State-owned enterprises mixed reform and increase: power, oil, gas, civil aviation and other industries will continue to make efforts

State-owned enterprises mixed reform and increase: power, oil, gas, civil aviation and other industries will continue to make efforts

State-owned enterprises’ mixed reform and overweight in the oil and other industries will continue to make efforts.Continue to promote mixed ownership reform.

Experts believe that state-owned enterprises in basic industries such as power, oil, natural gas, and civil aviation will continue to make mixed efforts.

  Yesterday, Liu Zhe, deputy director of the Weber New Economic Research Institute, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that the mixed ownership reform in 2019 will reflect three major characteristics: First, the scope will be wider.

The mixed reform of monopoly industries such as power, oil and gas, and military industry is still the focus of reform in the next stage; the second is a deeper level.

The benchmark for mixed reform is not simply a change in the composition of shares. In the future, more attention must be paid to the efficiency of the capital operation. After the mixed reform, the incentive mechanism of the company will be improved, and the operating efficiency and competitiveness will be improved.

By establishing an open and transparent state-owned enterprise mixed reform evaluation and trading mechanism, and improving the regulatory system, based on the principle of maintaining and increasing the value of conventional capital, and in accordance with the principles of marketization and rule of law, a win-win situation for state capital and private capital is achieved.

  Huang Zhilong, director of the Macroeconomic Research Center of Suning Financial Research Institute, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that the main directions or areas of mixed ownership reform in 2019 are the following three aspects: First, in terms of the type of state-owned enterprises, the main industry is in full competitionCommercial state-owned enterprises will become an important area for mixed reform this year; the second is that state-owned enterprises in the basic industries such as power, oil, natural gas, and civil aviation will continue to make mixed reforms; the third is that at the enterprise level, subsidiaries of state-owned enterprisesThe depth of mixed reform will advance in an orderly manner.

  ”It is undeniable that after four batches of mixed reform pilots and joint-stock reforms, most state-owned enterprises have achieved a mix of capital and shareholding structure and decentralization, but the corporate governance structure and operation management mechanism of state-owned enterprises have not changed fundamentally.

Huang Zhilong believes that the future focus of mixed reforms should be on overall planning and taking into account the leadership of the board of directors, market-oriented selection of operating managers, implementation of differentiated reform of corporate salary distribution, and employee shareholding, so as to promote the systematization and integrity of the reform.
At the same time, it is also necessary to accelerate the establishment of a 重庆耍耍网 medium- and long-term incentive and restraint mechanism that meets the requirements of a socialist market economy, to stimulate the endogenous motivation of the enterprise and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. This is the direction of the mixed reform from quantity to quality.

Hengli (600346): If the 10 billion profit is only the lower profit limit?

Hengli (600346): If the 10 billion profit is only the lower profit limit?

The investment logic took the lead in opening up the entire process of integrating the “crude oil-PX-PTA-polyester” industry chain, with rapid growth in performance and strong certainty.

The market expects that the excess profit of more than US $ 5 billion brought by the cost advantage of refining and chemical integration is not expected, and it leads to the lack of expectations of more than US $ 2.5 billion brought by preferential government budgets.

(1) The company’s profit is about to leap from “PTA-polyester” to “crude oil-PX-PTA-polyester”.

Considering that the effective production capacity of terminal polyester has grown slowly, the company can optimize the profitability of the industrial chain through a reasonable PTA conversion throughput delivery rhythm.

(2) The company has significant excess income in each position of “crude oil-PX-PTA-polyester”.

In theory, when the industry is in breakeven, its cost advantage will bring in more than 5.2 billion excess benefits.

The company’s refining unit crude oil cost is the industry’s leading and the highest proportion of high value-added products: the heaviest oil, the highest value-added commercialization rate.

(1) Eat the heaviest crude oil: the refinery crude oil tonnage ratio is 7.

07, which means 7 compared to Brent crude.

With a tonnage ratio of 33 tons, the cost per ton of crude oil is reduced by 3 when the price difference between light and heavy oil is zero.


(2) Refining plant has the highest rate of high commercialization: the single-line PX unit is the world’s largest, and the value-added commercialization rate (below crude oil price) is the highest in China.

The ability of the company’s industrial chain expansion and supporting facilities to bring significant economic downturns to extract excess returns.

(1) The company’s ethylene plant scale and key indicators such as ethylene yield and refinery commercialization rate are leading in the country, and the product polycarbonate is equipped with its own downstream polyester, which can maintain the “ethylene-cholesterol-polyReasonable gains from the ester conversion.

(2) The advantages of low public works and transportation costs brought by self-provided public works and industrial accumulation are significant.

Investment Suggestions and 杭州桑拿网 Estimates We believe that the company’s integration of domestic private refining and chemical integration with the scarcity of the polyester industry chain gives it a “Buy” rating for the first time.

We give the company 20 for the next 12 months.

The target price of 49 yuan is equivalent to 2019, 2020, and P / E ratio of 2021.

7 times, 10.

0 times, 8.

5 times.

Risk Warning 1.

Risk of declining one-way scale of crude oil 2.

Severe demand for textiles and clothing has deteriorated3.

Risks of refined oil sales caused by policies and restrictions on export restrictions.

Geopolitical risks 5.

The project progress is less than expected 6.

Risk of large-scale lifting of company stocks 7.

Risk of sharp fluctuations in the US dollar exchange rate8.

The severely intensified competition in the industry 成都桑拿网 brought in less than expected profits9.

Risk of substantial fluctuations in prices of major chemical products10.

Risks of third party reference data11.

Impact of other force majeure

Fire Communications (600498) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: First Quarterly Reports Grow Faster and 5G Cycle Performance Turns Better

Fire Communications (600498) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: First Quarterly Reports Grow Faster and 5G Cycle Performance Turns Better

The company’s performance is basically in line with expectations. Considering the reduction in the collection price of fiber optic cables, we expect that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 10 in 2019-2020.


6.2 billion (previous value was 11.


8.7 billion) and forecast its net profit attributable to mothers to be 16 in 2021.

04 million, corresponding to PE32 / 27/17 times.

Considering that the 32x estimate in 2019 has fully reflected the company’s performance growth rate and the expectations contained in the above 5G, we maintain the “overweight” rating.

The company successively released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report, in which the revenue for the first quarter of 2018 and 2019 was 242 respectively.

3.5 billion and 48.

81 ‰, increasing by 15 each year.

10% and 14.

9%; net profit attributable to mothers is 8.

$ 4.4 billion and 1.

67 trillion, with an annual increase of 2.

29% and 19.

71%, performance basically in line with expectations.

The main business grew steadily, and the main players on the 5G track.

Although not affected by the Sino-U.S. Trade friction last year, the company’s operations are stable, and the three major sectors have recorded rapid positive growth, of which communications systems have increased by 13.

5%, fiber optic cable increased by 18.

4%, the data network increased by 19%, of which the beacon space in the data network grew faster, reaching 26%.

2019 is the beginning of 5G. As one of the access manufacturers of 5G bearer networks, the company strives to usher in a higher growth rate than last year.

Increase investment in research and development and bet on 5G circuits.

The company expanded research and development expenses, of which the research and development expenses in 2018 management expenses were 22.

9.6 billion, an increase of 17 in ten years.

81%, higher than the level of revenue.

At the same time, capitalized development expenditures2.

4.8 billion, an increase of 28 in ten years.


The Q1 R & D expense ratio reached 11 in 2019.

9%, reflecting the company’s determination for 5G investment.

As 5G is about to enter commercial use, the company’s R & D investment will become more and more capitalized, indicating that the degree of productization will continue to increase.

In addition, due to the increase in pre-tax deductions for R & D investment, the increase in investment in R & D will also benefit significantly.

The establishment of Xinke’s solid-mobile integration will benefit the company from synergies.

In 2018, Wuhan Academy of Posts and Telecommunications Science and Technology Research Institute merged to form China Information Technology.

China Xinke has both the optical communications leader represented by Fiberhome Communications, and wireless communications equipment manufacturers represented by Datang Mobile and Wuhan Hongxin.

With the advent of 5G, the competitive advantage of manufacturers who merge fixed and mobile networks will become more apparent, and the company is expected to benefit from synergies.

Risk factors: 5G progress is less than expected, optical communications progress is less than expected, Beastar ‘s growth rate is less than expected. Profit forecast and investment rating: The company ‘s performance is basically in line with expectations. Considering the decline in the collection price of fiber optic cables, we expect the company to return to zero in 2019-2020The parent net profit is 10.

59/12.6.2 billion 南京夜网 (previous value was 11.


8.7 billion) and forecast its net profit attributable to mothers to be 16 in 2021.

04 million, corresponding PE is 32/27/17 times.

Considering that the 32x estimate in 2019 has fully reflected the company’s current performance growth rate and the expectations contained in the above 5G, we maintain the “overweight” rating of the company.

Berry Gene (000710) Semi-annual Report Comment: Steady growth in performance and early breakthrough in tumor screening project

Berry Gene (000710) Semi-annual Report Comment: Steady growth in performance and early breakthrough in tumor screening project
Event: The company released its semi-annual report, and its operating income in 2019H17.53 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.87%; net profit attributable to mother is 2.51 ppm, an increase of 71 in ten years.95%; net profit after deduction is 1.55 ppm, a ten-year increase of 9.35%.The company’s performance drivers are: 1. The improvement of domestic genetic testing industry policies, the full liberalization of the second-born child policy, and the enhancement of national health awareness have led to increased market demand and the rapid growth of the genetic testing market; The company is in a leading position in the domestic genetic testing industry. The market first-mover advantage and brand competitiveness can fully enjoy the market opportunities brought by policy dividends to ensure performance growth; 3. The company’s market share has grown steadily, and the market expansion in the early stage has continuously expanded the scale effect to drive performance growth.  We believe that the company is in a period of high performance growth, and has core competitiveness in many aspects, and actively extends to the field of big health and consumer-level 四川耍耍网 genetic testing. The company’s performance is expected to continue to grow in the future.  R & D investment increased, and the results in the field of early screening significantly promoted product segmentation. 2019H1 basic scientific research services achieved revenue1.370,000 yuan, an increase of 219 in ten years.37%, gross margin is 59.35%, an increase of 45 per year.18 pp; testing services achieve revenue 3.40 ‰, a decrease of 7 per year.65%, gross margin is 65.78%, an increase of 7 per year.2 pp; reagent sales realized income 2.40,000 yuan, an increase of 6 in ten years.30%, gross margin is 65.12%, a decrease of 4 per year.92 pp; equipment sales realized income of 0.48 ppm, an increase of 26 in ten years.50%, gross margin is 22.36%, an increase of 2 a year.2 pp.  In terms of period expenses, 2019H1 sales expenses, management expenses, financial expenses, and R & D investment are 1 respectively.4 billion, 0.55 ppm, -0.2 billion, 0.530,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.90%, 10.35%, -468.36%, 71.94%, the change in financial expenses was mainly due to the increase in revenue and exchange gains. The increase in research and development was mainly due to the continued expenditure on research and development of genetic testing projects, and the increase in related reagent supplies and labor costs.  The company’s R & D budget has increased. In March 2019, the PreCar project successfully integrated a classification model of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer based on NGS, and the determination of molecular markers and detection methods for early diagnosis and early screening is a critical moment for early screening of tumors.On March 30, a major breakthrough in the PreCar Early Screening Project for Liver Cancer: The data showed that in alternative detection tests for patients with liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, the detection sensitivity of liver cancer exceeded 97% in about 100% of cases.That is, the characteristics obtained through the targeting of plasma markers can accurately screen patients with cirrhosis who have cancer.The results are in a leading position in similar experiments at home and abroad.  Maintaining the “Hold” rating We continue to be optimistic about the company’s market leadership in the field of early diagnosis and screening of diseases, transform the industry chain, and continuously optimize the database, and the growth in the second half of the year can be expected.We expect the EPS for 19-21 to be 1.02, 1.34, 1.74 yuan / share, maintain “Hold” rating.  Risk reminders: the risk of lagging in technological innovation, the risk of intensified market competition, the risk of exchange rate changes and tariff changes, the risk of brain drain, etc.

SAIC Group (600104) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Meets Expectations The Company Q2 Is About to Rally

SAIC Group (600104) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Meets Expectations The Company Q2 Is About to Rally

This report reads: The performance is in line with expectations, the company’s 2019 Q1 performance declines are narrower than Q4 2018, and sales and performance growth promote the rebound in Q2 2019.

The company is expected to become a 佛山桑拿网 pioneer of 5G cars in China.

Investment Highlights: Target Price 36.

57 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The decline in the company’s performance has narrowed compared to Q4 2018, and sales are expected to rebound in Q2.

The company joined forces with Huawei and is expected to become a pioneer in the domestic 5G auto industry.

Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019 to 2021 to 3.



67 yuan, maintaining a target price of 36.

57 yuan.

Q1 2019 results are in line with expectations.

The company’s Q1 2019 revenue was 2001.

910,000 yuan, a decrease of 16.

18%, net profit attributable to mother 82.

5.1 billion, a decrease of 15%, net of non-attributable net profit of 76.

3.0 billion, with a decrease of 13.

86%, performance is in line with expectations.

The company’s Q1 R & D expenses are 35.

2.1 billion yuan (same increase of 12.

8%), accounting for revenue 1.

76% (up 0.

45pct), R & D expenses are mainly used to break through key technologies such as new energy and intelligent networking.

The decline in the company’s performance has narrowed, and Q2 will usher in a rebound.

The company’s net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers increased by 8 quarterly in 2018.


41% /-1.

5% /-21.

74 / -13.

86%, the decline in Q1 in 2019 is significantly narrower than Q4 in 2018.

The company’s sales volume increased by 10 quarters in 2018.

06% / 11.

78% /-1.

23% /-9.

65% /-15.

88%, the company’s sales growth has bottomed out, sales are expected to rebound in Q2.

Join forces with Huawei to become a pioneer in the 5G automotive industry.

The company has released the Roewe Vision-i concept car and announced that the world’s first 5G intelligent connected car will be mass-produced by 2020.The company will continue to work with Huawei to create 5G intelligent travel solutions and become a pioneer and leader in the 5G automotive industry.

Risk reminder: the risk of reduced growth in the automotive industry, uncertainty in overseas markets brought by the trade war

Shandong Gold (600547): The third quarter of 19 performance was lower than expected; affected by high expenses

Shandong Gold (600547): The third quarter of 19 performance was lower than expected; affected by high expenses

The 3Q19 results were lower than our expectations. The 3Q19 results announced by the company: revenue of 64.9 billion US dollars, a year-on-year growth of 38%, attributed to the mother net profit9.

500 million, corresponding to a profit of 0.

31 yuan, an annual increase of 15%, performance has improved, mainly due to the rise in gold prices.

In the third quarter of 19, the company’s revenue for the quarter was 25.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 78% year-on-year, and was attributed to the net profit of the parent company3.

400 million, corresponding to a profit of 0.

11 yuan, an annual increase of 134%, mainly benefited from the rise in gold prices.

The company’s profit in the third quarter was lower than our expectation mainly due to the high expenses during the period (management + R & D + financial expenses totaled about 9).

1 ppm) and high effective tax rate (42%).

  Comments: 1) 3Q19 gold price increased significantly.

The average domestic gold 杭州桑拿网 price in the third quarter of 19 was 337 yuan / gram, an increase of 26% year-on-year, and an increase of 16% month-on-month.

2) 1-3Q19 management + R & D + financial expenses increase by 3 every year.

40,000 yuan, of which R & D costs increase by 2 every year.

500 million yuan.

1-3Q19 company management expense ratio / R & D expense ratio / financial expense ratio-0 per second.

8ppt / + 0.

4ppt / -0.


3) 1-3Q19 sales expenses increase by 2 every year.

4x / + 1.

0 billion US dollars, mainly due to the increase in sales costs of subsidiary futures brokers.

4) 1-3Q19 investment + fair value net income +4.

3 trillion, mainly due to the increase in future business income of subsidiaries.

5) Cash flow from 1-3Q19 operating activities increased by 1 each year.

9x, mainly due to the increase in net cash flow from commodity purchases and sales.

  Development 青岛夜网 trend Gold price has been supported.

We believe that due to sudden changes in global economic growth momentum, the overall low interest rate environment overseas, the US real interest rate is in a downward cycle, and the lack of growth in global mineral gold, gold prices have maintained support.

  Earnings forecasts and estimates Considering that the company’s third quarter earnings exceeded expectations, we lowered our 2019 net profit attributable to mothers by 9% to 13.

0 ppm, maintaining the net profit attributable to mothers in 202020.

700 million.

  The current A-share contradiction corresponds to 4 in 2019/2020.

4 times / 4.

1x P / B ratio.

A shares maintain outperform industry rating and 45.

A target price of 00 yuan corresponds to 6.

1x 2019 P / B and 5.

7 times 2020 P / B ratio, 39 as compared with the recent inclusion.

8% upside.

  Risk gold prices fell more than expected.

Use your eyes to make communication like water

Use your eyes to make communication like water

When someone says something wrong or makes an unnatural move on a social occasion, he will definitely feel embarrassed, for fear that someone will laugh at him and despise him.

Don’t look into his face at this time, or look away immediately after taking a look.

Otherwise, he will think that you are mocking him with sarcasm.

  Of course, the two parties should look at each other’s eyes or face to show respect to others during the conversation, but when the two sides are silent, don’t keep looking at each other’s face.

Because when there is no topic between the two parties, there is always a feeling of indifference and anxiety.

If you look at the other party at this time, it will make the other party more awkward.

  When you drop off your guests, you have to wait for them to turn around and go out for a while, and then stop looking back at you before you can turn your attention to the guests.

  If you see a stranger in the street or in a crowded market, he is personable, handsome, and fashionable. If you want to appreciate his or her beauty, please appreciate it from the side or from the back, not from othersThe other party stopped to look at him or her, because it is very impolite to do so. When you realize that the other party ‘s eyes will meet your eyes, you should take the initiative to avoid them.

Yoga helps release your passion


Yoga helps release your passion

Nothing in the human experience is more important than sexual experience.

Sexual harmony is an integral part of the relationship between the two parties. Sexual harmony directly affects the life and spiritual harmony between couples and lovers.

But if the sexual dissonance and harmony increase the troubles and even destroy the relationship between the two.

If a sexual partner feels unsatisfied or unhappy, the intimate relationship between the two parties weakens.

  Yoga guides and teaches you how to improve your sex life. It is a sexual regulator that combines mind, body and soul.

Yoga believes that sex is a natural function of people, which is helpful to love relationships, and of course, it is very important to continue human life.

  Some movements in yoga, with some legs straightened on the floor, should be placed on the ground, then the upper body bends down and grasps the toes. This movement can shrink the leg muscles and make the blood fully in the pelvis.Circulation can stimulate sexual desire; another point, sitting straight on the floor, buttocks butt, aiming to lay flat, while placing your feet close to the front, this kind of open posture releases passion.

  In addition to stimulating sexual desire, some postures of yoga can promote sexual health well, some are to allow blood to fully circulate in the abdomen, promote female reproductive system health, and some are to enhance the secretion of gonads, which has the effect of restoring youthful vitality.

You will feel your body getting softer, more aura, and more sexy.

Even if aside from physiological effects, yoga makes the body flexible and soft, making the sex experience smoother and more energetic, and the ever-changing posture of yoga dumbs also gives more inspiration and innovation to the sexual position.

  If you feel powerless during sex, try these yoga exercises that can enhance your sexiness: bow on the ground, open your hands backwards, and slowly grab your feet.

Inhale, hold your breath, and lift your legs, head, and chest up at the same time, keeping your body balanced.

Hold your breath continuously.

Exhale flatten your body and repeat three to four times.

Spread the plasma so that the blood can circulate fully in the plasma.

It can regulate the main shaft and the circulatory system of the extremities, and at the same time promote the health of the female reproductive system (not suitable for those with tail or waist pain).

  The lower back gradually sits straight on the floor with her legs stretched forward.

Stretching vertically, the body slowly bends forward, grasping the toes with both hands.

Minimize as much as possible, bury your head in a cylinder and keep your posture for a few minutes.

Contract your leg muscles and allow blood to circulate throughout the pelvis. Slowly filling your body with vitality will greatly arouse your desire.

This forward leaning posture can greatly promote sexual health, it relaxes the pelvis and buttocks and enhances the secretion of gonads. It is said that this action also has the effect of restoring youth.

  In the lotus position, bend your knees with your legs inwardly, allowing your feet to fully touch the thighs on the other side. If the soft fit is good, you can make the legs overlap and place your left foot on your right thigh and your right foot on your left thigh.Sitting cross-legged.

Pay attention to straighten the back and allow the waist to be fully opened, which is beneficial to the local blood circulation of the female reproductive system.

Tips for making your baby happy with complementary foods

Tips for making your baby happy with complementary foods

[Guide]After 4 months, the child can increase the amount of complementary foods, but too many young parents often worry about the baby refused to eat complementary foods at home.

In fact, as long as you use appropriate tips, you can make your baby happily accept complementary food.

  Method 1 demonstrates how to chew and chew food. Some babies will push their food out with their tongues because they are not used to chewing. Parents will show the baby how to chew the food and swallow it.

You can slow down and try again to give him more learning opportunities.

  Method 2 Do not feed too much or too fast according to your baby’s food intake. Do not feed too fast. After feeding, give your child a rest, do not have any activities, and do not feed immediately.

  Method 3 Taste various new flavors. The diet is full of changes that can stimulate the baby’s appetite.

Add new ingredients to your baby’s original food, from small to large.

Foods that your baby doesn’t like can reduce the supply, but you should gradually increase the variety of complementary foods so that your baby develops a good habit of not picky eaters.

Babies hate a certain food, sometimes not in taste, but in the cooking style. Therefore, parents should change their styles in cooking style.

In addition, the child likes to chew food after teething, and may wish to change the fruit puree into fruit pieces at this time.

Food should also pay attention to color matching to stimulate the baby’s appetite, but the taste should not be too strong.

  Method 4 suggests that after the baby is half a year old, the baby gradually becomes independent and will want to eat by himself. Parents can encourage the child to take the spoon to eat by himself and give him the opportunity to learn.

If your baby likes to grab and eat with his hands, he can cook foods that are easy to hold and satisfy the child’s desires, making him feel that eating is a “feeling of accomplishment” and his appetite will be more vigorous.

  Method 5 When the child is being played on Xingtou 10 minutes before meals, if the child is suddenly interrupted, it will cause resistance and rejection, so even a child about 1 year old should tell him in advance what he is about to do.For example: “I will wash my hands and eat in another 10 minutes!

6 Method 6 Prepare a set of children’s tableware with a large bowl full of food, which will cause the baby to feel oppressed and affect appetite; sharp and fragile tableware should not be used by young children to avoid accidents.

The commercially available children’s meals have lovely patterns and bright colors that can promote your baby’s appetite.

Parents may wish to bring their child and buy a set by themselves.

  Method 7: Maintain a happy recovery mood. If your baby doesn’t feel hungry until meal time, don’t force him to eat.

Often forcing your baby to eat will make him feel that eating is an annoying thing. If you break through the past, you will have a distorted mentality.

Parents should not rush to tune the baby into a little gentleman or a lady, and make unreasonable technical requirements on them, for example: they must use chopsticks, and the soup cannot be dripped out, etc. The requirements that these babies cannot do temporarily will make him feelConfrontation affects confrontational emotions.

  Method 8 Don’t judge food in front of children. Babies will imitate the behavior of adults, so parents are opposed to picky eating and evaluating food in front of children, so as not to develop his habit of partial eating.

  Method 9: Learn the principle of food substitution. If your baby hates a certain food, maybe it is only temporarily disliked, you can stop feeding first and let him eat it at intervals. During this period, you can give your baby similar nutritional substitutes.

In addition, as long as the baby is healthy, healthy, and growing properly, the growth curve in the baby’s health manual, and occasionally eat less, don’t worry, just let it be.

Workplace Raiders: Be a Favorite Workplace

Workplace Raiders: Be a Favorite Workplace

Although he has been graduating for more than six months, Susi has been troubled by his work.

It is said that students from famous universities like him have good qualities and abilities and should be very popular.

But for some reason, he always felt that colleagues and supervisors lacked tacit understanding with him.

  In the company, Suzi is doing sales work. He pays more enthusiasm and smile than his colleagues, but the performance of his colleagues is better than him.

This made him even more nervous and couldn’t figure it out.

On a rest day, he came to the house of a friend who was studying psychology and vomited bitterness to his friend.

  His friend, a fellow from a different department in the same school, always listened to Su Xi’s pain seriously, and inserted a word or two from time to time.

  ”I believe that I have done my best. Let me talk about personal relationships in the workplace first. Since I joined the company, I have worked hard to make colleagues and supervisors like me.

At the company’s regular meeting, no matter how boring and tedious the leadership’s intervention was, I was the only one who listened carefully and kept smiling.

The brother held his face away from his cheek, and suddenly interrupted Suzi’s words, saying, “Are you listening hard, and the muscles on your face are almost stiff, but you still try to stare at the leader and work hard toFocus on disguised passion?

“Su Xi nodded quickly:” I do this, I just want the leader to pay attention to me so as to appreciate me.

However, the leader never sent me to do important tasks for the company. Instead, he was a colleague who had talked with the leader at the meeting and was promoted recently.

“The law of living in the office made her give up true love.” With colleagues, I also tried to show the easy-going and enthusiastic side, trying to please them, and the result . “Speaking of this, Suzi’s eyes were a little red, heSaid, “I want to be integrated with this group, but they rarely call me when they have dinners, outings or wedding banquets.

Hearing this, the brother did not wait for Su Xi to make a detailed complaint, and he understood why he paid more than his colleagues, but his performance was worse.

He pours a cup of hot tea for Susie to slow him down, and then, in the hot sorrow, the brother slowly tells him a story about “Clinton’s magic”.

  Sincerity and Deception Former US President Bill.

When Clinton visited London, he was surrounded by many elite officials as usual.

The city hall of London is packed with thousands of people, and they even come to hear the former president’s thinking about what he thinks, but also want to see for himself what the world-famous “Clinton Magic” is.

  Towards the end of the speech, although the audience surrounded Clinton as a leak, when he recognized Sir Goode, a newcomer of labor opinion in the crowd, he shouted, “Hello!


“He understood that the greeting was so loud that everyone could hear it, and Sir Good was so happy to hear it.