same period last year, mainly due to the realized income of the inventory.

  Stable cash flow, and actively increase foreign investment and capacity building: the company’s inventory was 23 in the first three quarters of 2019.

6.8 billion, an increase of 24 over the beginning of the year.

18%; accounts receivable 12.

8.7 billion, an increase of 31 from the beginning of the year.


Prepayments 0.

490,000 yuan, a decrease of 67% from the beginning of the year, mainly due to the graphitization business’s own production and the company’s cancellation of some equipment purchase orders.

Q3 net cash flow from operating activities was -0.

1.3 billion, but 1-3Q is 1.

8.4 billion, up 2 every year.


Fixed assets 12.

69 ppm, an increase of 86% from the beginning of the year, mainly due to the continuous, termination, solidification of graphitization-related capacity, and the company’s construction in progress at the end of the period8.

6 billion.

Long-term equity investment

49 trillion, an increase of 14751% earlier, mainly due to the company’s acquisition of revitalizing carbon materials28.


  Earnings forecast and investment grade: It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the mother will be 19 to 21 years.



300 million, an annual increase of 23% / 30% / 29%, the EPS is 1.


19/2.82 yuan, corresponding to PE of 31x / 24x / 18x, 30 times PE in 2020, target price of 66 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk warning: Downstream demand is not up to expectations, production capacity is less than expected, and competition is intensifying.

Anhuaneng (601699): Proposed acquisition of group assets to improve performance

Anhuaneng (601699): Proposed acquisition of group assets to improve performance

Event: On July 29, 2019, the company issued an announcement stating that it intends to purchase the Shanxi Shaanxi held by the company’s controlling shareholder Shanxi Lu’an Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lu’an Group”) in cash.An Mining Group Cilinshan 杭州桑拿网 Coal Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Clinshan Coal Industry”) 100% equity.

Comment on the proposed acquisition of group assets, expansion of production capacity and increased production: Cilinshan Coal Industry includes three mines: Cilinshan Coal Mine Headquarters (60 tons / year), Cilinshan Xiadianjing (180 tons / year), and Licun, which was newly commissioned at the end of last yearMine (300 tons / year), with a total capacity of 540 tons / year, accounting for the equity capacity of listed companies.


Among them, Licun Mine obtained prospecting rights in February 2004 and completed geological exploration in July 2005. The mine’s first-stage production capacity is 300 tons / year, the recoverable reserves are 9,800 tons, and the service life is 33 years.

The mine mainly mines No. 3 coal seam. The 杭州桑拿网 coal types are low ash, extra low sulfur, high quality lean coal and anthracite.

After the completion of Licun Mine, Cilinshan Coal Industry is expected to contribute an increase of 540 grain production, accounting for 13 of the company’s total output in 2018.


As the net assets of Cilinshan Coal Industry are only 6.

6.9 billion, so we expect the equity purchase price to be relatively high, corresponding to PE is very cheap.

Contribution to the theoretical acquisition of Cilinshan Coal Industry10.

85% profit increase: According to the announcement, in the first half of 2019, Cilinshan Coal Industry achieved net profit1.

3.6 billion, net profit after deduction1.

US $ 4.4 billion, annualized profit estimates for the first half of the year, net profit reachability after partial deductions2.

880,000 yuan, the theoretically feasible company deducts non-net profit 10%.


It is expected that after the full production of Li Cun in the second half of the year, the profit will be better than the first half, and the actual profit contribution will be.

Cilinshan Coal Industry and the company are expected to achieve a win-win situation: According to the announcement, as of June 30, 2019, the assets and liabilities of Cilinshan Coal Industry replaced 93.

58%, high debt ratio, and Lu’an Huaneng has abundant cash on the books. As of the end of the first quarter of 2019, the company’s books had a total of 16.2 billion US dollars in currency. After the completion of the acquisition, it will help Cilinshan Coal reduce its debt and reduceLater, the profitability of Cilinshan Coal will be more prominent.

The company’s main business has strong profitability and significant cash flow improvement: the company’s clean coal ratio continues to increase, and it is expected that the company’s output will increase slightly in 2020.

The price of coking coal will continue to be strong. The company’s injection of coal has the advantages of low sulfur and low ash, which is in line with the trend of environmental protection. The price will be stronger in the future.

At the same time, the company’s blended coal sales are mainly based on the long-term association, and the price is very stable.

Since 2016, the company’s operating net cash flow has continued to improve, and the increase in cash flow has even been significantly better than the increase in profit. In 2018, the company’s operating net cash flow was 93.

4 trillion, the highest level since listing.

As of the end of the first quarter of 2019, the company’s books had a total of 16.2 billion US dollars of monetary funds and an interest resistance budget of 18.3 billion US dollars during the same period. It is expected that cash will cover interest resistance by the middle of the year.

The asset impairment caused by the merger and consolidation of minerals has been basically dealt with, and the company will enter the market lightly, and its performance is expected to be fully released.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that net profit will be realized in 2019-2021.

81 ppm / 33.

9.5 billion / 35.

630,000 yuan (not considering equity acquisition for the time being).

The company’s performance burden has been digested, and the company’s future performance elasticity release can be expected.

We believe that at the current estimated level, the company has some room for repair.

Maintain BUY-A investment rating with 6-month target price of 11.

71 yuan, corresponding to 11 times PE.

Risk reminders: 1) the macroeconomic downturn, 2) the risk of falling prices in downstream industries; 3) there is still uncertainty in this equity acquisition.

李洋洁案主犯获最重刑罚 李洋洁父母:感到欣慰

李洋洁案主犯获最重刑罚 李洋洁父母:感到欣慰
­  中新网8月5日电 据外媒报道,历时八个月的李洋洁案庭审4日落下帷幕。德绍地方法院一审判决男被告Sebastian F. 终身监禁、不得假释。李洋洁父母对这一判罚感到欣慰。­  此案中的女被告Xenia I. 也获刑5年零6个月。法院还判决两名被告向遇害者家属赔偿6万欧元的精神损失费。主审法官在宣判词中也陈述了理由。她指出,两名被告犯下的是“难以想像的罪行”,他们为了满足自己的性幻想,而留学生李洋洁却付出了生命的代价。­  当地时间6月5日下午,德国首都柏林约200名华人自发在柏林标志性建筑勃兰登堡门前举行集会,沉痛悼念不幸遇害的中国籍留学生李洋洁。一些德国友好人士也参加了此次悼念活动。 彭大伟 摄­  法庭认定,男被告Sebastian犯有强奸、谋杀两项罪名,且情节特别严重,因此他不能像一般的终身监禁囚犯一样在服刑15年后申请假释。对于女被告,法庭认可了心理鉴定师作出的“心智尚不成熟”之认定,因此按照教化为主、惩罚较轻的青年刑法来量刑;而且,法庭只认定女被告Xenia I. 犯有“性虐待罪”,因此仅获刑五年半。­  本案的两名被告,原先是一对情侣。2016年5月11日晚,女被告在街上谎称需要人帮忙搬箱子,将慢跑归来的李洋洁诱骗入住宅中,随后与男被告一同虐待、抢劫这名中国女学生。男被告此前曾多次要求女被告物色人选进行三人性行为,后者担心被分手,曾经就此问询过多名亲友,在被拒绝后遂直接在街上诱骗路人。李洋洁被虐待数小时后,身受重伤;而男被告Sebastian F. 最终则将她搬运到公寓楼的后院的一棵松柏树下遗弃。法医认为,李洋洁有可能在搬运之前死亡,也有可能是在搬运过程中死亡。法医鉴定显示,李洋洁全身多处骨折,进行了“数个小时的痛苦垂死挣扎”。­  此前,在对男被告的量刑建议上,检察官以及陪诉方律师都要求判处终身监禁、不得假释,辩方律师则建议判处其10年或12年监禁。而对于女被告,检察官要求判处8年监禁,陪诉方律师建议深圳SPA会所判处10~15年监禁,辩护律师认为应当判处3年徒刑。­  李洋洁父母:感到欣慰­  中新社记者 彭大伟 摄” />当地时间6月5日下午,德国首都柏林约200名华人自发在柏林标志性建筑勃兰登堡门前举行集会,沉痛悼念不幸遇害的中国籍留学生李洋洁。李洋洁生前就读于德国安哈尔特应用技术大学Dessau校区。中新社记者 彭大伟 摄­  在周五宣判后,李洋洁父母的律师派茨纳(Sven Peitzner)对德国之声说,他完全认同法庭对男被告Sebastian F. 的判决:“终身监禁、不得假释,这是德国刑法里的最重刑罚。但是,对于女被告Xenia I. 刑期,我有不同意见。我们认为,她不仅仅是强奸从犯,也参与了事后的掩盖罪行的行为。”­  派茨纳在4日下午还将一审判决结果告知了身在中国的李洋洁父母。他对德国之声透露,父母对法庭判处男被告终身监禁的决定表示赞赏,“他们感到欣慰,因为这个判罚可以令凶手不再能伤害其他人。”而对于女被告仅因“性虐待罪”获刑5年半,李洋洁的父母已经决定要提起上诉,“而我和谢夫纳(Tilmann Scheffner)也将继续担任李洋洁父母的代理律师。”­  男被告的辩护律师贝内维茨(Marco Bennewitz)则对德国之声表示,按照法律规定,控辩双方都可以在一周内提起上诉:“目前,我们还没有作出决定,将首先审视所有可行的法律手段。我估计,我们很有可能也会提起上诉。”­  主犯毫无悔意­  值得注意的是,男被告在全部庭审中都保持了沉默,只是在今年1月时,他当庭对一名警方证人咆哮“老兄你给我闭嘴!”而在本周二最后一场庭审结束前,他简短地开口表示:“我完全同意我的律师对我的辩护。”­  据旁听了每场庭审的《中德意志报》记者透露,男被告在庭审全程中,都未曾流露出任何悔罪、遗憾的神情。而在周五宣判时,他也面无表情。­  辩护律师贝内维茨则对德国之声说:“我能够确证他的面无表情。但是至于他在和我们辩护律师团队交谈时是否流露出悔罪之意——对不起,按照法律规定,我不能将当事人的私下谈话公开。” 责任编辑:曾少林

Hongqi Chain (002697) Company comment: 8 million acquisition of 20% stake in Cadbury Food is optimistic about the fast food industry & strengthening the fast food supply chain

Hongqi Chain (002697) Company comment: 8 million acquisition of 20% stake in Cadbury Food is optimistic about the fast food industry & strengthening the fast food supply chain
On January 9, 2020, the company changed and adopted the “Regulations on Outbound Investment” and agreed to the company’s transfer of part of the equity of Cadbury Food held by Huang Wanjiong, Zhang Yan and Zhang Ye.The company invested RMB 8 million with its own funds, which accounted for 20% of the total equity of Cadbury Food after the completion of the transfer, of which RMB 6 million was invested as a shareholding, and RMB 2 million was included in the Cadbury Food Capital Provident Fund. It plans to acquire 8% of Cadbury Foods for 8 million shares, optimistic about the fast food industry and strengthening the fast food supply chain.The company plans to hold 20% of the total equity of Cadbury Food through its own capital of 8 million yuan, of which 6 million yuan will be invested as a shareholding, and 2 million yuan will be included in the Cadbury Food Capital Provident Fund.The shareholding structures of the former Cadbury Foods were Huang Wanjiong, Zhang 南京夜网论坛 Yan, and Zhang Ye, each holding 48.5%, 46.5% and 5%, the shareholding structure of Kebaixing Food after the transfer is Huang Wanjiong, Zhang Yan, Hongqi Chain, and Zhang Ye each hold 38.8%, 37.2%, 20% and 4%.This investment is based on the company’s optimistic outlook on the development prospects and market space of the fast food industry. At the same time, in conjunction with the company’s operating needs, the company’s fast food supply chain is strengthened for further effective management and business integration needs. Endogenous extensions increased the company’s market share, and Xinwang Bank contributed to investment gains and increased performance.The company’s scale has accelerated the opening of new stores on its own, and the company has reached 3027 stores in the first three quarters.During this period, the company’s mergers and acquisitions continued to increase market share. ①In March 2015, the company acquired 125 Hongyan supermarkets in Chengdu; ②In June 2015, the company acquired 388 stores in the reciprocal supermarket; ③In October 2015, the company acquiredIt has 32 stores in Leshan Sihai Supermarket; ④ In April 2019, the company acquired the assets of Chengdu 9010 convenience store.At the same time, the company united New Hope Group, Sichuan Xinwang Bank established by Yinmi Technology, New Hope Group, Yinmi Technology, and Hongqi Chain, respectively, holding 30% and 29% respectively.5% and 15%.Xinnet Bank has contributed investment income since 2018, and Xinnet Bank’s net profit in 2018 was 3.680,000 yuan, contributed 0 investment income.5.5 billion, 2019 profitability will be further enhanced, the first three quarters of Xinwang Bank generated investment income.260,000 yuan, an increase of 252 in ten years.2%. Yonghui holds 21% of the shares and becomes the second largest shareholder. Yonghui accelerates the fresh produce supply chain and stores transformation and empowerment.The actual controller of the company, Cao Shiru, holds the company24.08% shares, Cao Zengjun holds 3.55%, dating Yonghui Supermarket at the same time, China Mincai Zhizhi, combining advantages of multiple resources.Yonghui Supermarket holds 21 shares.00%, becoming the second largest shareholder.Yonghui has been cultivating the supermarket industry for many years, and has accelerated its development to the whole country with fresh produce as its core competitiveness. With Yonghui becoming the company’s second largest shareholder, Yonghui supported the company in the supply chain.By the end of 2018, the company and the Yonghui team had created more than 100 fresh convenience stores, and the follow-up transformation and upgrade plan was progressing in an orderly manner. It is expected that 300 new stores will be added in 2019. Investment suggestion: Convenience store leader in Sichuan province, accelerate opening of new stores & outreach M & A to increase market share, Yonghui empowers fresh supply chain, and Xinwang Bank thickens performance.Xinwang Bank’s investment income exceeded expectations, so it forecasts the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 4.60/5.59/6.31 trillion is raised to 5.20/6.09/7.2 billion, the current market value corresponds to 20/17 / 15xPE, maintaining the buying level. Risk warning: industry competition intensifies; new store expansion is not progressing as expected

Jingui Bank (002716): The internal and external environment improves, and the company goes to a new level

Jingui Bank (002716): The internal and external environment improves, and the company goes to a new level
The internal and external environment continued to improve, raising the target price to 12 yuan.Following 1 in 2019.Since the release of the “Buy” rating report on “Gold and Silver: Expected Entry of State-owned Assets to Create a Silver Empire” on the 2nd, the company has continued to rise and has now exceeded the target price given at that time.6 yuan.At this point in time, we believe that the company’s investment logic is continuously 都市夜网strengthening in a positive direction: First, the price of silver has entered a growth channel, and the trend has become more robust. The unexpectedly weak US non-farm data for 2 months has pushed the price of silver to start a new roundSecondly, the introduction of bail-out funds, the company’s pledge risk has been continuously eliminated; third, since the beginning, with the loose liquidity environment, the stock market risk has been continuously raised.Looking ahead, the external and internal environment facing the company will continue to improve. Based on this, we raise the company’s target price and maintain a “buy” rating for the next six months to 12 yuan; the company’s funding issues have been continuously resolved.Since Q4 of 2018, the company has received financial support from Great Wall Assets, Hunan Caixin Financial Holdings, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Whether it is the pledge risk of the company’s shareholders or the liquidity risk facing the company’s operations, it has been greatly alleviated.We believe that the company, as a global leader in the silver recycling industry, has been recognized both inside and outside the industry in terms of industrial scale, technology, layout, and industrial chain extension. Therefore, although the company is facing risks for a while, the high-quality assets themselves make bloodThe function is recognized and chased by the funds of all parties in the market; silver prices are expected to start a new round of rise.Non-agricultural employment in the United States increased by 20,000 in February, far lower than market expectations of 180,000, the worst since September 2017. Construction and retail employment decreased, which may trigger a significant reduction in economic activity. CME Federal ReserveThe latest data from the observation tool shows that the probability of a rate hike in the United States in 2019 is 0, while the probability of a rate cut rises to 19.8%, a week ago was 14%, the silver price is expected to start a new round of growth; staged Davis double-click, the company’s performance is expected to exceed expectations.We believe that since the company’s silver output and silver price will continue to increase in 2019, it is expected to stage a Davis double-click.In 2019, the company’s silver production capacity was 2,000 tons, reaching an estimated 90%; in 2018, the average domestic silver price was only 3590 yuan / kg, the third lowest value in ten years, only higher than in 2009 and 2015. Currently benefiting from the Federal Reserve CanadaInterest rates stagnate, the price of silver will continue to rise.The company’s inventory in 2018Q3 is 35 billion yuan, assuming 70% is silver-related raw materials. If the price of silver rises to 4,000 yuan /深圳桑拿网 kg, net profit will increase and increase2.400 million. If the price of silver rises to 5,000 yuan / kg, the net profit will increase by 700 million, which can be said to be very flexible. Risk Warning: Funding Issues Can’t Be Solved Effectively; Silver Price Drops Beyond Expectations

How to identify adaptable employees

How to identify adaptable employees

How to identify adaptive employees in human resource management practices?

Managers can consider the following four aspects: First, the problem-solving adaptive behavior to identify the employee’s adaptive ability, the first is to identify his problem-solving behavior, especially in uncertain situations or in conflict situations and behavior patterns and behavior patterns.

Adaptive employees can quickly analyze problems and come up with various solutions in emergency work situations. In the face of urgent work tasks, they can find ways to achieve work goals without compromise. Adaptive employees are good at controlling themselves.To deal with negative emotions objectively and resolve negative emotions.
Work in an orderly manner; be able to adjust your behavior in a timely manner and adopt flexible and changeable response measures.

  Problem-solving behaviors of adaptive employees are often innovative.

Facing complex and difficult work environment, I can come up with new ideas, new methods, adopt new replacements, open up a new situation. In daily work, I often propose to supervisors and relevant departments of the company a good way to simplify the work process.When he finds that the required resources are insufficient during the work task, he can find ways to obtain new resources. He can find a good way to save time and improve the quality of work from the habitual workflow.

  Resilient employees often excel in uncertain work situations.

In the contradiction where the overall situation is unknown and the information is incomplete, we can seize the key to the problem and take effective action. When the situation changes, we can quickly adjust the work plan and work thinking, and actively respond.

Even with all kinds of clues, you can also sort out-clear, grasp the key to the problem in uncertainty, and continuously improve work performance.

  Second, individual learning adapts to behavior. Adaptation requires learning, and learning is adaptation.

Identify another important aspect of employee resilience.
It’s just his personal adaptive learning behavior.

  Adaptive employees have strong knowledge to seek enthusiasm and motivation to learn, do not stick to existing knowledge and experience, have the courage to break through their own mental models, and are extremely sensitive and eager to new ideas, new technologies, and new methods. In their daily workHe seeks every possible learning opportunity, absorbs work-related knowledge and skills, and can be appropriately applied to actual work to continuously improve work efficiency.

  Adaptive employees have a strong ability to learn quickly.

When he was assigned to a new department, a new position, faced with a new task, a new environment, he can quickly absorb multi-party information, and calmly manage the situation.

In terms of specific work, he can quickly acquire new knowledge and skills and enter roles early.

  Resilient employees have strong forward-looking learning abilities.

He is aware of the requirements of environmental pressure on the continuous transformation of the organization, and can anticipate the challenges brought about by organizational changes.

Therefore, based on the gradual and timely storage of relevant knowledge and skills, he will be able to move smoothly.

Adaptable employees are able to adapt to the transformation and are the promoters of the transformation. They dare to try new work ideas and methods to improve organizational performance.

  Third, interpersonal cultural adaptation behavior interpersonal adaptation is an important aspect of work adaptation. How to work with people to obtain colleagues, customer recognition is an important indicator of interpersonal adaptation ability, especially when new to a department, how toIt is important to build trust relationships and gain the psychological identity of colleagues and subordinates.

The adaptable employee’s interpersonal adaptation behavior shows the following characteristics: (1) In his work, he is good at listening to the opinions of multiple parties and adjusting his work ideas and methods in a timely manner; (2) he is very concerned about the work of all parties to himselfBehavioral feedback, accept negative feedback from internal and external customers with an open mind, and use it as an opportunity to improve working standards; (3) he can work with people of various backgrounds and personalities to adjust himself flexiblyMentality and behavior, adapt to their superiors, work style of colleagues and customer service requirements.

  The adaptable employee has a strong cultural adaptability. When he is new to a department, he can quickly understand the department’s work pattern, work goals and collaboration methods, take the initiative to adjust his work behavior, and actively adapt.

When new to a company, he will carefully observe the company culture, strategic goals and values, challenge Baiji ‘s way of thinking and behavior, and integrate into people ‘s organizations. When he is new to a foreign country, he can recognize local customs and hold different ideas.People live in harmony and work together.

  Fourth, stress management adaptation behavior As the organization’s growth has intensified, customer requirements have increased.

The pace of work is accelerating, and the pressure on employees is increasing. Excessive work pressure will cause huge losses to both employees and the company.

According to a survey by some researchers in the United States, the economic losses caused by psychological stress to American companies are as high as US $ 305 billion each year. More than five times the after-tax profit of 500 large companies, adaptive employees are good at managing stress, so as to avoid excessive stress.Greatly cause harm to enterprises and individuals.

  When an adaptive employee makes a breakthrough at work, he actively seeks information that can help solve the problem; in the face of pressure from multiple parties, he can think calmly.
Analyze the ins and outs of the problem, be confident, and take it easy.

  Resilient employees can calmly face failure.

When there is an accident at work and the gap between reality and expectations penetrates, he can treat it as usual, sit back and reflect, and actively find remedial measures.

When work is frustrated, he can make constructive suggestions, find ways to solve problems, and do not please others.

  The adaptable man is bold in craftsmanship and reduced in work pressure. He shows that the closer to the perfect professional standard is, the harder the task and the environment, the fewer signs of maladaptation in his body.

Facing fast-paced, high-stress work tasks, he is energetic and lifting heavy weights.

  In general, adaptive employees show uniqueness in problem-solving adaptive behavior, individual learning adaptive behavior, interpersonal cultural adaptive behavior, and stress management adaptive behavior. Therefore, managers can identify from these four aspects.

Adaptive employees are the key talents that modern enterprises are scrambling to acquire, because they are adaptable to work, adapt to the enterprise, and adapt to change. They are the backbone of the modern enterprise to gain a competitive advantage in the global business environment.

What are the characteristics of body yoga

What are the characteristics of body yoga

1 can eliminate fatigue and calm mood.

Make people maintain a state of comfort and tranquility and fully enjoy life.

  2 can maintain a balanced attitude.

Yogis believe that many diseases of the human body, such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis, are caused by improper posture and imbalance.

Through practice, each small joint, spine, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels can be in a good condition.

  3 can purify blood, regulate weight, effectively eliminate adults to maintain a balanced diet.

  4 Stimulate the endocrine system and maintain endocrine balance.

  The purpose of yoga to achieve weight loss is mainly achieved by the following methods: 1 Some actions can stimulate the loose glands to increase the release of hormones.

Because the thyroid is directly related to thyroid-related metabolism, it can affect weight.

The rate of amateur metabolism is also accelerated by practicing yoga, so the aunt will convert into muscle and energy.

  2 Yoga’s deep breathing exercise can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by cells in the body, including micro cells, which increases oxidation and burns more micro cells.

Two yoga moves to help you get rid of body toxins

Two yoga moves to help you get rid of body toxins

The temperature has risen. As a result of being in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, the skin becomes more and more dry, often dizzy, and the stomach is not smooth.

May wish to try three simple actions, they can not only help you detoxify your face, but also let you grow your energy.

  Spinal twisting method: 1. Sit, bend your right knee, place your right foot on the outside of your left leg, bend your left leg, and put your left heel against your foot.

  2. The right palm rests directly behind the front, the left elbow rests on the outside of the right knee, the palm is facing forward, and the fingertips are up.

  3. Inhale and bend the spine; exhale and twist the entire spine from the tail to the right and back.

Keep breathing evenly.

  4. Inhale while returning, turn back to the spine, return to the upper body; exhale, relax your arms, and straighten your legs.

The opposite is the same.

  Efficacy: It can completely remove garbage and impurities from the body and calm the entire physiology.

  Arm extension (half-month) style: 1, slender, legs and feet together.

  2. Inhale, carbon dioxide drives the whole body to stretch upwards; exhale, bend backwards from the waist down.

  3. Keep breathing evenly.

Inhale and return to your body while restoring; exhale, drop your arms and relax completely.

  Efficacy: Flexible, soft spine, slender body, including all organs.

Squeeze and massage the kidneys for powerful detoxification.

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Twenty-nine methods of commonly used health massage

Twenty-nine methods of commonly used health massage

Massage has been circulating in chronic for 2000 years. It has the functions of regulating nerve function, promoting blood circulation, improving the body’s resistance to disease, relieving muscles and rejuvenating, reducing inflammation, dissipating stasis and relieving pain.

The commonly used health massage methods are as follows: 1. Align the palms of the shower head with the palms of your forehead, rub them slightly to the forehead, turn them over the ears behind your head, and gently rub them over the top of your head.

  Wipe a total of 10 times, then gently rub the roots of the head ten times with your fingertips.

It can reconcile Baimai, make qi and blood not fade, ruddy complexion, and reduce wrinkles.

  2. Buckle the bamboo with the thumb flexed protrusions to tap left and right sides of the bamboo bamboo points (located in the eyebrow depression), each hole 15?
20 times, exerting force to the degree of slight discomfort.

It has the effects of eliminating forehead pain, eye swelling and restoring visual fatigue.

  3. Sit with eyes twisted, rotate your eyes 5 times to the left, and then look forward for a while, then turn to the right 5 times, and look forward for a moment.

Great for protecting eyesight.

  4. Click on the eyes with two index fingers and click on the eyes on both sides (0 above the inner corner of the eye).

1 inch) 15?
30 seconds, with mild discomfort as the degree, it can relieve eye pain and eyesight.

  5. Rub the eyelids and press the thumbs on both sides to open the eyelids on both sides, then rotate and knead, knead 20 times clockwise and counterclockwise.

It can eliminate eye pain and eyesight.

  6. With both hands of the dry-cleaning face close to each other, wash your face from the forehead 20?
30 times.

It has a refreshing and antihypertensive effect.

  7. The tip of the two fingers of the fake comb touches the scalp. From the forehead to the pillow, comb the head from the top of the head to the vertical side, taking the head as a degree of heat.

It has eye-catching, analgesic and hypotensive effects.

  8. The palms of Mingtian Drum are pressed firmly against the two earholes, and the three fingers of both hands are tapped on the back pillow 10 times, then the palms are pressed against the earholes, and the fingers are gently pressed against the back pillow, and then suddenly lifted away.Time, insert the last two index fingers into the ear hole and rotate 3 times, then release suddenly.

This is counted once, and a total of 3?
5 times.

It has the effects of refreshing the brain, enhancing memory, strengthening hearing and preventing ear diseases.

  9, according to the sun, press the index finger ends of both hands on the temples on both sides to rotate, knead clockwise and counterclockwise each 10?
15 times.

Have analgesic effect.

  10, the teeth are lightly closed, and the upper and lower teeth are lightly pressed 20?
30 times.

It can prevent loosening and displacement of teeth and promote digestive function.

  11, rubbing the back of the nose with the back of the thumb to rub both sides of the nose to the local fever.

Helps in ventilation and prevents colds.

  12, rub the breast with the palms of the two breasts on top of the outside, rotate and knead, knead 10 times clockwise.

It has the effect of accelerating blood flow and reducing chest muscle fatigue.

  13. Grasp the shoulder muscles with the right thumb, index finger, middle finger to pick up the left shoulder muscle, and the left hand to pick up the right shoulder muscle, crosswise, 10 times each, with loose shoulders to relieve fatigue.

  14. Press the middle of the nipple with the thumb and belly slightly to press the midpoint of the two nipples, that is, suddenly release after about 30 minutes, and repeat this 5 times.

It has clear chest, smooth air, analgesic and antiasthmatic effects.

  15, Su Huagai sits side by side, quiet, takes a deep breath, and then exhales slowly, repeating 10 times.

It has the effects of vomiting and replenishing, strengthening the lungs and smoothing the air, and improving respiratory function.
  16, with two hands and five fingers in the open chest gallery, placed on the chest wall on both sides of the chest, the fingers slide along the intercostal space from the inside forward, repeat 10?
15 times.

It has the effect of opening the chest and smoothing the air, stopping marks and asthma.

  17, Shu large intestine with one hand on his hips, the other hand with five fingers open, with the finger ends down, from the heart socket, down the sides of the umbilicus, and then right to the right under the ribs and then left.

That is, rubbing 10 times along the direction of the large intestine.

It can dredge the large intestine, improve digestion and prevent constipation.

  18. The yin and yang are centered on the navel, with both hands facing each other with tiger’s mouth, flatly inserted into the left and right sides of the umbilical eye, and both hands extended inwardly for 10 times.
It has the functions of smoothing qi, reducing bloating and improving digestive function.

  19. Knead the ring jump sitting or standing position, rub the ring jump point on the left thumb (the outer 1/3 of the femoral trochanter and the sacral canal hole), and then use the right thumb to knead the ring jump point and cross., 10 times each.

It has the effects of activating the collaterals, strengthening the muscles and strengthening the feet.

  20, rubbing the waist and eyes with both hands tightly press the waist and eyes, kneading down to the tail of the chin, with the left and right hands up and down at the same time, a total of 30 times.

Has strong waist and strong kidney, suffering from the role of low back pain.

  21, shake your hands and arms naturally sag, shake forward and backward 30?
50 times.

It can relax the shoulders, arms, wrists, knuckles, open blood and enhance the function of the arm.

  22, holding both sides of the left and right hands with empty fists, on the contralateral upper limbs from the shoulder to the wrist, a total of 20?
30 times.

It has the functions of clearing and activating the channels, flexible joints, preventing arthritis and arm pain.

  23. The palms of the top ten fingers are opposite to each other, and the left and right fingers are forced against each other for a total of 10 times.

There are active knuckles to promote the function of the hand.

  24, pinch the tiger’s mouth with the right thumb, forefinger pinch the left tiger’s mouth, and then use the left thumb and index finger to pinch the right tiger’s mouth, 10 times each.

It can improve hand function and treat head and face disorders.

  25. Vortex the palms of both hands firmly against the knees, and then extend the rotation 10 times, and then rotate inward 10 times.

It can expel wind-flexible muscles and bones, enhance knee function and prevent arthritis.

  26. Rub the thighs and hold your hands tightly at the base of the thigh. Press firmly to align, and then rub it back to the base of the thigh for 20 times.

It has the functions of flexible forward joints, strengthening leg muscles and preventing leg diseases.

  27. Rubbing the calf intestines and tightening the calf with both palms tightly, rotating and rubbing the calf, 30 times on each side, it can clear the blood and strengthen the muscles.

  28. The Achilles tendon of the palate is the knee, and the Achilles tendon of the forefinger is 20 times on each side.

It can improve the function of the foot, eliminate the fatigue of the lower limbs, and enhance the strength of the foot.

  29. After rubbing the soles of the feet, knead the soles of the feet, kneading the sides of the feet 80 times.

It has the functions of guiding virtual fire and relieving liver.