Biyin Lefen (002832): Q3’s performance exceeded expectations, and the high-quality track leader in the high-speed track again welcomed a strong year

Biyin Lefen (002832): Q3’s performance exceeded expectations, and the high-quality track leader in the high-speed track again welcomed a strong year

The event company announced the first three quarters of 2019 performance forecast. It is expected that the net profit attributable to the parent company will increase by 55% -65% to 1 in Q3.


380,000 yuan, the first three quarters net profit attributable to mother increased by 47.

28% -51.

33% to 3.


1.2 billion.

Brief comment on Q3 profit before tax increased by 38% +, the performance growth rate is better than the first two quarters of the company Q1, Q2 net profit 杭州桑拿 attributable to the mother increased by 52.

91%, 17.

32%, Q3 again exceeded expectations, single-quarter performance growth faster than the previous two quarters, a significant increase from Q2 (Q2 increased equity incentive costs of 13.33 million yuan).

Since this year, the preferential tax rate for emerging enterprises has improved the flexibility of their performance. According to the preferential tax rate of 15%, the total profit in Q3 was 1.

5.2 billion-1.

62 trillion, with an increase of 38.

6% -47.

5%, and H1 profit maximization growth rate is 19.

7%, Q3 profit continued to improve after excluding tax factors.

The performance of the company is significantly better than the overall clothing. The extension of the endogenous endogenous force has expanded rapidly since the opening of the store since last year + the same store remains strong is the main driving force to maintain rapid growth this year. In the first half of the year, the company opened 34 to 798 stores (directly operated 385 stores)., Joined 413), the number of stores increased by 16.

5%, the pace of store opening is maintained. It can be seen that with the continuous improvement of brand power and product quality, the market has gradually opened. It is expected that the number of net openings in the second half of the year will be more than that in the first half.Family.

While accelerating the expansion of the extension, the company has begun to refine its offline stores in the past two years. It has opened centralized boutiques and large-scale experience stores. With the optimization of new store locations and areas, the stores are gradually becoming more intelligent, information-based, and fully connected to high-end channels., Bringing the same store continued strong, double-digit growth in the same store in multiple quarters.

The company disclosed that the growth in Q3 performance was mainly due to the continued growth in sales performance. Considering that the profit exceeded expectations, we expect that Q3 revenue will still grow by about 25%, and the same store will maintain double digits.

Direct sales promotion + strengthening of stocking support sales, smooth inventory digestion channels at the end of H1.

9.8 billion, an increase of 34.

3%, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of direct sales + increased stocking under the expansion of sales (direct stocking and gradual increase in franchisees) + new brand Venice stocking increased.

At the end of 2018, the company’s inventory accounted for 76 within one year.

61%, 18 in 1-2 years.

88%, the overall age of the warehouse, the company’s sales are good, and the aging period of goods is shortened. The outlets such as the Olle store digest the out-of-season channels smoothly, and the pressure for impairment is controllable.

In the first half of the year, the net cash inflow from operating activities increased by 121.

2% to 0.

9.1 billion yuan.

Investment suggestion: Sports and fashion are highly prosperous, the company has a variety of sports, fashion, business and other scenarios, customers are mainly middle-aged families with greater spending power, maintaining excellent product quality and strong brand stickiness.

In the past two years, stable store openings and same-store sales have led to a healthy growth in sales. The proportion of directly-operated stores has increased the gross profit margin, and the performance has continued to be flexible.

In the future, the company will sink further to the fast-growing third- and fourth-tier cities, with more and more diversified brands to create space.

The landing of Vice-branded Venice has accelerated this year, and it is expected that this year’s extension of stores will maintain 10% +.

We expect net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-20204.

1.3 billion, 5.

2.6 billion, with EPS of 1.

34 yuan / share, 1.
70 yuan / share, corresponding to the current PE of 20 times, 16 times, the company was selected into the FTSE Russell Index, S & P Dow Jones Emerging Markets Index, market attention increased, subdivided high-quality track leading high-end, maintain “buy”Rating.
Risk factors: High-end market demand is affected by the slowdown of the macro economy; new brands still need to be cultivated, and early-stage expenditures have an impact on performance.

Jiayou International (603871): Off-season departure

Jiayou International (603871): Off-season departure

Company announcement 2019Q1 report.

Jiayou International achieved revenue 9 in Q1 2019.

5.3 billion (+26.

3% YOY), net profit attributable to mother is 7005.

40,000 (+23.

1% YOY), single season EPS 0.

63 yuan.

Net profit for the first quarter + 23%, in line with market expectations.

The company realized operating income9.

5.3 billion (+26.

3%), gross profit 9790.

0 million yuan (+18.

9%), gross margin of 10.

3% (0% per year).

6pct, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

3pct), selling expenses 97.

980,000 yuan (-3.

0%), administrative expenses 991.

80,000 yuan (+0.

5%), financial expenses 183.

90,000 yuan (-41.

4%), three fees totaled 1273.

60,000 yuan (-9.

1%); operating profit 8,467.

0 million yuan (+22.

4%), net profit attributable to the mother is 7,005.

40,000 (+23.


Q1 is the traditional off-season, and a low point layout is recommended.

Compared with the quarterly revenue in 2018, 2018Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 achieved operating income7 respectively.




4.1 billion, accounting for 18.

4% / 27.

8% / 28.

5% / 25.

4%.The company’s business is a cross-border multimodal transportation business. Its main Mongolian project has a severe increase in winter project operations / overlapping Chinese New Year vacations and other factors leading to a decrease in the corresponding business volume. At the same time, the upgrading of the Q1 customs system in 1919 caused the phased deterioration of imported coking coal.The company’s performance showed a significant decline. Q1 / Q4 is the off-season; Q2 / Q3 is the peak business season. It is recommended to arrange a low point and follow-up projects are expected.

Newly signed orders for imported iron ore in Mongolia, which will continue to contribute performance in the next 2 years.

On April 17, Jiayou International announced three contracts in succession for a total of two.

1.4 billion, valid for 19-20 years.

1) With Gaoyi, Shanxi: Provide Mongolian import of iron ore and iron fine powder railway container transportation services from Erlianhaote Port to Houma North Station; 2) With Inner Mongolia Yitai: Self-operated coal supply from Hohhot South Station to EastRailway container transportation business at Dagu Station; 3) With Inner Mongolia Zhongchi: Mongolia imports coal to provide railway container transportation services from Jinquan Industrial Park to Guanzhuang Station.

Investment suggestion: The invisible champion of cross-border multimodal transport: 1) Control key and critical resources at the port, and carry out cross-border logistics business with light assets (without bearing the risk of value changes); 2) Mongolia’s stock market has strong pricing power and is sustainableAnd growth potential (mines have a life span of more than 40 years, and they are all in the production expansion cycle); 3) With the Chinese enterprises’ One Belt One 青岛夜网 Road strategy to cut into the one billion African market, future growth is guaranteed; 4) The Kazakh project will continue to contribute profits in the next 3 years5) The new millennium single guarantee performance release.

The company’s EPS for the year 19/20/21 is 3.



78 yuan, corresponding to the current expectations of 15.



8XPE, a compound growth rate of 25% -30% in the next three years, with a 6-month target price of 63.

0 yuan (20 in 19).


Risk reminder: macroeconomic fluctuations, risks of expanding the target carrier

Yutong Bus (600066) 2019 Interim Report Review: Price and Volume Bistability Performance Meets Expectations

Yutong Bus (600066) 2019 Interim Report Review: Price and Volume Bistability Performance Meets Expectations

Interim profit +10.

8%, the performance is in line with expectations Yutong Bus 2019H1 achieved revenue of 125.

0.5 billion, +4.

06% (Q1 + 3.

85%), net profit attributable to mother 6.

8.3 billion, +10.

78% (+5 in the first quarter.

4%), net of non-attributed net profit 5.

220,000 yuan, +0.

66% (Q1-9.

4%), sales 2.

540,000 vehicles (+2.


Single Q2 achieved revenue of 76.

670,000 yuan, +4.

20%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

7.2 billion, +15.

71%, net of non-attributed net profit2.

750,000 yuan, +11.


On the whole, Q2’s revenue and profit growth accelerated, and gross profit margin decreased and improved. The first half performance was in line with expectations.

Gross profit margin improved, high R & D investment continued in 2019H1 Yutong gross profit margin22.

94%, an increase of 1 each year.

52pct, net interest rate 5.

46%, an increase of 0 every year.

33 points.

The improvement of gross profit margin is primarily due to the company’s product upgrades (the growth of tourist buses and the increase in the proportion of high-profile products).

H1 Yutong buses accounted for 18% of the four fares in 2019.

04%, an increase of 2 per year.

13pct, of which selling expenses cost 8.

23%, a decline of 0 per year.

18 points, administrative expenses 2.

64%, which is basically the same for one year.

84%, an increase of 1 each year.

06pct (mainly due to the decrease in exchange income); R & D expense rate 6.

33%, an increase of 1 each year.

17pct, R & D promotes continuous growth.

Yutong’s price and volume are stable, and the average bicycle price and profit in the first half of the year have improved significantly in the 2019H1 domestic market.90%; large and medium-sized passenger cars in the export market increased by more than 6.

57%; 29,575 new energy buses over 6 meters, extended by 3 every year.


Under the pressure of the industry, Yutong achieved sales growth against the trend, and overall sales increased by +2.

6%, the new energy flat for ten years.

At the same time as sales improved, under strict price management and product upgrades, the average price and profit of 杭州夜网论坛 Yutong’s bicycles both improved, and the average price of bicycles in H1 2019 was 49.

180,000 yuan, increasing by 0 every year.

70,000 yuan; 2019H1 bicycle profit 2.

690,000 yuan, an increase of 1900 yuan a year, divided into quarters, 2019Q1 average price of 45 bikes.

740,000 yuan, a year reduction of 1.

06 million; 2019Q1 bicycle profit 2.

0.94 million yuan, a decrease of 2,000 yuan a year; the average bicycle price in the second quarter of 2019 was 51.

630,000 yuan, an increase of 20,000 yuan a year, bicycle profit in 2019Q22.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 3300 yuan each year.

Risk warning: The sales of new energy buses exceeded expectations in the second half of the year, and the decline in upstream costs was lower than expected.

Investment suggestion: Wait for dawn and maintain BUY rating.

  At 深圳桑拿网 present, Yutong has confirmed the “three horizontal and five vertical” R & D layout, and developed three plug-in, pure electric, and fuel cell power systems. In the future, it is optimistic about mid- to high-end product upgrades, overseas exports, RVs and fuel cell buses.

Taking into account that the results of the interim report are in line with expectations, we maintain our profit forecast. We expect the EPS in 19/20/21 to be 1 respectively.



44 yuan, corresponding to 12 for PE.



2x, maintaining the one-year target estimate range of 18.


77 yuan, currently expected 13.

3 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

Haohua Technology (600378): Interim report performance in line with expectations

Haohua Technology (600378): Interim report performance in line with expectations

Event: The company released its 2019 interim results, and the report is expected to achieve total operating revenue22.

79 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

73%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 2.

5.7 billion, a five-year growth of 5.


Key investment points The company is a rare technological leader in the chemical industry. The interim report results are in line with expectations: Tianke Co., the company ‘s predecessor, focused on pressure swing adsorption gas separation technology and complete sets of equipment, catalyst products, carbon-chemical and engineering design.In December 2018, the company acquired 11 research institutes affiliated to the parent company China Haohua, reorganized the target to replace high-quality chemical technology companies, and transformed scientific research power. After the reorganization, the company added fluororesin, fluororubber, nitrogen trifluoride, and rubber sealing products.Aviation tires, special coatings and other products have officially become the capital operation platform of the technology sector of China National Chemical Corporation.

According to the number of reports, the company has achieved a steady increase in operating income and net profit attributable to mothers, and multi-business growth has increased to varying degrees.

The competitiveness of mid-to-high-end PTFE products is prominent.

Although the price of products declined due to the escalation of Sino-U.S. Trade frictions and internal competition in the first half of the year, mid-to-high-end polytetrafluoroethylene products are relatively firm in the process of assisting import substitution. The company’s Chenguangyuan is the second largest fluorine company in China.Resin companies have their competitive advantages highlighted.

The shift in semiconductor + flat panel display capacity has driven demand for nitrogen trifluoride products.

As the production capacity of the semiconductor and flat panel display industries gradually shifts inward, the high-generation line production capacity continues to increase, and the demand for special gases such as nitrogen trifluoride has increased significantly.

The report summarizes that the 2,000-ton / year nitrogen trifluoride project carried out by the company in cooperation with South Korea Dasung Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (DIG) has reached full production and maintained a high level of utilization. The company’s use of technological advantages and mature sales channels has become the leading domestic threeThe supplier of nitrogen fluoride is expected to become a core growth business segment in the future.

The 杭州桑拿 non-tire rubber business is developing rapidly.

Northwest Institute, a subsidiary of the company, is a major supplier of large-scale aircraft aerospace sealing profiles and sealing tape products in China, and is one of the most influential suppliers of aerospace sealing profiles in China.

With the development of downstream aviation, aerospace, construction machinery, rail transportation, and other areas, the overall demand for non-tire rubber products market has steadily increased, especially in emerging industries such as large aircraft and high-speed rail. The demand for C919 passenger aircraft has grown rapidly.The number of confirmed orders and intentional orders continues to increase.

Profit forecast and investment grade: We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 44.

5.4 billion, 48.

60 ppm and 54.

5.3 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 5.

8 billion, 6.

3.9 billion yuan and 7.

02 ppm, EPS is 0.

69 yuan, 0.

76 yuan and 0.

84 yuan, the current expected corresponding PE is 18X, 16X, 15X.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of military dependence, uncertainty in the integrated management of subsidiaries, and increased industry competition leading to product price declines.

Yili shares (600887): repurchase shows significant confidence confidence company profits expected

Yili shares (600887): repurchase shows significant confidence confidence company profits expected

Event Overview Yili shares announced on the evening of April 8 that the company intends to repurchase the company’s A shares at a price of not more than 35 yuan / share, with the number 杭州夜网论坛 of repurchases not less than 1.

5.2 billion shares (accounting for 2 total shares).

5%) and no more than 3.

0.4 billion shares (accounting for 5 total shares).


The implementation period of the share repurchase is within 12 months from the date when the members of the board of directors adopt the repurchase program.

Incident review The high-priced repo shows the consensus and confidence, and fair incentives will effectively enhance the core subject position.

The repurchase price is much higher than the current Yili cashout (the closing price on April 8 was 28.

62 yuan / share), reflecting the firm confidence in participating in the long-term intrinsic value of the company.

After the return of President Pan, the combination of boxing lines is clear, high prices, and a high-growth stage will start a new round of restricted stocks. According to the announcement, the share repurchase will use all subsequent stock sources to implement decentralized incentives.The overall cohesion of the company ‘s equity structure, led by President Pan, will be further enhanced, and the corporate governance structure will be further optimized.

Behind the company’s confidence is the confidence in the entire dairy industry. The two strong logics are different, Mengniu will also benefit, and the duopoly layout appears.

This repurchase plan not only demonstrates Yili Alliance’s confidence in the company, but also clearly shows the company’s firm confidence in the future development of the dairy industry.

The logic of the two strong players is different. Yili lies in the stability of the income side. Mengniu lies in the repair of the net interest rate. Therefore, Mengniu will not be affected.

The general trend of 19 years has been achieved, and the profits of the two strong are expected to show.

Our long-term perspective is always the same. From a historical perspective, 18 years will be the year with the most concentration of all complication factors. In the future, the high probability concomitant variables will turn positive, and the two strong will have better estimates and EPS space.

We still maintain the views in the previous industry report “This is the worst and the best era-the history of the dairy industry’s double-headed history, what should be done in the future”: (1) the temperature in 19 years, but it will not significantly decrease;(2) The slight decrease in the contention of revenues means that there will be some lax room for the 19-year expense ratio; (3) It is expected that the net profit margins of the two strong companies are expected to increase in the second quarter of 1919.

The profit forecast assumes that the company follows the largest proportion of repurchase (5%) and begins to implement distribution incentives in 2020. We will adjust the equity and cash portion of the estimated model, and the 20-year management expense ratio will increase due to the increase in distribution incentive costsTherefore, we adjusted our profit forecast as: It is estimated that the total operating income for 2019-2021 will be 898 respectively.

200 million / 1002.

900 million / 108.

200 million, ten years +12.

9% / + 11.

7% / + 10.

5%, net profit attributable to mothers is 73.

100 million / 81.

200 million / 92.

900 million, +13 in ten years.

5% / + 11.

0% / + 14.


The corresponding EPS is 1.

20 yuan / 1.

34 yuan / 1.

53 yuan, currently expected to correspond to 19/20/21 PE of 24X / 21X / 19X, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: raw milk prices are too high

Zhengmei (601717) in-depth report: coal machine continues to grow steadily and 48V future employees can be encouraged to land in the future to enhance development momentum

Zhengmei (601717) in-depth report: coal machine continues to grow steadily and 48V future employees can be encouraged to land in the future to enhance development momentum
The coal mining sector profit is released and is sustainable.After the Chinese coal industry reached its peak in 2012, it experienced a deep decline. At present, the industry’s fixed asset investment is only half of its peak, but the current annual coal output is 3.5 billion tons, which is basically the same as the 3.9 billion in the peak period of 2012.The ton is flat. In the long run, the demand for coal is still in a stable growth stage, and the update cycle of coal machines is 5-8 years. Therefore, in order to stabilize the production of coal enterprises, the equipment at the last peak period will be updated.In fact, in the last round of industry decline, some backward production capacity has been eliminated. At the same time, relevant national policies have also accelerated the elimination of the industry in recent years. Therefore, in order to stabilize production, large coal companies will continue to expand production and include current coal.Enterprise profitability is very strong, and new demand for equipment may accelerate.The market share of the top ten coal companies has increased from 13 years to 44%, while the market share of the top ten coal companies has increased from 13 years to 50%, proving that during the trough period of the previous round of industry, coalThe production capacity of the machine is completely and completely. After the current recovery of the industry, the capacity of the coal machine is very accurate. This is also the current high price and stable order for the company’s coal machine. The auto parts sector has developed steadily and is optimistic about 48V for a long time.Due to the high impact of the automotive industry in 2019, the company’s auto parts segment’s revenue and profits have decreased, but SEG’s layout is smooth, and its concentrated advantages in the early stage focus on 48V hybrid technology. It has been mass-produced and expanded its marketing, becoming Daimler Benz, Mainstream automotive manufacturers such as BMW, 48V energy recovery acceleration auxiliary system motor supplier, followed by the company’s 48V P> 0 and high-voltage motor technology development in an orderly manner, has completed the second phase of the development of Chinese factories.At the same time, the new draft of the passenger car credit management method introduced in China this year shows that 深圳桑拿网 policies are more important for traditional cars to save energy, and one of the most important energy saving technologies for traditional cars is 48V. PB is less than 1, the market value is underestimated.After SEG consolidation, the company’s current PB is 0.88 times. At the same time, considering the strong profitability of the company’s various business combinations and the ideal cash flow situation, and the profit can maintain steady growth in the next few years, the current market value is underestimated. Profit forecast: Expected company 2019?The profit in 2021 is 11.9.3 billion, 14.3.2 billion and 16.500 million, PE is 10 times, 8 times, 7 times, maintaining the “buy” level. Risk warning: coal machine orders fall short of expectations; SEG performance falls short of expectations.

Why middle-aged people are addicted to online dating

Why middle-aged people are addicted to “online dating”

“The child is almost as tall as he (she), he (she) is still obsessed with the Internet every day, and toss to one or two o’clock every night before going to sleep. I don’t know why?
“Because my spouse is addicted to chatting on the Internet, there are quite a few middle-aged people who complain about this family trouble in the psychological hotline.
  实录一:“帅哥”原来是老局长   一会儿和这位开玩笑,一会儿又和那位说句俏皮话,什么新鲜事都分析得头头是道,办公室爱上网的小姐们一致认为,这个在网上署名“万里晴空”The person must be a handsome guy.
But the careful Miss Bai saw from the playful words of “Wanli Qingkong” that he was a mature man with experience. Later, Miss Bai guessed that “Wanli Qingkong” was their old director.
She asked quietly, the director recruited, and told her why she was chatting online.
  It turned out that he sometimes felt tired, but found that he could play any role he wanted to play on the Internet, and was able to talk and vent his pains and dissatisfaction like ordinary people.
  Psychological comment: The biggest difference between online communication and reality is anonymity. What is caused by anonymity is “identity loss”, that is, the role identity in reality is lost.
Everyone’s personality is complex and multi-faceted. When they are too depressed, they always need to find a vent point. The Internet gives people a chance to express the other side of their personality.
  实录二:一场网恋掏空她的心   某合资企业的女经理杨青,事业风光,但和丈夫很少有共同语言,碍于面子,又考虑到女儿只有9岁,杨青打消了离婚的idea.
Thoughtful, she was buried in the Internet when she returned home.
On the Internet, she met a surgeon. His sophistication, taste, and humor deeply attracted her. She indulged her emotions to like him, but later found out that he had a rock-solid family, and she felt discouraged again.Feeling cold, a kind of exhausting fatigue quietly invades her body and mind . Psychological comments: aged 30 or 40 years old, family economic conditions are better, both husband and wife have a good career and high education, this is married online datingA characteristic of the person.
This phenomenon is mostly caused by boredom in marriage.
Most people in this age group have been living in marriage for several years to more than ten years. The initial passion has disappeared, and weary or even bored and sentimental. Once there is a new channel, you can seek passion and comfort. Some peopleIt will be rushing and difficult to extricate themselves.
Most of this kind of online dating has no ending, it can only make the parties deeply trapped and cannot extricate themselves.
  Fact # 3: Talk without worrying Ms. Chen Chen is 35 years old. She chats online because her husband and wife life has been unsatisfactory.
There was too much dissatisfaction in her heart, but she was embarrassed to tell her friends.
So, lonely, she often chats on the Internet, and she is familiar with a netizen. She talked about her distress, and the netizen enthusiastically helped her analyze and give her an idea.
Although she couldn’t solve the problem, she felt much more relieved and didn’t worry that netizens would leak information.
  Psychological comments: Psychological research shows that there are two types of objects suitable for talking: one is good friends.
The benefit of being a good friend is to understand you and accept you, and not to criticize you easily.
The disadvantage is that if this friend can’t be trusted, your secret will be leaked.
The second is a stranger.
The advantage of a stranger is that it is impossible to reveal anything, but he does not know you.
The network makes up for this deficiency. The “acquaintances” on the network know you like friends and do not know who you are like strangers.
  Internet: Unreal World Middle-aged people are old and young, and the pressure in various aspects is very high. Appropriate “web chat” will have a positive effect on their psychology.
However, obsessed with the Internet and unable to extricate themselves, it may cause problems in time management or physical and mental health, show emotional disorders and behavioral disorders, and may cause conflicts with others.
Grasping “degree” is a problem that middle-aged people who often chat online should take seriously, experts suggest: 1.
Fully understand yourself.
To realize that middle-aged period is not only a period of achievement and a stable family, but also a special period of life’s burden, we must surmount the trouble through self-adjustment.
Good at work, learn to relax, and relax.
You can use holidays or weekends to spend time with your colleagues and family in the countryside, letting you naturally integrate into the group, into nature, and relieve psychological pressure.
Solve the boredom of years of marriage.
Couples may wish to try the “halo effect”, which is to consciously regard each other as the best and most perfect person in the world of themselves. After marriage, continue to develop love and communicate with each other in three aspects: sex, affection and heart.
Improve self-regulation consciousness, realize your desire through sublimation, and satisfy your psychological needs.
For example, you can try to express your beautiful wishes and emotions with small works such as “tofu blocks”, and you can also express yourself and express your wishes through recreational activities such as writing poetry, painting, and singing.   To get out of the Internet, the main method is to replace the original imaginary goal with a new goal or activity, so that the original tension can be truly satisfied, so as to release the pressure and release your own mind.Continue to maintain a happy, happy, healthy and uplifting state of life

Nourishing kidney and papaya stewed yellow ears

Nourishing kidney and papaya stewed yellow ears

Among many fruits, papaya has the highest chance of being used for desserts, because it has a sweet taste, rich nutrition and beauty, and is loved by many women.

This issue teaches you to make this syrup, using yellow ears instead of snow fungus.

With the ear fungus score, the yellow ear is conventionally peaceful, not too cold, and boiled in sugar to moisten the lungs and nourish the kidney, which is suitable for everyone.

  Material: yellow ear, papaya seasoning: rock sugar Steps: 1.

First wash the yellow ears, tear them apart, and soak them in water for half an hour.


For papaya, cover all three parts and dig out the seeds for later use.


Boil 3 bowls of water, add rock sugar and yellow ears to the water and heat.


Add cooked rock sugar yellow ear water to papaya and cover with melon.


Stew over medium heat for 20 minutes and serve immediately.

Alternative high-paid yoga master with 57 billion yuan in annual salary

Alternative high-paid yoga master with 57 billion yuan in annual salary

Yoga in India seems to be a topic of concern recently. An 83-year-old Indian man who claimed to be a yoga lover for 70 years did not eat or drink and passed military observations. It is unbelievable that according to Taiwan ‘s “United”News Network” reported on the 11th that a well-known yoga master in India through the establishment of branches and classes, the annual salary of up to a staggering 5.7 billion US dollars, customers also include former US President Nixon and others.

  According to reports, Forbes, a US financial magazine, pointed out that some high-paying jobs in Asia are quite “alternative”. Although the income is very high, it also has to pay a price.

  Surprisingly, Bikram Choudhury, a well-known Indian yoga master, topped the list with an annual income of $ 5.7 billion.

The report pointed out that, of course, it is impossible for a general yoga teacher to make money every day like him.

Although Chaudhry, who pioneered hot yoga, focused on being a spiritual supremacy, not a businessman, the career of the four-time all-india yoga champion reaches an astonishing $ 5.7 billion a year.

  Chaudhry Yoga has numerous branches, with a network of relatively independent franchise businesses, and many avid followers.

Even former US President Nixon was a customer of this yoga master.

  Another Indian yoga master, Swami Ramdev, also has an annual health income of $ 40 million. He claims to be able to treat cancer. His property includes a small island in Scotland.

Baseball details create beautiful honey muscles_1

Black details create beautiful honey muscles

Although everyone is eager for a fair race, having a honey diabetes can really increase enthusiasm and add a lively atmosphere!

  The current sundries are designed for proper operation, but in order to achieve the most even weighing skin tone effect, you need to pay attention to: 1.

The thickness of the stratum corneum determines the effectiveness of the sundries.

Before using the suntan products, you should thoroughly exfoliate the whole body one night with related products, so as to prevent the suntan products from penetrating evenly, and the skin color of the whole body may vary.


The DHA-containing paraffin products are mainly emulsion or paste viscosity.

When applying, take a small amount and apply it to a small area at a time. Carefully apply until it penetrates and absorbs, and then gradually increase the area to be applied. If there is a part that is difficult to penetrate, you need to apply it repeatedly.


Appropriate and gentle application method.

First apply it horizontally and then vertically to avoid dead spots.


Replicas usually do not have sun protection or have a very low sun protection factor.

Therefore, it is best to rub a layer of SPF30 or above on the skin before applying the face.

People with dry skin need to apply an extra layer of moisturizer to combat dry skin.


The skin in the dry area absorbs the suntan faster.

On the elbows, contractions, heels, waist and other rough places, just apply a thin layer, without repeated application.


Avoid applying eyebrows on the face, hairline, horns, etc.

So as not to cause a reaction after the suntanner touches the hair, the hair will appear orange.


Do not dress immediately after applying the suntan.

To prevent the color from staining the clothes, it is difficult to wash.

Wait for about 15 after the skin surface is dry?
In 30 minutes, you can see that the skin has a noticeable darkening effect.

In order to make the skin’s color more ideal, it is best to go out about 3 hours after applying the sunbathing, at this time the skin of the skin will be more natural.


Tanning products have a certain stimulating effect on sensitive skin.

Before using the suntan, try it on the skin of your wrist to see if you are allergic.

  Please pay special attention to 1 after disguising.

The suntan products containing DHA will gradually fade through the replacement of the stratum corneum of the skin.

Generally do not need special cleaning, when using 3?
After 7 days, it will naturally return to its original complexion.

If you want to speed up the fade of the color, do a full body exfoliation morning and evening.

The dye-type suntan products need to be thoroughly cleaned daily. The face can be removed with makeup remover, and the body parts can choose a bath scrub with a soft scrub.


After using the sunblock, the skin of the body will always become dry.

This feeling of dryness is more pronounced especially after exposure to sunlight.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for hydration at all times. In addition to drinking a lot of water regularly, moisturizers and sunscreens must also be made every 4?Apply once every 6 hours.

The skin will become severely fragile after sun exposure, so pay attention to the temperature of the water in the bath.

Soapy cleansing products take away too much oil and make your skin feel drier. You can switch to a smooth and plump bath lotion.

Immediately after taking a shower, wipe off excess water with a dry towel, and choose a small amount of rich cream for body skin care.


Do not take antibiotic-containing medicines or acne creams containing salicylic acid while using suntan products.

These medicines make the skin more sensitive, and it is easy to make the suntan products more fragile.