Add them when you soak your feet, and force the body to get wet in three days, no need to go cupping!

Add them when you soak your feet, and force the body to get wet in three days, no need to go cupping!

The soaking feet can stimulate the acupuncture points, reflex zones and meridians of the feet, enhance the immunity of the body, and prevent various toxins from invading the human body.

Soaking feet can also promote blood circulation in the body.

First, ginger soaking feet 1, to prevent flu fall cold, do not take medicine, use 5 pieces of ginger soaking feet, each time 20 minutes, even 2-3 days can be completely good, but also enhance physical fitness, prevent flu from happening again.

2, cold hands and feet to the autumn and winter season, many people with cold hands and feet, this is the performance of physical deficiency and blood loss, continuous use of ginger for 1-2 weeks, cold hands and feet will disappear completely, and not easy to repeat.

3, joint inflammation arthritis is very difficult, but if you insist on using ginger to soak your feet 2-3 times a week, arthritis can be completely better for more than two months, and it is better to add salt when you soak your feet.

Second, white vinegar soaked feet 1, purifying blood Many people do not know, when using vinegar to soak feet, vinegar can penetrate the skin of the feet, enter the blood, clean up the garbage and residual residue in the blood, thereby purifying the blood.

2, whitening freckle white vinegar soaking feet can improve facial spots.

3, insomnia, dreams, life pressure, many people insomnia and dreams, no spirit in the morning, use white vinegar to soak feet before going to bed, can relax the nerves, but also sleep all night, try it.

Third, safflower feet 1, varicose veins in addition to surgery is not a good way, but with safflower soaking feet can be a good improvement, if at the same time with massage techniques can be completely good, but the water temperature should not be too high.

2, hands and feet numb hands and feet numb, the most common in autumn and winter, this is the performance of peripheral neuritis, with safflower with saline bubbles, can eliminate the symptoms of numbness, generally continuous 3 days can be completely good.

3, after the serious illness has been injured, the body will often have bloated blood clots, soaked feet with safflower and vinegar, soaked for 20 minutes every day, can promote blood circulation, resolve blood clots, speed up recovery.

Fourth, Angelica soaking feet 1, menstruation is not adjusted ten women have 8 menstrual irregularities, and some are accompanied by varying degrees of gynecological diseases, with Angelica soaking feet, continuous soaking for 7-10 days, menstrual disharmony and inflammation can completely disappear.

2, eye bags eyelids with Angelica foam feet can improve eye bags dark circles.

3, relieve depression Danggui soaking feet can relieve emotions, the use of depression and autism treatment in medicine, can control the mood of boredom, and reduce the impact of angry on the liver.

Five, pepper soaked feet 1, abdominal pain, diarrhea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fall is the most common, taking medicine is still very slow, using pepper to soak the feet can quickly remove the body cold, pain relief and diarrhea, insist on soaking for 2-3 days will be completely good.

2, gray nail athlete’s foot pepper can improve the gray athlete’s athlete’s foot.

3, improve the kidney can strengthen the kidney can make the human body full of confidence, and can also improve the quality of life, is conducive to family happiness, soaking feet twice a week with pepper, more useful than health care.

Sixth, salt soaking feet 1, enhance memory life pressure, easy to appear memory loss, can not remember, with salt water soaked feet, can enhance the brain’s blood supply, make the idea clear, make a major decision may wish to try.

2, delaying aging often with salt water to soak feet, can delay the aging rate.

3, to prevent cracking feet in autumn and winter, the most prone to cracked feet, if the stratum corneum on the feet is very thick and more easily cracked, use salt to heat the feet in the water, can exfoliate strongly, prevent cracking feet.

Seven, Ai Ye soaking feet 1, cough and phlegm cough is a high incidence in autumn, once it is difficult to get good, with Ai Ye soaking feet, 20 minutes a day, the first time the bubble will improve, and can clear the lung heat, rowLung poison.

2, skin itching wormwood feet can relieve skin itching.

3, skin allergies wormwood feet can improve sensitive skin.

Eight, baking soda foot 1, lowering blood pressure baking soda is notoriously a buck master, 2-3 tablespoons soda powder poured into hot water, wait until the right temperature soak, continuous bubble for 5-7 days, high blood pressureIt will be stable, it is amazing.

2, acne in addition to India and soaking feet can improve acne skin.

3, eliminate gout baking soda can eliminate gout, especially the upper-aged people are prone to gout, pour 2 tablespoons of soda into warm water, soak for 20 minutes, can improve for a week.

Nine, Chenpi soaking feet 1, people who are cold and cold and cold, generally have a moist cold in the body, can use the tangerine peel to remove the body from the cold, generally 1-2 weeks, the body can completely disappear.
2, Runchang laxative autumn dry weather, with Chenpi foam feet can laxative, prevent constipation, for constipation caused by the fire, generally continuous 2-3 days of continuous recovery can be fully recovered.

3, smooth skin Many women usually like to wear high heels, the skin of the feet is rough and easy to fall into the sputum, soak the feet with dried tangerine peel, because the tangerine peel is rich in vitamin C to make the skin smooth and delicate.

Ten, Xanthium foam feet 1, lumbar muscle strain is prone to lumbar muscle strain for a long time, long-distance drivers and office workers are the most common, with kelp soaking feet, each time 20 minutes, continuous 3-5 days of continuous can have a goodimprove.
2, chronic rhinitis weather is cold, rhinitis is very uncomfortable, nasal congestion, runny nose, almost paralyzed, and affect health, with kelp plus foam feet, continuous bubble a week of rhinitis will be very good.

3, sore throat in the fall is easy to cause sore throat, with cockleache soaked feet, can remove the virtual fire, eliminate sore throat, with wormwood foot bath effect is better.

Old man tinnitus to eat what to ease tinnitus phenomenon food recommended

Old man tinnitus to eat what to ease tinnitus phenomenon food recommended

Chrysanthemum: 10 grams of chrysanthemum

100 grams of rice, the amount of white sugar (can also not put sugar).

Choose the chrysanthemum, put it into the pot, add the right amount of water, decoction the juice, increase the rice porridge, and then add the sugar when cooked.

Hazelnut porridge: 15 grams of medlar, 100 grams of rice, the amount of sugar (can also not put sugar).

Wash the clams, put them in a casserole, soak for 5 to 10 minutes, add rice porridge, and add sugar when cooked.

Add more foods containing “iron”: supplement “iron” can effectively prevent and delay the occurrence of tinnitus and deafness in the elderly.

According to the “iron” demand standard of the highest age group, people over the age of 45 do not divide men and women, and the daily “iron” intake can replace 12 micron.

Seaweed contains “iron” content, you can eat more.

Add more foods containing “zinc”: due to zinc and nucleic acid, protein synthesis, and glucose, vitamin A metabolism are closely related.

In high blood pressure, the amount of “zinc” in the blood and myocardium of patients with atherosclerosis is relatively small.

Studies have shown that ethnically old people have different levels of “zinc”.

Good autumn, come to health soup and health porridge

Good autumn, come to health soup and health porridge

Detoxification in autumn is a good choice. Many people don’t know what to eat in the fall. Here are some recommended health soups and health porridge.

1, Tianma fish head soup[material]: male head, Tianma 50g, salt, onion, ginger, garlic, cooking wine seasoning.

[Practice]: Wash the fish head with water, remove the dirt from the fish gizzard and cut into two sides. Wash the cuts with water and soak the water with water. Dish the red pot, add the oil, stir the ginger slices, putA little cooking wine, pour the fish head, fry the fish, about 1?
Take it out after 2 minutes.

Note the water in the stew, first put the fish head on the bottom of the pot, then put the gastrodia, so that the water has not passed, when the water is stewed until the water boils, use medium to slow fire, stew 1?
2 hours, then put the right amount of salt into it.

[Efficacy]: Chinese medicine believes that Tianma is pungent, warm, and enters the liver. After eating, it can nourish the brain, calm the liver, and remove the phlegm.

Tianma Yutou Tang, Yiqi Yanggan, cure dizziness and headache.

2, 枸杞 pig liver soup[material]: 50 grams of medlar, pig liver 400 grams, 2 slices of ginger, hydrochloride.

[practice]: Wash the scorpion with water.

Pig liver and ginger are washed with water.

Pig liver slices, ginger peeled and cut 2 pieces.

First, add the appropriate amount of water to the ginger, and simmer for about 30 minutes.

Switch to medium heat for about 45 minutes, then add pig liver.

When the pig liver is ripe, season with salt.

Every morning and evening.

[Effect]: Tonic and essence, clearing heat and phlegm, benefiting blood and eyesight.

Prevent dark circles caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

—–Chinese medicine health porridge—- 1, celery porridge[material]: 150 grams of celery, the previous rice 100 grams[practice]: Wash the celery root, add water to cook, take the juice and cook with riceTake porridge.
[Efficacy]: Spring liver yang is easy to move, often causing people to get angry and headache, dizziness and redness. Patients with this disease and middle-aged and elderly people often eat celery porridge, which has certain benefits for nourishing the liver, lowering blood pressure and reducing irritability.

2, milk porridge[material]: 250 ml of fresh milk, 60 grams of rice, sugar amount.

[practice]: first boil the rice into a half-boiled, go to the rice soup, add milk, simmer into a porridge, add sugar to stir, fully dissolve Serve.

[Effect]: It can make up the deficiency, spleen and stomach, and run the five internal organs.

Applicable to weak strain, lack of blood, virtual win after illness, frail elderly, malnutrition embolism.

3, Cassia porridge[material]: cassia 10 grams, 60 grams of rice, a small amount of rock sugar.

[Practice]: First, add cassia seed to the water and boil the appropriate amount.

Then use the juice and rice to cook together, add porridge and add rock sugar.

[Efficacy]: The porridge clears the liver, eyesight, and laxative.

Applicable to redness and redness, photophobia and tears, high blood pressure, high blood fat, habitual constipation, etc.

Eat bread before going to bed, say goodbye to nightmares

Eat bread before going to bed, say goodbye to nightmares

When blood sugar is too low, people will feel tired, lazy, tired, violent, and unresponsive.

The study also found that hypoglycemia may also cause difficulty after falling asleep, making it easy for people to wake up in a nightmare, screaming, sweating, and difficulty falling back to sleep.

  Why is hypoglycemia related to nightmares?

  Experimental studies have confirmed that people in the sleep process will alternate between fast wave sleep and slow wave sleep.

Fast-wave sleep is also called “dream sleep,” and people dream of happening in this ranking.

Studies have shown that in the process of fast wave sleep, human nerve excitation is increased, and protein synthesis in the brain is accelerated.

When blood sugar is too low, the brain’s energy supply is insufficient, protein synthesis is blocked, and the fast-wave sleep time is prolonged. At this time, the nerve excitability will increase, and the nightmare may occur at any time.

On the other hand, when blood sugar is normal, during the process of sleep, protein anabolism, energy supply, etc. are in a normal physiological state, fast-wave sleep and slow-wave sleep are alternately ordered, and the nervous system is not over-excited, soNot easy to have nightmares.

  Plasma foods can correct hypoglycemia. If you often have nightmares, try not to stop eating a few slices of bread or two small biscuits before going to bed. You can also drink a cup of sugared milk.

This may help you reduce nightmares and improve your sleep quality.

  It is worth mentioning that some people with diabetes have difficulty falling asleep and have a lot of nightmares (this is often overlooked).

This is often associated with the prevalence of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients.

Therefore, when the patient often has hypoglycemia at night, consider adjusting the medication or adding a small amount of food before going to bed.

Of course, these are best done under the guidance of a doctor.

How do people in the workplace know and relieve stress?

How do people in the workplace know and relieve stress?


In the face of pressure, do not escape the pressure.

Because everyone will be under pressure, they will “promote to a position they cannot do”; because it will accompany us through the whole journey of life, we must face it bravely.

If we evade as soon as we encounter pressure, we will give up, so not only is it not conducive to the elimination of stress, but colleagues will develop their own timidity, cowardice, and inferiority.


A correct assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses.

Many people have no confidence in themselves, mainly because they do not see their own advantages and always see their own shortcomings.

Of course, knowing yourself is a difficult process, and Socrates’s famous saying, “Know Yourself,” is still engraved on the stone monument in front of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece.


There should be a benchmark for learning and abandon the psychology of comparison.

Everyone should compare with their own past to see if their abilities are improving, whether their own way of thinking is improving, rather than comparing them with successful people every day.

A successful person cannot be compared, because the success of others indicates that his ability, thoughts, qualities, and possibilities are already ahead of you. What is the significance of your comparison?

With the comparison, it is better to use him as a benchmark for learning, to see the advantages of others, to learn, to improve step by step.

This is called “targeting” management in management.


Learn and improve.

Competence is not the only cause of stress, but a very important reason.

Therefore, we must develop the habit of self-learning. Only by continuously learning and improving our own abilities and qualities can we effectively alleviate the pressure.


Your own “decompression.”

There are many ways to learn to release your own emotions, for example: drinking and drinking with a close friend, Lushan; gathering a few people for a day out together; watching an overnight movie (disc) on the weekend, you can release your emotions and relieve stress.
  In short, the pressure is absolutely not lower than the ability.

I hope that everyone will learn to “self-decompression” and “lightly install” to create life and enjoy life.

Spring health drink chrysanthemum tea

Spring health drink chrysanthemum tea

In the spring, the locusts wake up, everything sprouts, and the yang rises. Because the wind is rainy and the weather is dry, the human body’s water is easy to lose. In addition, the diet is not good enough, the lack of sleep and other factors, it is easy to cause liver yang hyperactivity, mouth tongue sores,Two eyes are red and red, toothache, nose and other symptoms of getting angry, so spring chrysanthemum tea should be used.

  Chrysanthemum, also known as Huanhua, Jinrui, is mainly composed of volatile oil, inulin, amino acids, flavonoids and vitamin B1. It is cool, sweet and bitter. It has the effect of evacuating wind and clearing heat, clearing eyes and detoxifying. It is often used to treat headache and dizziness.The eyes are red, the heart is hot, the hemorrhoids and swollen poisons, especially the liver yang sputum is better.

The following TCM Health Network introduced several different chrysanthemum teas: 1 Chrysanthemum tea takes 300 grams of chrysanthemum, 1000 ml of warm water is infiltrated, and the next day, it is fried twice, every half hour, after sedimentation, the sediment is removed, and then concentrated to 500.ML, 25 ml per oral administration, 2 times a day, 2 months for 1 course, can be used as an adjuvant treatment for coronary heart disease.

  2 chrysanthemum tea take chrysanthemum, honeysuckle each 30 grams, 12 grams of fragrant mulberry leaves when the dizziness is obvious, arteriosclerosis, high pressure plus 24 grams of hawthorn, mix, 4 times with boiling water, 10?
15 minutes offspring tea.

Generally, after 2 times of brewing, the slag is re-foamed, and it is not allowed to be boiled by fire to avoid destroying the active ingredients.

  3 sangju tea take frost mulberry leaves, Hang Chrysanthemum each 16 grams, 10 grams of Prunella vulgaris, add water 1500 ml, boil over high heat, add any rock sugar on behalf of tea.

This tea has the effect of clearing heat and improving eyesight and reducing blood pressure.

  4 Jerusalem artichoke tea takes 3 grams of chrysanthemum, silk flower and green tea.

Brewed with boiling water for 10 minutes, the tea is offspring, which has the effect of clearing heat and reducing blood pressure.

  5 Chrysanthemum Hawthorn tea Take chrysanthemum, hawthorn, green tea each 10 grams, brewed with boiling water on behalf of tea, there is heat and stomach, digestion and lipid-lowering effect.

  6 杞 杞 枸杞 tea 10 grams, 8 chrysanthemums, brewed with boiling water on behalf of tea, can kidney and brain, clear heat and eyesight, often can effectively improve and protect the vision of computer workers.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “You must not use wild chrysanthemums.”

True chrysanthemum age, wild chrysanthemum vent.

“Therefore, you can use the chrysanthemum to choose the sweet white, you can also use Hangju, Chrysanthemum, etc., you can not use wild chrysanthemum instead of chrysanthemum instead.

  Note: Chronic spleen and cold, eat less diarrhea should be used with chrysanthemum tea.

The health of the warm bedroom is small

The health of the warm bedroom is small

The bedroom always reminds me of some kind of comfort, enjoyment, relaxation and other words. Therefore, for the layout of the bedroom, the furniture should be placed with great care, but don’t ignore the bedroom when it is beautiful.Some healthy little pay attention.

  The overall layout of any bedroom should be properly located away from the gate.

In this way, the noisy sound from the stairwell will not interfere with your sleep; secondly, you will feel safe, and with this sense of security, you can definitely improve your sleep quality.

At the same time, it is best to leave the kitchen and bathroom far from the bedroom, also to avoid interference from unrelated sounds.

  In addition, the taste of the food (if you don’t smell the food when you eat it) doesn’t help your body and sleep, but it can be harmful.

Often the necessary amenities in our bedroom include a bed (which comes with the center of the bedroom) closet and dressing table.

  The ideal state is: Your bedroom is large and there is a separate storage room next to it.

This way all the clothes are hung on the hangers and you can choose the clothes you want at a glance.

There is only one bed and two bedside tables in the bedroom, and wooden hanging paintings.

However, this is just a dream of many people.

If the bedroom is relatively large, you can separate a storage closet.

This method is convenient and practical than buying a regular wardrobe.

In one third of life, we spend almost every night in the bedroom. The bedroom is the last safe haven for everyone. It is also a daily gas station. The environment in the bedroom is directly related to one’s rest and sleep. the bedroom is not right.Damage to health If your bedroom is attached, this stretched space is difficult to use.

Many people tried to divide the room into two, and used the cabinet to separate them.

However, there is no such thing as this, because the room that was cut off at the door is dark and makes people feel depressed.

You can draw 1 from the backlight on the long side of the room.

Make a storage room at a distance of 5 meters.

  The presence of this storage room makes the room square in size, and in a square room people feel better than the room in the case.

Moreover, in the same area, the square room looks more spacious than the attached room.

And with such a storage room, you don’t have to put cabinets and sliding cabinets in the room, because it’s much larger.

  If there is still a long and narrow space (which looks awkward) after a compartment is separated, try replacing it with a “translucent” frame that will make the natural light softer.

There is no need for particularly bright sunlight in the bedroom.

The initial result was that the bedroom could be divided into two parts: a light-duty work area and some dark sleeping areas.

This kind of partition creates a feeling of comfort in the room and also guarantees a sweet sleep at any time of the day.

  If you have a bigger double bed, think about it and how to place it to get more living space.

  The bed should be easy to use when placed in the bedroom, and it is convenient for both people sleeping in bed.

If a person (a person sleeping against a wall) can only get out of bed by waking up another person, it is difficult to call this “convenience.”

This phenomenon is OK in the honeymoon and after that, but since then it has become irritating.

Try an unexpected way to place the bed.

For example, don’t swing sideways, don’t follow the pendulum, or the bed is placed at the corner of the room (that is, along a diagonal line).

  In this way, two people using the bed can get out of bed in two directions without affecting each other.

Moreover, a locker can be placed in the space behind the bed (even if it is not big).

Because the space in the bedroom is not large, you can choose a bed with a storage box or a sliding bed when choosing a bed.

In this way, you can also put a lot of things under the bed. This kind of bed is equivalent to a horizontally lying cabinet, which can save you a lot of space.