Nourishing kidney and papaya stewed yellow ears

Nourishing kidney and papaya stewed yellow ears

Among many fruits, papaya has the highest chance of being used for desserts, because it has a sweet taste, rich nutrition and beauty, and is loved by many women.

This issue teaches you to make this syrup, using yellow ears instead of snow fungus.

With the ear fungus score, the yellow ear is conventionally peaceful, not too cold, and boiled in sugar to moisten the lungs and nourish the kidney, which is suitable for everyone.

  Material: yellow ear, papaya seasoning: rock sugar Steps: 1.

First wash the yellow ears, tear them apart, and soak them in water for half an hour.


For papaya, cover all three parts and dig out the seeds for later use.


Boil 3 bowls of water, add rock sugar and yellow ears to the water and heat.


Add cooked rock sugar yellow ear water to papaya and cover with melon.


Stew over medium heat for 20 minutes and serve immediately.

How long can you sing a single love song

How long can you sing a single love song

I dare not say that this form is absolute happiness, but there is no lack of a channel for happiness.

The beautiful and gentle lover, the handsome and considerate husband, and the happy life of Xiao Fu Ze’an, the angels are also jealous.

Everyone is eager to win on the marriage bet, but no one is sure to win unless you do not participate.

Single people are like gamblers at dusk, hovering around the edge of the game and cannot stop.

  I don’t know since when, single people have become more fashionable, and all of them are not married.

Maybe there is a life, except for a legal life contract.

I don’t know if I have no confidence in myself or I remain skeptical about that paper. In short, a life without marriage is only life, and a married life is marriage.

The beginning or end of everything can no longer be determined by you alone.

So before thinking about it, there is only a single love song.

Single life is not lonely, but inevitably lonely.

So people who are afraid of being lonely are not suitable for being single, so there will be more people getting married than single people, because there are many people who are afraid of being alone.

Single people are somewhat perfectionist, as long as they think that the best and most suitable life is otherwise the rest.

There is no lack of a single person, because he is very well known for his feelings.

This is where he and his modernity are, and what is called fashion.

  At the end of last year, one of my good college classmates finally got married and ended his single life like lightning.

Become a man who wants to live at home.

The reason why it is lightning is mainly because the girlfriend of this classmate who has been in love for four years has just broken up with him. Before that, we all thought that he and his girlfriend were bound to get married. The classmate’s parents even prepared for this. EverythingWhat I need for marriage, I bought a new home and bought a diamond ring.

The parents of the classmates also found a good job for the unemployed girlfriend and the old relationship, and all these did not retain his four-year relationship with his girlfriend.

It was the breakup proposed by his girlfriend, and he just said something else and ended everything.

It didn’t take long for us to receive a wedding invitation from our old classmates. This lightning-like bride, it took only two months to realize that she was officially married.

The wedding was very lively, and the bride was also very beautiful.

Looking at the smiling face of the old classmates, everyone was very happy for him, and of course there was a little worry at the same time.

The combination of two months has really promoted the warehouse, but it is difficult to guarantee anything for four years of feelings. Is there any reason to demand time again, and I only wish them a sincere blessing.

At the moment, no one knows what the old classmate is thinking, but one thing is certain, he wants to end the single life and say goodbye to the single day.

  Four years of love have not been exchanged for a marriage. What can two months tell us? Maybe no one doesn’t think that the woman is just trying to get on with the old classmate’s good family situation.

Thinking that a two-month marriage must be risky.

Four years had no results, but the girl was willing to entrust him to life for two months, and was willing to spend a lifetime with him.

Whatever the outcome, the girl completes his marriage and gives them a home of their own.

Maybe marriage is as simple as that, and it is artificially complicated by us.

The old Mr. Lin Yutang is not saying that if two people have a relationship and go out to travel and play, they can get married without coming back to each other.

This lovely wise old man just handled the complicated marriage problem we felt so simple.

I do not know who said it, saying that “with the waiting of an empty body and an empty soul, it is better to seize the opportunity that may be happy in front of you”.

Really waiting, maybe just letting go of youth and never returning.

We cannot take every kind of unwillingness and reluctance as reasons for being single.

Waiting and waiting can only be a deeper understanding of marriage, and there is one thing that is not a marriage that is expected but not happy.

In fact, it is not waiting for good results, but the heart of a single person is changing.

Tolerance and understanding become real instead of impatience, and become truly willing to live a dull and real life.

Lin Yutang said that anyone who wants to get married can get married.The key is whether you want to or not.

  ”There are so many lonely people, not many happy, don’t love it, miss it, stay, and I’m single and sing love songs.

“I decided to get married after listening to this song, and marriage may be much better than you and I imagine.

10 effective beauty methods in the mother age


10 effective beauty methods in the mother age

Compared with our previous generation, mom was ranked when she was young, and girls now are really happy.

There are a variety of facial cleansers for washing your face, and special hair conditioners for hair care, as well as special products for exfoliation and acne.

But in the mother’s young age, the industry was still underdeveloped, and all these modern skin care products were not available yet. How did the girls who love beauty maintain it?

Therefore, it can be seen that some maintenance tips spread in the field are indeed effective.

Here are some traditional maintenance methods for black people!

  To remove blackheads, acne, and horny skin, use a towel. After taking a shower, the stratum corneum is moist, and while the steam in the bathroom is not dispersed, but with a little heat, you can use medical gauze, but the denser the woven fabric, the better.If you have blackheads and need to exfoliate slowly, massage gently in a circle to get blackheads and horny effects.

Using towels instead of hands for daily face washing will also have an exfoliating effect, but use with caution on dry and sensitive skin.

  Massage, keratin, and maintenance all rely on sugar to wet the face in advance, pick up the foam in the palm of the hand, and put in sugar (the particles should not be too large, otherwise it will scratch the skin), or the finely ground mung bean powderApply on blackheads and horny areas and massage slowly in circular motions.

The benefit is that it can achieve the effect of exfoliating, the sugar slowly melts, and it will also have a maintenance effect on the skin.

  Shrink the pores with a frozen towel to make a dry towel completely moisture-free, put it in a sealed zipper bag, and then put it in the refrigerator.

Before applying makeup in the morning, take out and apply moisture to shrink the pores. Towels must not have moisture. If there is moisture, it will form ice.

Scratches the skin.

  Tighten the skin, remove the edema tightly, and then set the drainage massage method: use the index finger and middle finger abdomen, gradually stop gently tapping from the sides of the nose, cheek to ears, about 5-10 seconds each; then put the left and right faces on both hands to extendStay in the ears for 5-10 seconds in both directions.

This is also where the traditional Chinese medicine called acupoints, vagina and acupuncture points can help eliminate excess meat.

Below the ear is the location of the lymph glands that control metabolism. The temperature of the palm helps the lymph to metabolize water and waste.

Sliding the fist of your hand over the retina, massage the occluded occlusal muscles to become smoother and longer, and can also lift and relax the skin as you grow older.

  In addition, you can also use a porcelain spoon to put on the skin to complete the massage. However, do not pull the skin while lying on the bed at night, put your head outside the bed, put your feet up on it, maintain this posture, and then rub the care products.

The advantage is that the skin on the face can resist gravity and achieve firmness, and the legs can also achieve edema removal.

  With your eyes looking upwards, use fat belly around the eyes, especially under the bags under the eyes and dark circles, and gently press to remove the bags under the eyes and dark circles.

  Repairing watermelons after sunburn is a treasure used to freeze the skin of watermelon peel. The effect of watermelon peel is similar to aloe vera, which can help calm the skin after sunburn.

  Oral care salt can also play a big role. Gently massage the gum with the salt, stay for about 5 minutes, and then rinse your mouth, which can help eliminate gum edema; rinsing your mouth with fresh saline can help eliminate sore throat.

  Weight loss notes Life details Control food intake Drink water before meals to help control food intake; lie flat and massage parts clockwise and counterclockwise to help eliminate bowel movements; get up in the morning and drink a large cup of light flour to help eliminate bowel movements; bottle up half a bottle of mineral waterMung beans / meter, arms flat, shake to both sides, help reduce worship meat.

  Moisturizing and beauty take ordinary honey to face, which can improve the moisturizing effect, or add half an egg yolk inside, stir and apply it on the face or apply cracked hands and feet, the remaining half of the egg yolk can be mixed with black sesame powder, applied to the hair tips, moisturizingHair care.

Putting mineral water in a watering can is a homemade mineral water lotion. Use chicken feet + pig feet + soy beans + kelp to cook soup. It can supplement collagen and phytoestrogens. Use sugar-free yogurt and mung bean powder.Reconcile the mask into your face to gently metabolize keratin and moisturize and whiten.

  Accelerate the blood circulation of the body. Tap the body several times, clap your hands, slap the palms, 100 palms each; raise your feet + raise your head several times; massage your scalp with a round wooden hedgehog comb to accelerate hair growth.

Massaging the whole body can speed up blood circulation and reduce skin itchiness. The hair is made into fragile hair before going to bed. Or the hair ends are fixed on a straw with a clip. When you open it in the morning, you will have beautiful curls.

Tips for making your baby happy with complementary foods

Tips for making your baby happy with complementary foods

[Guide]After 4 months, the child can increase the amount of complementary foods, but too many young parents often worry about the baby refused to eat complementary foods at home.

In fact, as long as you use appropriate tips, you can make your baby happily accept complementary food.

  Method 1 demonstrates how to chew and chew food. Some babies will push their food out with their tongues because they are not used to chewing. Parents will show the baby how to chew the food and swallow it.

You can slow down and try again to give him more learning opportunities.

  Method 2 Do not feed too much or too fast according to your baby’s food intake. Do not feed too fast. After feeding, give your child a rest, do not have any activities, and do not feed immediately.

  Method 3 Taste various new flavors. The diet is full of changes that can stimulate the baby’s appetite.

Add new ingredients to your baby’s original food, from small to large.

Foods that your baby doesn’t like can reduce the supply, but you should gradually increase the variety of complementary foods so that your baby develops a good habit of not picky eaters.

Babies hate a certain food, sometimes not in taste, but in the cooking style. Therefore, parents should change their styles in cooking style.

In addition, the child likes to chew food after teething, and may wish to change the fruit puree into fruit pieces at this time.

Food should also pay attention to color matching to stimulate the baby’s appetite, but the taste should not be too strong.

  Method 4 suggests that after the baby is half a year old, the baby gradually becomes independent and will want to eat by himself. Parents can encourage the child to take the spoon to eat by himself and give him the opportunity to learn.

If your baby likes to grab and eat with his hands, he can cook foods that are easy to hold and satisfy the child’s desires, making him feel that eating is a “feeling of accomplishment” and his appetite will be more vigorous.

  Method 5 When the child is being played on Xingtou 10 minutes before meals, if the child is suddenly interrupted, it will cause resistance and rejection, so even a child about 1 year old should tell him in advance what he is about to do.For example: “I will wash my hands and eat in another 10 minutes!

6 Method 6 Prepare a set of children’s tableware with a large bowl full of food, which will cause the baby to feel oppressed and affect appetite; sharp and fragile tableware should not be used by young children to avoid accidents.

The commercially available children’s meals have lovely patterns and bright colors that can promote your baby’s appetite.

Parents may wish to bring their child and buy a set by themselves.

  Method 7: Maintain a happy recovery mood. If your baby doesn’t feel hungry until meal time, don’t force him to eat.

Often forcing your baby to eat will make him feel that eating is an annoying thing. If you break through the past, you will have a distorted mentality.

Parents should not rush to tune the baby into a little gentleman or a lady, and make unreasonable technical requirements on them, for example: they must use chopsticks, and the soup cannot be dripped out, etc. The requirements that these babies cannot do temporarily will make him feelConfrontation affects confrontational emotions.

  Method 8 Don’t judge food in front of children. Babies will imitate the behavior of adults, so parents are opposed to picky eating and evaluating food in front of children, so as not to develop his habit of partial eating.

  Method 9: Learn the principle of food substitution. If your baby hates a certain food, maybe it is only temporarily disliked, you can stop feeding first and let him eat it at intervals. During this period, you can give your baby similar nutritional substitutes.

In addition, as long as the baby is healthy, healthy, and growing properly, the growth curve in the baby’s health manual, and occasionally eat less, don’t worry, just let it be.

Pine nut kernel has rice porridge can moisten the lungs and intestines to prevent chronic constipation

Pine nut kernel has rice porridge can moisten the lungs and intestines to prevent chronic constipation


20 grams of pine nut porridge and 100 grams of previous rice.

Grind the pine nut kernels. Before the rice is washed, put in the same pot, add 800 ml of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then boil for 20?
For 30 minutes, the rice is cooked.

Eat for breakfast and dinner.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing fluid, moisturizing the lungs and intestines.

  Scope of application: Lung yin deficiency, dry cough and hemoptysis; yin deficiency, intestinal dryness, chronic constipation; liver blood deficiency, dizziness.


Take 500 g of pine nut kernel paste, remove impurities, mash it, grind it into a paste, and put it in a bottle.

15 grams each time, 3 times a day, warm wine delivery.

  Efficacy: Moisturize the five internal organs and expel wind.

Healthy people often eat it, which can strengthen the body, anti-aging, anti-aging, and prolong life.


250 grams of pine nuts dipped in pine nuts and 500 grams of caster sugar.

Put white granulated sugar in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water to dissolve, and torment with gentle heat, to the extent that can raise sugar.

Add the pine nuts while it is still hot, stir well, immediately pour it into an enamel plate coated with cooked vegetable oil, scrape it flat, cut into small pieces, and let it cool.

1 block each time, 3 per day?
4 times.

  Efficacy: Runfei lungs and spleen, cough and bleeding.

Applicable to chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis belongs to the deficiency of both lung and spleen. The symptoms include dry cough, little phlegm, shortness of breath, hemoptysis, fatigue of limbs, etc.


10 grams of pine nut soup, 10 grams of black sesame, 10 grams of wolfberry, and 10 grams of chrysanthemum.

Put the above 4 flavors in a casserole, add 800 ml of water, cook for 40 minutes, and take the warm soup.

Add 600 ml of water to the medicine residue and cook for 35 minutes.

1 dose daily, 1 time each morning and evening.

  Efficacy: nourish the liver and kidney, clear the brain and eyesight.

It is suitable for dizziness caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, blurred vision, irritability and irritability, difficult stool and so on.

Alternative high-paid yoga master with 57 billion yuan in annual salary

Alternative high-paid yoga master with 57 billion yuan in annual salary

Yoga in India seems to be a topic of concern recently. An 83-year-old Indian man who claimed to be a yoga lover for 70 years did not eat or drink and passed military observations. It is unbelievable that according to Taiwan ‘s “United”News Network” reported on the 11th that a well-known yoga master in India through the establishment of branches and classes, the annual salary of up to a staggering 5.7 billion US dollars, customers also include former US President Nixon and others.

  According to reports, Forbes, a US financial magazine, pointed out that some high-paying jobs in Asia are quite “alternative”. Although the income is very high, it also has to pay a price.

  Surprisingly, Bikram Choudhury, a well-known Indian yoga master, topped the list with an annual income of $ 5.7 billion.

The report pointed out that, of course, it is impossible for a general yoga teacher to make money every day like him.

Although Chaudhry, who pioneered hot yoga, focused on being a spiritual supremacy, not a businessman, the career of the four-time all-india yoga champion reaches an astonishing $ 5.7 billion a year.

  Chaudhry Yoga has numerous branches, with a network of relatively independent franchise businesses, and many avid followers.

Even former US President Nixon was a customer of this yoga master.

  Another Indian yoga master, Swami Ramdev, also has an annual health income of $ 40 million. He claims to be able to treat cancer. His property includes a small island in Scotland.

Top 10 most profitable occupations for women

Top 10 most profitable occupations for women

First, public relations and public relations is a “traditional advantage project” for girls, and it is also a profound knowledge in modern social and economic life.

Traditionally, girls have greater public relations advantages than boys: the ability to express, communicate, and coordinate is stronger and more emotional than boys.

In the era of increasingly competitive knowledge economy, in the era of eyeball economy, public relations is more important than ever. Ms. Senior Public Relations always fly around the world, do special topics for major companies, organize training, and evenCorporate strategy consulting, liaison with the government, etc., become one of the most dazzling white-collar girls.

  Second, human resources are abroad, there is no administrative experience, only personnel manager, who specializes in managing the company’s administrative affairs, personnel arrangements, staff assessment training, the establishment of the company’s personnel system, benefit distribution system, etc.On the wind.

The depth of system reform and economic development in the country, and the development and management of human resources are getting more and more attention. For a modern enterprise, the most important thing is not whether the funds can be accumulated, not whether there is a group of people who have the knowledge and ability to live with the enterprise.Employees who died together, and the unique affinity and appeal of women made them more competent as personnel managers.

  Third, the media can now be called the media age. Any trend can spread to all corners of the world overnight. From this, the media’s celebrities are all purple. From the CCTV “Variety of Arts”, Ni Ping soared.To Li Xiang, one of the pillars of “Happy Camp” of Hunan Satellite TV, from Liu Xiaoqing, the richest woman who had a TV in the movie, to Yang Lan, who had previously worked for the media and later controlled the media, girls have always been beautiful in the mediaScenic line, their income naturally cannot be earned by ordinary people for decades.

  , Chinese, and foreign languages come casually; they wear different clothes and elegant suits of different grades, dress lightly and thickly, and enter high-end office buildings; their income is several to dozens of times that of ordinary domestic staff, such as in RMB., The monthly income should be in the range of 7,000 to tens of thousands, if the annual salary system continues to be higher.

The representative of this category is the former Wu Shihong. When Microsoft was the general manager of China, she gained both fame and fortune and enjoyed the crown of “Working Queen”, so that many girls took her as an example and vowed to be as good as her.

  Fifth, the CPA is an industry that competes with boys for rice bowls. At present, the ratio of men to women is about half to half.

Although girls account for only half of the country, the prospects of the entire industry are very promising, and the market gap is very large.

The statistics of the CPA exam in recent years can clearly explain the problem. In 2001, each subject passed the exam (the passing percentage is as follows: Accounting 5.)

7%, audit 13.

6%, finance 9.

27%, economic law 7.

96%, tax law 6.

81%, the proportion of all five subjects passed at one time is only 0.

36% is the state’s strict control over the quality of certified public accountants, but it must also be stated that certified public accountants are an out-of-the-box “close sale.”

  6. Insurance brokers, like insurance agents, purchase insurance policies or introduce insurance business on behalf of insurers, and gradually establish insurance contracts.

The difference is that the insurance agent negotiates insurance business with the policyholder on behalf of the insurance company. The commission of the insurance broker is generally paid by the insurer, that is, the insurance company. Its main forms are insurance broker commission, solicitation commission, and special ownership.

The average annual salary of American insurance brokers is about 200,000 to 300,000 US dollars, which belongs to the high-paying income industry.

With China’s accession to the WTO, the insurance industry will open up, and insurance brokers and corresponding salary levels will gradually become universal, which is a good time for girls to show their ambitions.

  Seven, professional managers and girls as professional managers are tiger mouth chop-this is always the domain of boys.

But more and more girls have entered the industry in recent years.

The goal of a professional manager’s life seems to be to be a manager in various large companies, and he can’t stay here.

Jerry, a female middle school in this industry, said that Wu Shihong is one. Dong Mingzhu, general manager of Gree Air Conditioning, is one. In some large joint-stock companies, the annual salary of the deputy general manager reaches 500,000 to 600,000 yuan.Management personnel can also reach 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.

  8. Financial banking The financial banking industry is regarded as one of the monopoly industries in China. The salaries of ordinary employees are high above the national average salary. It is not easy to enter the industry.

After joining the WTO, a monopoly breakthrough, a large amount of foreign capital entering, and a large number of investors entering, will inevitably bring a lot of talents, and will inevitably drive the industry’s salary level. According to forecasts, the average annual salary of key employees is about 60,000 yuan, middleThe annual salary of management talents is 200,000-300,000 yuan. The annual salary of senior management talents can reach more than 500,000 yuan, even reaching the 1 million yuan mark.

  Nine, sports stars Boys have sports stars, girls also have sports stars, and this industry is one of the rare industries that do not commit wells.

Gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc. have always been popular among girls and will continue to be popular in the next few years.

There is still a certain gap between their usual employment of men’s football players, but once they win a world championship, in addition to the club’s bonus, the National Sports Administration’s bonus of 100,000 and 200,000, there are various corporate sponsorships and rewards.Ten million, and the ad revenue that comes with it makes these bonuses worthless to mention-but the uncertainty in this industry is also the most prominent; who can guarantee that there will be a day of success?

  X. Film and television stars Film and television stars do not need to say more, boys and girls are the most loyal star chaser, stars have been flying around at home and abroad for many years, singing and jumping in various media, how many people have become popularEyes!

Their explicit income may not actually be regarded as the highest, but the hidden income is about no one else’s, such as those who walk into caves, tax evasion, advertising income, etc. No one knows how much money they have, and only theirs are in the media.Luxury cars-but here I want to repeat an old saying; gentlemen love money, and make sense-this industry also has a problem of uncertainty: not “innate resources” can become a star.

Careful selection of pre-bedtime products for your baby

Careful selection of pre-bedtime products for your baby

Family story, why can children accept it?

The reason is very simple. The parent-child relationship is the relationship that the child initially understands in life. Mom and Dad are the people he contacts every day. The baby has Mom and Dad, and the other baby has Mom and Dad.

Babies like to be with mom and dad, so are other babies and other small animals.

  People often think that Snow White, Sun Wukong, etc., who are suitable for teaching children, have scared the more sensitive one or two-year-old children.

Therefore, parents need to learn to choose the right storybook in order to successfully guide children into the story kingdom.

  I am more than two years old every day.

Mom felt that he should listen to the story, so she bought a classic fairy tale and read “Snow White” every day.

Unexpectedly, when I read that the evil queen was going to kill Snow White, she burst into tears every day!

Mom couldn’t read at all.

How is this going?

A fairy tale is not a story that children should listen to?

  Ning Ning, who is almost two years old, is very active, even when listening to the story.

The most worrying thing about Ningning’s parents is that when she read to her, she never let the adults turn the pages, and she held the book by herself and read it endlessly.

Sometimes I even want to grab the book. Mom and Dad said, “Let ‘s see what’s behind?

“But she didn’t listen at all.

Ningning’s parents are very suspicious, aren’t we children more active?

How fascinating twists and turns can’t attract her at all?

  In fact, the performance of Tiantian and Ningning are the normal performance of children of this age.

The problem that parents have when reading with their children is often because they did not choose the right storybook.

  A family story is a storybook that is perfect for guiding children into the story kingdom.

  When the baby is about one and a half years old, he is not satisfied with reading the concept book of pictures and objects, and starts to look at the story.

However, the life experience of infants and children is simple, and many stories involve children with different backgrounds. Therefore, it is still difficult to get interested in many classical fairy tales.

Moreover, the mental characteristics of the child at this age determine that he cannot yet understand the complex plots of the twists and turns, so the plots are not too attractive.

At this time, the stories that they can understand most are not the prince, princess, or fairy monster; they are often scared by these stories. Sometimes people often think that Snow White, Sun Wukong, etc. who are suitable for teaching young children have scared the sensitiveOne or two year old children.

Therefore, from the initial nursery rhyme books, concept books and toy books to story books, a transition process is needed, and the right story book needs to be selected.

  So, what is a suitable storybook?

A family story is a storybook that is perfect for guiding children into the story kingdom.
  A famous family story book called BlueberriesforSal won the Caldecott Honor Award in 1949.

The story is that on a hillside full of blueberries, the little bears and mother bears, the little Sal and Sal mothers came to pick blueberries.

The two babies were greedy and playful, but both went the wrong way and followed the wrong mother.

On the way to find their mother, they encountered other small animals and their mother.

Later, the mother of Thrall and the mother of Teddy Bear both found that the child was lost, and hurried to find their respective babies.

In the end, the two babies followed their mothers and went home happily.

  The theme of this story is suitable for young children. Even a child over one year old has long understood the relationship between mother and child. He understands that Sal is looking for a mother, and that the bear also wants to talk to his mother.

The structure of the story is also arranged to meet the psychological characteristics of the child. The two babies are separated, go to find a mother, meet other small animals and their mother, and then follow the wrong mother. Although the content has changed, the structure is repeated.

There are also extra onomatopoeia in the book, which is also very popular with children.

  This book was published in the 1940s after the end of the Second World War. More than half a century has passed. Although Sal’s mom ‘s hair style and Sal’s kitchen equipment were all popular at the time, the theme of affection spanned time and space.This book has been loved by children for decades.

My son, one year old from the Democratic Party, kept haggling his mother to say “Sal” every day, and repeated it at least three times before going to bed.After telling the story, his mother covered him with a quilt. He also said “Mother Bear, Crow Mother” in his mouth, and fell asleep slowly.

  Family story, why can children accept it?
The reason is very simple. The parent-child relationship is the relationship that the child understands in life. Mom and dad are the people he contacts every day. The baby has mom and dad. Other babies also have mom and dad.

Babies like to be with mom and dad, so are other babies and other small animals.

  Starting from the child’s familiar parent-child relationship, the child is easy to understand and interested.

7 Do not forget to open the window

7 Do not forget to open the window

The weather in spring is changeable, and closing windows and doors is a matter of course, but closing doors and windows continuously can also bring health risks.

Today, I will remind you here. The following 7 time points should be opened and ventilated.

  The indoor space is often closed when you wake up early. After a whole night of breathing and breathing, the air in the bedroom is often a little bad. Not only does it accumulate a lot of carbon dioxide, but the oxygen becomes very thin.Tiny may float in the air.

At this time, opening the window for ventilation is particularly important.

However, the window opening time should not be too early, especially in the city. The critical concentration of air in the air is still high at 6 and 7 in the morning. It is best to wait until the dirty air deposited on the ground rises and then open the window for ventilation.Open the window around 8 o’clock, at this time the temperature rises and the air quality becomes slightly better.

It should be reminded that patients with cardiovascular disease are extremely susceptible to cold air and other irritation. Therefore, you must wear more clothes after getting up, and open the window after adapting to the temperature.

The indoor space is often closed when sleeping. Quilt worms like warm, penetrating environments. Quilts are their favorite homes.

The quilt will be stained with the sweat of the human body, and it will be slightly moist. At this time, the temperature and humidity are most conducive to the survival of insects.

In the south, air is humid and quilts are more common.

Window ventilation is a good way to keep the quilt dry.

After getting up, don’t fold the quilt in a hurry, it is best to turn the quilt upside down, and then open the window to allow the quilt to breathe, to promote the evaporation of water vapor in the quilt, and to avoid the breeding of microorganisms and mold.

  Chinese cooking methods such as frying and frying during cooking will produce a lot of oil fume, and many harmful substances will be volatilized at high temperatures. It has a strong irritation to the nose, eyes, and throat mucosa, which can cause rhinitis, sore throat, and bronchitis.Respiratory diseases, and gas and gas may release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

Therefore, when cooking, always turn on the range hood and open the window for ventilation. It is best to allow the air to convect. After cooking, you must continue to open the window for at least 10 minutes to prevent oil fume from depositing at home.

The range hood should be turned on early and late, that is, turn on before cooking, and turn on for 5 minutes after cooking.

  After taking a shower, the water vapor in the bathroom condenses, the humidity is very high, and it must be ventilated and dried in a timely manner, otherwise a large amount of mold is easily generated and threatens health.

If the bathroom has windows, open the windows in time after bathing and open the bathroom door to ensure air convection; if there are no windows, you must install a high-power, high-performance exhaust fan.

Water vapor condenses in the bathroom after taking a shower, and the humidity is very high, so it must be ventilated and dried in time.

  Formaldehyde is the number one killer of indoor pollution after renovation.

After decoration, parts such as wardrobes and cabinets that use sheet materials will continue to release impurities such as formaldehyde into the room for decades.

If there is a strange smell in the cabinet at home, you can open the closet, cupboard, bookcase, drawer, etc. when you go out during the day. At the same time, open a small slit in the window to allow it to be fully released.

If you think the indoor pollution is serious, you can open the kitchen door, open the ventilation fan, the range hood or air-conditioning ventilation function to accelerate the diffusion.

  When cleaning the room, it is the time when the impurities in the indoor air are most dense.

When you clean a sofa, mattress, or carpet, a large amount of bacteria, dust mites, and dandruff hidden in it will float in the air, and may be raised when using a vacuum cleaner.

At this time, it is best to wear a mask and ensure that the window is open to prevent inhalation of fine particles.

When cleaning, it is best to perform wet cleaning first, and some first wipe the desktop and cabinet surface with a wet rag to reduce floating objects in the air.

  Before going to bed, you can open the window for 15 minutes every half an hour before going to bed. It is best to keep the air convection. It can not only avoid car exhaust during the day, air pollution produced by the factory, but also increase oxygen in the air, which is good for sleep.

When opening a window, the elderly and children try to move less by the window.

When sleeping, do not close the bedroom doors and windows tightly to prevent hypoxia from affecting sleep. You can open a small gap in the door or window to allow fresh air to enter the bedroom.

If the window is facing the head, it is best to cover it with curtains, etc. to avoid direct blowing.

  Opening a window can completely refresh the “foul” air in the room in time, and can prevent the occurrence of certain diseases, especially in the above seven moments.

Two yoga moves to help you get rid of body toxins

Two yoga moves to help you get rid of body toxins

The temperature has risen. As a result of being in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, the skin becomes more and more dry, often dizzy, and the stomach is not smooth.

May wish to try three simple actions, they can not only help you detoxify your face, but also let you grow your energy.

  Spinal twisting method: 1. Sit, bend your right knee, place your right foot on the outside of your left leg, bend your left leg, and put your left heel against your foot.

  2. The right palm rests directly behind the front, the left elbow rests on the outside of the right knee, the palm is facing forward, and the fingertips are up.

  3. Inhale and bend the spine; exhale and twist the entire spine from the tail to the right and back.

Keep breathing evenly.

  4. Inhale while returning, turn back to the spine, return to the upper body; exhale, relax your arms, and straighten your legs.

The opposite is the same.

  Efficacy: It can completely remove garbage and impurities from the body and calm the entire physiology.

  Arm extension (half-month) style: 1, slender, legs and feet together.

  2. Inhale, carbon dioxide drives the whole body to stretch upwards; exhale, bend backwards from the waist down.

  3. Keep breathing evenly.

Inhale and return to your body while restoring; exhale, drop your arms and relax completely.

  Efficacy: Flexible, soft spine, slender body, including all organs.

Squeeze and massage the kidneys for powerful detoxification.

Recommendation: Old Chinese Medicine “Detoxification and Beauty” herbal tea link: http: // www.


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